2P S Class Assembly

2P S Class Assembly

2P’S Class Assembly

JOE: Good Morning and welcome to 2P’s assembly.

SAM : In RE we have been thinking about forgiveness and have read the story of The Unmerciful Servant which we are going to perform for you this morning.

GEORGIA: Peter came to Jesus and asked him a question.

Peter (JOE): Lord, how many times should I forgive a man who has done me wrong? Up to seven times?

Jesus (ADAM): Not seven times Peter, but seventy times seven. (What does that equal Harry?)

HARRY: Er……..490.

Jesus (ADAM): Good. There should be no limit on forgiveness.

FRANCESCA: To show what he meant he told his disciples a story.

LUCY: There was a King who was good to his servants, often

lending them large sums of money.

HANNAH: The day came when the accounts had to be settled.

There was one man who was brought before the King

whose debt was so large he had no hope of repaying it.

King (HARRY): As you cannot pay, I shall seize all your possessions and sellyou and your wife and your children into slavery.

Servant 1 (JIM): Sir, I beg you have pity on me. Give me time and I will raise the money and pay back everything.

ANNA: The king was moved by the man’s despair, and raising him up told him he would cancel the whole of the huge debt

and that he was free to go.

CASPAR: Soon after, this same man came across a fellow servant who owed him a very small amount of money.

Servant 1 (JIM)(grabbing servant 2 by the throat) : Pay me what you owe me now!

Servant 2 (STANLEY) (falling to his knees): MERCY! MERCY! I cannot pay this debt now! Please have pity! Give me time and I will raise the money. I promise!

HEBE: But the servant showed no pity and had the man thrown into prison before he could pay back the debt.

Guard 1 (EVIE): Stay there and don’t move!

Guard 2 (DILLY): You are going to live on bread and water until we let you go!

MIA: The other servants were shocked by what they saw and went to tell their master what they had happened.

THOMAS: The King instantly summoned the wicked servant to come to him.

King (HARRY): When you begged for mercy, I showed you mercy, and yet you had none for a man who owed you far less than you showed me. Now you shall be punished!

(Guards come and take servant 1 to prison)

Guards (EVIE AND DILLY): Serves you right! We will make sure your bread is stale!

Jesus (ADAM): This is how God will treat each of you unless you forgive those who have done you wrong from the bottom of your heart.

MATILDA: We made up some role plays in groups to show how we can forgive people in our lives today. See if you can work out who is really showing forgiveness and who is just pretending to forgive someone.



DILLY: Please bow your heads for our prayer.

SAM: Dear God,

Please help us to say sorry when we have done something wrong.

EVIE: Help us to forgive our friends when they have hurt us and are really sorry for what they have done. Amen.

JOE: Thank you for coming to our assembly this morning. We hope you enjoyed it.