4-H Special Broiler Contest Records

4-H Special Broiler Contest Records

Broiler Derby Participants

2017 Information Sheet

Included in this packet are your record forms for the Broiler Derby Class. Review rules concerning poultry entries in the Poultry Division listing of your 2017 fair book. (Your poultry class is Broiler Derby Class 161). The chicks (all cockerels) will be a Cornish cross, from Schlecht Hatchery. There will be a minimum order of 5 chicks per participant, and will be shown in a pen of three at the fair. Orders need to be placed and paid for at the Extension Office (563-263-5701) by May 15. Pick-up will be around June 15,at the Osland’s, 1958 Tipton Road, Muscatine. Chicks are about $2.00 per bird ($10.00 for every 5 birds). At the time of the fair the birds will be about 39 days old. If interested in a workday or ideas for housing call Nolan Osland at 309968-0006.

This project paid premiums out to the top four entries last year due to high participant numbers. Champion and Reserve Champion Broiler Derby winners will be able to participate in the Ribbon Auction on Saturday at the fair.

To participate in this class, you must:

«Enroll in the poultry project by May 15.

«Order your broiler chicks by May 15, by contacting the Extension Office.

«Complete this Record Form.

«Keep a journal of your project and include pictures.

«From the chicks you ordered in May, you must enter your pen of three in the fair before June26 in the web-based FairEntry program (see website link below).

«Write a one page (or more) report on a chicken subject of your choice.


Record form and interview50%

Live standards 50%


  1. County fair entries are to be made onlinefrom May 20-June 26 through the FairEntry website. Information on how to make fair entries online is available at Your class is Broiler Derby Class 161.
  2. Take pictures to include in your project record.
  3. Bring your completed project record form, journal, and one-page report to the 4-H Exhibit Building on the Fairgrounds on Monday, July 17, by 4:00 p.m.
  4. Bring your pen of three broilers to the poultry show at the fair. Check-in time is before noon on Friday, July 21. The broilers will be weighed to complete this part of the requirements.
  5. An interview will be conducted between Noon and 2:00 pm before the poultry show. The Poultry Show begins at 2:00 pm on Friday, July 21.
  6. Helpful Information - Dan Putnam of Letts has volunteered to serve as a mentor for this project. You may contact him with questions and concerns by home phone 319.726.4357, or by e-mail at .

Questions regarding this project?? Call Lindsay at the Extension Office

563-263-5701 or 1-800-992-0894


This form may be completed on the computer. Download a computerized form at toward the bottom of the page)

Name / Current Year:
Grade / Years in Project
1. My most important goals for my broiler project are:
2. List the exciting things you did and learned with your broiler project:
3. Tell about any problems that you experienced:
4. Tell us about your feeding plan: (What did you feed, when, etc.)
5. What did you like best about your broiler project?


Totals / $ / $

(Expenses to keep in mind include: birds, feed, bedding, housing, electricity, feeders, waterers, medication, etc.)

Total Income $(Figure approximate value of birds)

Less Expense $

Total Profit $


Beginning weight in pounds Date

Ending weight in pounds Date

Average daily gain (days on feed divided by total gain in pounds) =

Cost per pound of gain (total feed expense divided by total gain in pounds) = $

The Broiler Derby Class will be judged:

*50% on your records and interview

*50% on the live characteristics of your project which includes confirmation, fleshing, finish, feathering, and freedom from defects.


Do not write in space below reserved for Evaluator’s comments.