5G Mobile Networks Virtualization

5G Mobile Networks Virtualization

Wu Hequan: Virtualization May Expose 5G Mobile Networks to More Attacks

“We shall face up to security challenges brought by 5G while embracing its imagination space,” says Wu Hequan during the 2019 Internet Security Conference (ISC), who was the Honorary Chairman of ISC and an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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Along with the advent of 5G and Internet of Things (IoE) era, the integration of computation and communication has been achieved; big data and AI-based network operation and maintenance help to reduce artificial errors; intelligentized monitoring is beneficial to the enhancement of network security defense level. Nevertheless, the virtualization in 5G, software-defined capacity and open internet-based protocols also lead to new security risks and may expose networks to more penetrations and attacks.

5G-based Industrial Internet, which is seen as the next development direction of Internet, is also under security threats. The development of Industrial Internet will blur the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds, causing more serious network attacks and greater impacts.

Wu pointed out that, network information security enterprises, governmental agencies and operators may acquire real-time threat intelligence, risk communications and solutions through big data coordination, and make use of external forces to enhance enterprises’ security defense, which are core issues in Industrial Internet that need to be urgently solved.