______(8 Points) Brochure Is Trifold with 6 Sides

______(8 Points) Brochure Is Trifold with 6 Sides

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Illustrated Plant Brochure

Directions: You have been hired by the government of Madagascar to help them create an informational brochure about their native plants. There is growing international concern about the threat of deforestation of the world’s rainforests. Madagascar is home to some of the most amazing plants on the planet. They have unique adaptations that allow them to survive in one of the hottest wettest biomes on the planet. The people of Madagascar would like your help in convincing people not to destroy their amazing native plants. They would like you to create a brochure that illustrates and explains and illustrates the unique adaptations of six of their most spectacular plants.


______(8 points) Brochure is trifold with 6 sides.

______(10 points) Contains 6 illustrations – hand drawn and colored or digital image.

______(42 points) 6 Plants are included with adaptations fully explained on how the characteristic helps the plant survive.

______(15 points) No Grammatical errors and information is accurate. 3 points deducted for each.

______(10 points) Plants are native to Madagascar

______(15 points) Brochure is neat and attractive.

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My Plant Display Board

Directions: Create a plant display. Collect the specimens listed below from various plants around your house or local area. Create a Display Board for the items listed. Display Boards should be a minimum of 22 inches by 28 inches. They should be neat and include labels for each item asked to collect.

Items needed for each page:

  1. Bryophyte Gametophyte and Attached Sporophyte
  2. Fern Frond with sori (spore sacs) on the back of frond
  3. A Gymnosperm Needle
  4. A Gymnosperm Male Pollen Cone and Female Pollen Cone
  5. An Angiosperm Flower
  6. A Monocot Leaf and A Dicot Leaf
  7. A Seed modified for Wind Dispersal
  8. A Seed Modified for Animal Dispersal


______(20 points) All items are correctly labeled.

______(10 points) Display is neat and attractive.

______(10 points) Display is the correct size.

______(30 points) All information is correct.

______(30 points) All items are included

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Create a 3-D Model of DNA

Directions: Create a 3-D model of a DNA molecule

Creating the DNA model

  1. The model can be upright or lying down so long as it is in three dimensions.
  2. You must have a legend identifying: each nitrogen base (Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine), deoxyribose sugar, phosphate group, hydrogen bonds (whether there are two or three bonds in the appropriate places) and a complete nucleotide.
  3. The model must contain twelve (12) nucleotides arranged in the following from bottom to top: ATAGCGTCTCTG. (You must determine the complimentary bases).
  4. The shape of the DNA must also be in a spiral.


______(20 points) The model is 3-D and neatly designed

______(20 points) A legend is included with the model. All items listed in #2 above have been identified.

______(20points) The model contains the correct 12 nucleotides and complementary strand

______(20 points) The nucleotides are in the correct order

______(20 points) The DNA is in a spiral