3 How Will Allegations of a Russia Connection Affect the Trump Administration?

3 How Will Allegations of a Russia Connection Affect the Trump Administration?

2. What will be the fallout from the Senate fight over the Gorsuch nomination?

3 How will allegations of a Russia connection affect the Trump Administration?

4. How successful will the congressional Democrats be in remaining united?

5. How will the Trump Administration’s travel policies affect the U.S. competitively?

6. What will be the effect of the Trump Administration’s policies on attempts to mitigate climate change?

7. Have consumers been harmed by President Trump’s removal of restrictions on broadband companies’ use of private data?

8. What will be outcome of the battle between the Trump Administration and the Freedom Caucus?

9. Will Trump’s strike on Syria help or hurt U.S. standing in the international community?

10. How radical a reworking of U.S. education are Republican efforts at replacing ESEA?

11. What do proposed NIH cuts mean for public health efforts in the United States?

12. How effective is President Trump’s twitter use in promoting public support for his agenda?

1. How willthe increase in ICE raids affect crime and health challenges in immigrant communities?

1. Is democracy in Venezuela dead?

2. Will far right candidate Marine Le Pen become France’s next president?

3. What can be done to alleviate the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria?

4. What can China do behind the scenes to foil the North Korean nuclear program?

5. Will Iraq succeed in eliminating the threat from ISIS?

6. Can England pull off a smooth exit from the European Union?

7. What can be done to curb violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

8. Is the U.S. strike on Syria likely to endanger Assad’s rule?

9. Will the Trump Administration back away from a One China policy?

10. Is a two-state solution for Israel still a viable option?

12. Is South Sudan a failed state?

13. Is right-wing extremism a growing threat in Europe?

14. Should the west fear Russia’s growing influence?

11. In the wake of political corruption and scandal, how can South Korea’s government restore faith in its legitimacy?

1. Can Fox News afford to ignore the advertising backlash of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

2. Is Trump wise to take on China over trade?

3. Is it possible to reduce the cost of a college education in the U.S.?

4. Will Pepsi suffer any long-term public relations damage after the Kendall Jenner ad?

5. Will UK businesses win or lose at the end of Brexit?

6. Should the Fed raise interest rates each quarter for the rest of 2017?

7. Will the NHL’s refusal to take an Olympic break hurt NBC’s ability to sell advertising for the Olympics?

8. What does the future hold for brick & mortar retailers in the U.S.?

9. Should the gender pay gap be illegal?

10. How will a strengthening global economy affect the U.S. trade deficit?

11. Has the U.S. auto market peaked?

12. Has the U.S. dollar got higher to go?

1. What must Illinois do to curb the violence in Chicago?

2. What can the protesters in North Dakota do to continue fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline?

3. Who was the winner of the deal brokered to repeal North Carolina’s HB2 law?

4. Will the new Texas school voucher bill become a blueprint for other states?

5. Should Puerto Rico push to become the 51st state?

7. What are the implications of Connecticut potentially becoming the first state to approve deadly police drones?

8. Has California prepared enough for future drought situations?

9. How will Maryland’s fracking ban impact the state?

10. Will Rhode Island pass the governor’s proposal for the state to cover tuition in public colleges and universities for two years?

11. How can Massachusetts further support Sanctuary Cities?

12. Now that Obama Care seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future, will more states accept the Medicaid eligibility expansion?

6. Should more states follow in Colorado’s footsteps and legalize marijuana?

13. In light of the collapse of a section of I-85 in Atlanta, should states take on a greater role in fixing their infrastructure?