LIMITED TO ONLY 30 BOATS (Boat details if entering a boat______)

CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES - Friday 17th August 2012. NOTE- No late entries!


( Under 12 years old R350.00 )

Briefing and registration will be Friday 24th August from

4 to7 pm at Cape Vidal.

Comp dived from sunrise on Saturday 25thAugust 2012.

Weigh in at designated area from 3 pm to 4 pm sharp.

Prize giving dinner Saturday evening

Full name: ______I D number:______.

Cell No: ______E-mail:______

Address: ______

Shirt size: S/ M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL/ 4XL (Please circle relevant choices)

Type entry: Wahoo/DUC member / Non Wahoo member / Non Competitor

Diving method: Boat / Shore / Fishing Ski


All competitors competing in the Wahoo Winter Gamefish Competition do so at their own risk.DUC and the Wahoo committee, members and sponsors shall not be held responsible for any loss suffered in any way whatsoever.Please pay at the club or into our bank account.Wahoo @ DUC, FNB, Davenport - 220226, Acc No. 62000895360. Please use your surname and initials as reference when doing an EFT andfax deposit slip to0866374301 or e-mail

Please read and take note of the changes to the historical format of this event on the next page. Entry fee excludes your resort accommodation fee which is your responsibility and paid before you leave the resort. You won’t be allowed to exit the gate without proof of payment.Camping sites have already been allocated. Chalets can be booked through NCS Pmb

For more information contact:Andy Norton–082375 2735

or Dave Cockburn - 084707 9419


*****Important Information to entrants.*****

At the request of many past entrants to this competition, we have sought out ways to reduce the cost of this year’s competition entry. Accordingly the following changes are important to note.

While meals at the usual standard are included in the entry fee (Friday dinner to Sunday light breakfast), Drinks are no longer included in the entry fee. A cash bar at fair prices will be available, and entrants are encouraged to bring their own drinks, glasses and ice.

Paper plates and plastic cups will be provided, we recommend that you bring a paper plate holder for your comfort, and a camp chair as seating will be extremely limited.

The gate at Vidal is controlled by a security company it closes at 6pm not 9pm as in the past they will not let you in

Please note that there is a final cut-off date for entries on Friday 17th August. This is to ensure accurate catering and reduce losses. If you enter after the closing date, you will pay the full entry fee, but will not be catered for at the event, and accordingly will have to arrange your own meals. You have been warned.

Boat owners, Please insert the details of the boat you are entering on the top of the previous page. Only 30 boats are permitted, and those boats will be entered on a first come, first served basis. Once there are 30 boats entered, no further boats will be permitted to enter.


All Marine and Coastal management, NCS and other rules and regulations apply.

Billfish count for 50% of their weight.

Any scaled fish, including Jobfish, will not be considered for the competition. Remoras and garfish are specifically excluded.

No fishing rods are allowed on boats or Skis on competition day. Failure to comply will result in the immediate disqualification of all crew on the vessel.

Adhere to the instructions of the beach control. A radio procedure will be discussed at the briefing. Vessels will require a radio to participate.

All participants to be in possession of a valid spearfishing license, boats to have current seaworthy certification, and Skippers to have valid certification. All documentation to be available for inspection at the venue and on the vessel.

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