Patriette Dance Team Tryout

Patriette Dance Team Tryout

2015 – 2016

Patriette Dance Team Tryout

Information Packet

Dear Patriette Candidate:

I am pleased that you are interested in trying out for the award winning Atascocita High School Patriette Dance Team. Being a member of our team provides many great learning opportunities for a young lady, such as: responsibility, maturity, time management, and dependability. You will also learn the value of hard work and self-discipline.

Before you make the commitment to tryout, we want you to take into consideration the time commitment and requirements of being a dance team member. Because of the immense time commitment, Patriettes will become a big part of your life. Once the team is chosen, our first new team meeting will be Thursday, April 9th, and will be once a week to help prepare you for next year. Once this school year is over, practice is every day from August through March/April until 5:00 or so. We also have Thursday evening practices from 6:00-8:00pm starting in November and running through March.

Being a Patriette also involves ongoing competition. Members of the team will tryout for each dance during football and contest season. Not everyone will make every dance. Even though there will be triumphs and disappointments, being a part of this team will leave you with life long friends and memories that you will cherish.

The Patriettes are representatives of Atascocita High School and Humble ISD at all times. Members must maintain high moral and ethical standards, and always use good judgment. The Patriettes have a handbook, which sets the guidelines and expectations for the team. The merit/demerit system are in place and followed. Merits are given for positive actions performed by a team member. Demerits are given for minor & major indiscretions. Demerits cannot be worked off, and an accumulation of 16 will result in the dismissal from the team. You can view and print the 2014-2015 Handbook on our Patriette website. There will be a few Handbook changes for next year. These changes will be discussed at our first new team meeting.

I have attached important information that you will need to know for the tryout procedure as well as forms that must be filled out and returned before you are eligible for tryouts. Please feel free to contact me by phone (281-641-7650) or by email () if you still have questions after our tryout meeting. It is better to reach me through email. I would like to wish you the best of luck and remember: no matter what, you are a winner for trying. If you do not make the team please consider taking dance class at AHS. We would love to have you in the dance department.


Carlee Kennedy

Patriette Director

Important Tryout Dates

Parent MeetingTues, Feb. 10th 6:30 – 7:30Red LGI
Tryout ClinicMon, March 23rd 5:00 – 7:00Small Gym

Tryout ClinicTues, March 24th 5:00 – 7:00 Small Gym

Mock TryoutsWed, March 25th 4:30 – 7:00Small Gym

Team TryoutsThurs, March 26th 4:30 – 7:00 Small Gym

Tryout Results postedFriday, March 27th5:00Patriette Website

Attendance at every tryout date is mandatory. If you miss for any reason you will be disqualified and not allowed to tryout. School related absences will be permitted with a written letter from your coach or teacher.

All practices & tryouts are closed to the public. If you wish to video the tryout dance, you must ask Mrs. Kennedy. You will only be allowed to video the Patriette officers performing the tryout dance. This will only take place during the last 10 minutes of each practice Monday-Wednesday.

FYI – the local studios usually offer help sessions for try-outs. Please contact Atascocita Dance Academy, CPAC, Define Dance, LHPAC or Profusion for more information!

What to Wear:

Practice – Comfortable dance clothes and shoes.

Tryouts – black leotard, black dance pants/leggings, and your choice of performance shoes, but no tennis shoes/sneakers are allowed. No jewelry is allowed. Your hair needs to be in a high ponytail with no “whispies”. Makeup is preferred.

Tryout Fee

There is a small fee ($10) associated with trying out to offset the cost of the judges.

How are the dancers chosen?

The girls will learn a technical intermediate level jazz dance, not limited to but, including the following skills: attitude turns, tour jetes, R double pirouettes, R, L, and center grand jetes, chaine turns, pique turns, high kicks (many styles), R and L splits, Calypso leaps, Disc and tilt jumps, R fouettes; Each of the 3 judges will grade the girls on technical skill and fluidity.

You can earn up to 100 points from each judge. Who makes the team will be determined by a break in scores. There is no set number.

How will I know if I made it?

If you make it, your tryout number will be posted on the Patriette Website on Friday, March 27th at 5:00pm.

Closed Tryouts/Tryout Results

Please remember that tryouts are closed. Before tryouts can begin everyone must leave the campus, except those essential to the process. We ask that parents return at 7:00 and wait outside in the parking lot by the door marked “gymnasium”. Please understand that no one will be allowed in the building while tryouts are taking place. If you wish to speak with someone about the tryout you will need to call AHS and set up an appointment with Ms. Cheryl Bertsch, the assistant principal in charge of the dance team program. Her number at AHS is 281-641-7513.

Important Patriette Dates

Vendor Night: Thursday, April 9th 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

At this event you will try on dance clothes, place your orders, and pay for your yearly supplies. Each vendor will be paid directly, so bring your check book. A supply list will be given to each candidate that makes the team within a few weeks after tryouts. The mandatory supplies cost around $600 for new line members. Returning members will pay around $200. These numbers are only approximate.

New Team Mandatory Practices/Meetings

Once you have made the team, you will need to attend Thursday meetings & practices from April 9th to May 28th. There may be cancelations due to testing and what not, but you will be given a calendar. These practices will be held at AHS in the dance room or gym from 4:30 – 6:00.

Spring Show: April 17th and 18th at 7:00 p.m. at AHS in the PAC

Tickets are $5.00 for students and $10.00 for adults. We would LOVE for new parents to help us out with our Spring Show, so parents whose kids are dancing can enjoy watching the show. You will receive a free ticket for helping.

Induction Tentative date: Friday, May 22nd in AHS Red LGI at 6:30 p.m.

This is where we ask all members to come in dressy casual clothes, along with their parents and we publicly announce the new and returning members as official Patriettes. On this night we will also have a chance for you to join the booster club and one out of two chances to buy Patriette Spirit Items.

Summer Dates

June 29th-July 2nd9:00-2:00Future Patriette Camp

August 3rd9:00-2:00Rookie Camp (Rookies and Officers only)

August 4th-7th8:00-4:00Line Camp

August 10th-13th2:00-4:00Practice

August 17th-20th2:00-4:00Practice

Future Patriette Camp is our largest fundraiser and we need all hands on deck. Please make sure you can be there to help.

LINE CAMP AND AUGUST PRACTICE IS MANDATORY. If you miss you will be pulled from performances (games and pep rallies). This is where they will learn the football routines, stand routines, a pep rally dance and maybe a contest routine. All camp details will be emailed to you shortly after you make the team. Camp is free and run by Mrs. Kennedy and the Officers.

And, we always encourage dancers to get studio or dance company instruction on their own! If you plan to make all contest routines, this training is essential. PLEASE TAKE CLASS OVER THE SUMMER!

Patriette Fees

Supply Fee

The mandatory supplies cost around $600 for new line members. Returning members will pay around $200. These numbers are only approximate. You will pay this at Vendor Night on Thursday, April 9th.

Yearly Fee

This budget is still being determined but it be approximately $350-$400, & we will spend all the money on the dancers & leave no balance to be returned. Instead of asking for small amounts of money here and there, we have a yearly fee. This fee covers the following: Pool Party, composite Pic, Parent Social, Football tee, water and snacks for f-ball games, Father Social, flower fund, female and first aid supplies, Halloween Party, Christmas party, Mom Social, general supplies [CDs, scrapbook “stuff”, storage bins, etc.], Contest entry fees, Banquet, 1 Contest tee shirt,. This fee will be due Wednesday, July 1st, during FP Camp.

You also want to remember your Patriette spirit items that can be purchased for the last time at our first official booster parent meeting Showtime performance on August 21st. Please know that if you wait until the August meeting (instead of ordering in May), that your spirit items will not be in for the first football game. You can make these payments with cash or money order OR you can join the booster club for $25.00 and pay by check to the booster club, as they only take checks from members. This year the family membership was $25.00 and that comes with voting privileges!

Financial Recap (Not including out-of-state trip)

April 9th Vendor NightSupply fees due (up to $600)

Join Booster Club ($25)

Buy Spirit Items

July 1st Yearly Fee Due$350-400

August 20th“Showtime”BIG booster meeting, spirit items sold again

Out of State Trip will cost approximately $1300 per Patriette. This is an optional trip and payments will be spread out from August-January.

Please know that once you pay these fees, there will only be refunds for items not yet ordered or events that have not yet been paid! If your daughter quits, is removed, or does not attend some or all of the events that the fee covers, there will be no refunds for past events or supplies ordered. Please know that we set a budget months in advance for each event and cannot make last minute changes without financial penalty.

Atascocita High School Patriette Dance Team Application

(Please Print)


Current School: ______

Current Grade: ______

Address: ______

DOB: ______

City: ______

Zip Code: ______

Applicant’s Email: ______

Phone Number: ______

Mom’s Name: ______

Work #: ______

Mom’s Email: ______

Dad’s Name: ______

Work #:______

Dad’s Email: ______

Emergency Contact Person: ______

Relation: ______

Phone #: ______

Medical Conditions that we need to be aware of (asthma, etc.) ______

Have you ever had dance? If so, list experience: ______

Have you ever been in ISS, AC, LT, or any other alternative behavior center? If yes, explain: ______

Will you be able to maintain high academic standards needed to participate in drill team? (Circle answer)


Do you understand the time commitment and financial obligation needed in order to participate in drill team activities? (Circle answer)


Do you understand that all activities set forth as a drill team member are required? (Circle answer)


Do you understand that the judge’s decisions about tryouts are final?

(The directors have no part in the selection of dance team members) (Circle answer)


Do you understand that if you become a member of the dance team, you are required to have dance team class both semesters? (Circle answer)


By signing this form parent(s)/guardian(s), you are giving your child permission to tryout for the dance team. You are also giving consent that you understand and are willing to abide by the rules set forth in our handbook. You can obtain this year’s handbook on the Patriette website. Next year’s handbook will have minor changes, but most things will remain the same. The new handbook will be made available to you via email after your daughter makes the team. If you need assistance please email Mrs. Kennedy at

Candidate’s Signature: ______Date: ______

Mother’s Signature: ______Date: ______

Father’s Signature: ______Date: ______

Guardian’s Signature: ______Date: ______

Patriette Expense Release Form

Yearly Fee

I understand that there is a $350-$400 yearly fee for Patriettes. The accountability of this amount was outlined for me in the tryout packet. The values assigned were approximate & money may be used in different areas or increments to accommodate the team, but we will NOT go over a budget of $400.00 per member unless next year’s dance team budget from AHS is less than that in years past. In that case, an additional fee may be required, but will not be more than $50.00 per dancer.

Please know that once you pay these fees, there will only be refunds for items not yet ordered or events that have not yet been paid. If your daughter quits, is removed, or does not attend some or all of the events that the fee covers, there will be no refunds for past events or supplies ordered.

I understand that this fee is a projection and any remaining funds will be spent on appropriate expenses at the director’s discretion. The years ending balance will become property of the booster club.


I am completely aware of the Patriette expenses. I will remit all monies due for the expenses on the dates given. Once I have paid ANY money, I understand that if any is refunded it will only be for supplies that have yet to be ordered. I understand that orders are placed immediately after vendor night and that vendors will not give refunds for any items once the items are ordered. I understand that if a student resigns or is removed, the items purchased will be given to her if her account is paid in full. If there is a balance, items &/or deposited funds are forfeited.


I understand that the booster club hosts fundraisers to defray expenses, but I acknowledge that all fund-raising monies belong solely to the booster club. I understand that it is an expectation that I participate in all fundraisers.


Candidate’s Printed NameCandidate’s Signature


Parent/Guardian Printed NameParent/Guardian Signature


Patriette Student/Parent Tryout Contract

Remember, once you make the Patriettes, you are a Patriette everywhere. People look at you with an entirely different outlook because you are a Patriette and not only represent the team, but also Atascocita High School and Humble ISD.


My child has permission to audition to be a Patriette. I have read and understand the expectations and expenses involved in being a Patriette. I am fully aware that my daughter must be physically able to attend all the Patriette practices and performances. She must also be able to travel with the team wherever their activities and performances may take them. I understand that my child must abide by the rules set forth in the Patriette Handbook. This handbook was made available to me via the Patriette website, but did not include changes made for next year.


I have read and understand the requirements and responsibilities of being a Patriette. I understand that I will be part of the group and any and all commitments will be upheld by me. I understand that in signing this, I am committing myself to membership for the entire year. I understand that my grades will be checked during the year for UIL purposes. I shall not smoke, use drugs, drink alcoholic beverages, use profanity, or misbehave in a way unbecoming of a young lady during any Patriette activities. I understand that if I am found violating any rules of this organization, it will result in disciplinary action. I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Patriettes, and I will do my best to be an asset to the group in every way possible throughout my membership.


Candidate’s SignatureDate


Parent/Guardian SignatureDate