African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church s1



The report of the pastor in charge shall include the names of all persons involved in the change of membership and other items as outlined in the Book of Discipline. This report should cover as fully as possible the work of the pastor. Care should be taken not to duplicate the reports of the committees, organizations, and officers of the church/charge.

_________________________________ Church _______________________________ Charge

_________________________ District ______________________________ Annual Conference

For the period beginning ________, 201__ and ending ________, 201___ ==Quaterly conf #_____


1. Number of infants baptized since last report. ________

2. All others: Children, Youth and Adults ________


3. Probationary

a. Who have been received into probationary membership since the last report? (Record as a supplement) ______________________________________________

b. Who have been removed to full membership (record as a supplement.) ____________________________________________________________

4. Who have been received into full membership since the last report? (Record as a supplement.)

a. On confession of faith or restored? ___________________________

b. From other A.M.E. Zion Churches? ___________________________

c. From other denominations? ___________________________

5. Who have been removed since the last report? (Record as a supplement.)

a. By action of the Quarterly Conference, withdrawal, or expulsion? ___________________________________

b. By transfer to other A.M.E. Zion Churches? ___________________________

c. By transfer to other denominations? ___________________________

d. By death ? ___________________________


6. Probationary

a. Total probationary members on roll last report? _____

b. Probationary members added since last report? _____

c. Total probationary members [add a and b] ____

d. Deductions:

(1) Received into full membership ____

(2) Removed from roll otherwise _____

e. Total deductions [add lines 1 and 2] _____

f. Total probationary members now on roll

[subtract line e from c] _____

7. a. Total full members last report _____

b. Additions: _____

(1) From other A.M.E. Zion Churches _____

(2) From the probationary roll _____

c. Total additions [add lines (1) and (2) _____

d. Gross Total full members [add lines a and c] _____

e. Deductions:

(1)By action of the Quarterly Conference,

Withdrawal, or expulsion _____

(2)By transfer to other A.M.E. Zion

Churches _____

(3) By transfer to other denominations _____

(4) By death _____

f. Total deductions [add lines (1) through (4) inclusive] _____

g. Total full members [subtract line f from line d] _____

h. total membership [add lines 6(f) and 7(g) _____

i. Number of Conversions _____

j. Number of Children Baptized _____

k. Number of Youth Baptized _____

l. Number of Adults Baptized _____

m. Number of Exhorters _____

n. Number of Class Leaders _____

o. Number of Local Preachers _____

p. Number of Local Deacons _____

q. Number of Local Elders _____

r. Number of Traveling Preachers _____


8. Have the membership rolls been audited? _____

9. a. Who has moved from your community since the last Quarterly Conference? (Record as a supplement.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. What has been done to relate to another church? (Record as a supplement.)



a. Sermons preached ____

b. Pastoral visits made _____

c. Marriages performed _____

d. Funerals conducted _____


a. For Connectional Claims $0.00

b. For Benevolences $0.00

c. For District/Conference Schools $0.00

d. For Special Projects $0.00

Space below is provided for the pastor to report the state of the church and to give an account of pastoral ministry as it relates to providing support, guidance, and training to the lay membership in the church; ministering within the congregation and to the world; and administering the temporal affairs of the congregation. Include as a part of the report a statement outlining the pastor’s program of continuing education for the year. (Additional sheets may be used to complete the report.)




Date _________________________________, 201________