2Rewrite the Sentences with the Adverbs of Frequency

2Rewrite the Sentences with the Adverbs of Frequency

Grammar unit 1:Practice 2

Adverbs of frequency

1Match 1–7 with a–h.



2chardly ever

3dnot often





2Rewrite the sentences with the adverbs of frequency.

We go to the park on Saturdays. (usually)

We usually go to the park on Saturdays.

1He takes his mobile phone to work. (often)



2The traffic is bad in the morning. (occasionally)



3I ride my bike to school. (not often)



4I’m late for school. (hardly ever)


5I’ve got a lot of money. (never)


Present simple: affirmative and negative

3Tick () the correct third person forms.








4Complete the sentences with the correct present simple form of the verbs.

1My cousins ______(live) in Madrid.

2Jessica ______(not like) swimming.

3He ______(study) English and Spanish.

4We ______(not walk) to school every day.

5My father ______(teach) history at my school.

6I ______(not do) my homework in the library.

7She ______(go) to school by bus.

8You ______(not watch) TV in the morning.

Present simple: questions

5Write questions for the answers. Use a question word where necessary.


I get up at six o’clock.


No, she doesn’t go shopping with Kate. She goes with her sister.


They play tennis twice a week.


Yes, I do. I love hip hop music.


She lives near the park.

Verb + -ing

6Complete the sentences. Use love, not mind or not like and the -ing form of the verbs.

1Maria ______( play) the piano.

2We ______( watch) sport on TV.

3John ______( go) to the cinema.

4My teacher ______( listen) to heavy metal music.

5I ______( study) for exams.


Vocabulary unit 1:Practice 2


Vocabulary unit 1:Practice 2

Everyday objects

1 Complete the crossword with everyday objects.

M / M
J / W / Y
U / Y / S
B / H
W / L

2Complete the sentences with everyday objects from the summary.

1I’ve got 2,000 songs on my ______.

2It’s raining so I’m taking my ______.

3It’s very sunny today. I’m wearing my ______.

4I’ve got my photo, my name and my address on my ______.

5I sometimes watch DVDs on my ______.

6I’m catching the train at one o’clock. I’ve got a ______.

7I don’t want to buy a bus ticket every day. I’ve got a ______.

8I can’t open the front door! I haven’t got my ______.

9I want to call a friend but I haven’t got my ______.

Verbs: time and money

3Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

AWhat do you do in your free time?

BOh, I listen to my (1) ______and watch (2) ______.

AWhat else do you do?

BOh, I read history (3) ______. I love history.

ADo you play (4) ______?

BNo, I hate them.

AHave you got a hobby?

BYes, I collect Spider-Man (5) ______.

AWhat do you do after school?

BI study (6) ______at a private school.

AWhen do you meet your (7) ______?

BIn the evening.

4Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box.

1Let’s ______shopping. We can buy some make-up.

2I ______a lot of money on computer games.

3I’ve got a bank account because I want to ______my money.

4Do you ______things on the internet?

5I always ______a present to John on
his birthday.

6I ______a new dress for the party.