3D Object Converter

3D Object Converter

3D Object Converter

3D Object Converter is a photography tool developed by Zoltán Kárpáti. It is an interactive viewing tool that allows the imports of 3D model data from external sources into one of its numerous file formats with high-quality accuracy. It is actively used in China, Germany, and Turkey.


  • Supports more than 700 file formats such as GEO, OBJ, R3D, DBV, HCR, OB3, IMG, 3DP, ASP, among others.
  • uses the 3D polygon model translation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports batch processing
  • Licensed shareware for the windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Perform geometry transformation operations

3D Object Converter is a light program that requires less space on installation. Its user interface is very friendly and grants two options for adding files: the drag and drop of files into the primary panel and the built-in browsing function.

It helps users to validate their 3D model files and allows the convertion of data to different file formats.

With its batch processing feature, multiple 3D models can be added to the conversion list, all executed at the same time. This powerful tool helps users manipulate their data and save them in the selected directory or in the same directory as the original data as desired. Additionally, this tool maintains a log which offers details about the conversion process' operation, possible errors, and can be exported.

3D Object Converter's configuration settings allow a user to make changes to the size of the point, vertex, and face, as well as select the color of objects while checking for updates, deleting scenes, drawing and automates recognizable file formats. The use of command line parameters also comes in handy as 3D Object Converter supports ASCII file loader technology and incorporates a dynamic memory allocation procedure.

Finally, 3D Object Converter offers a unique method for manipulating 3D data and converts it to different file formats.