8.P.2. Force and Motion Subunit Test Study Guide

8.P.2. Force and Motion Subunit Test Study Guide

Name: ______Date: ______Period: ______



a. Newtons

b. Grams

c. Meters

d. Meter per second per second

2) (8.P.2A.2)What is the net force on of the following?

3. A Truck pushes a trailer700 N of force. A Car pulls a trailer in the opposite with 40 N of force. Illustrate the a picture of the following above and find the net force.

4. Which weight below has the greatest inertia and which one has the lowest inertia?

6. What is inertia?

7. What is air resistance? Air resistance is a type of what?

8. What is friction and how does friction affects motion?

9. What is gravity and how does gravity affect motion?

10. State Newton’s 1st Law of Motion and give one example.

11. State Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion and give one example.

12. State Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion and give one example.

13. Which law of motion are the following examples? Write 1st, 2nd, or 3rd beside the examples?

a. A fireman turns on his hose & is knocked backwards ______

b. It takes less force to move a DVD than a DVD player _____

c. You have to push a heavy ball harder to get it to move as fast as a small one ___

d. A soccer ball will not move until a player kicks it _____

e. more force = more acceleration _____

f. If air is let out of a balloon quickly, air pushes down & balloon goes up _____

g. It takes less force to push a bike than a motorcycle ______

h. an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force _____

i. force = mass times acceleration _____

j. an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force _____

k. for every action there is an = and opposite reaction _____

l. A bowling ball hits the pins sending the pins flying for a STRIKE! _____

m. Feet push down on the floor & the floor pushes up at feet as you walk ______

n. 12 lb bowling ball goes faster down the lane than a 15 lb bowling ball _____

o. In a plane taking off you feel pushed back into your seat _____

p. Push a large box & a small box with the same force, the small box will go faster _____

q. seatbelt stops you from hitting the windshield if you hit the brakes quickly ____

r. A boy can throw a football farther than his friend because he uses more force ___

s. Someone crashes their bike into a rock & is thrown over it to the ground ____

14. How do mass relate to inertia?

Use the graph to answer the following questions.

15. How long do the object stay at rest?

16. What is the total distance?

17. What is the total distance at 2 sec?

18. What is the distance at 2 sec?

19. What is the average speed of the graph? Show your work.

20. How long does it take the object to travel a distance of 5 seconds?

21. Explain the motion of the object from 0-6 seconds.

  1. A car runs 50 meters in 5.4 seconds. What is the car’s speed?
  1. A car runs 67 meters at a rate of 473.5 m/s. How long did it take the car to run the 67 meters?
  1. A car runs 89 km/h in 20 hours. How far did the car go?
  1. What is the total displacement and distance of the graph below?

  1. Name the types of speed graphs below.

Create a graph below to answer the following question.

Elapsed Time / Total distance traveled (m)
Car A / Total distance traveled (m)
Car B / Total distance traveled (m)
Car C
2 / 5 / 3 / 4
4 / 10 / 6 / 4
6 / 15 / 9 / 4
  1. What is the average speed of Car B?
  2. Which Car has the lower speed and which car has the greater average speed?