2015 FFA Fish and Wildlife Cdeexam

2015 FFA Fish and Wildlife Cdeexam

2015 FFA Fish and Wildlife CDEExam

Do not write on the exam. Bubble in the most correct answer on your scantron sheet.


1) The eastern spotted skunk was listed as a threatened species in Minnesota in 1996. What is one of the possible reasons for the decline of spotted skunk numbers in the state?

A) Changes in grain storage and handling practices.

B) Predation by badgers.

C) Road construction.

D) Increasing Cooper’s Hawk populations.

2)Damage caused by this/these animals can include damage to foundations and sidewalks from burrowing and feeding damage to plants.

A) Woodchuck

B) Pocket Gopher

C) Eastern Chipmunk

D) All of the above

3)A typical litter for an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit is?

A) 1-2

B) 2-3

C) 4-6

D) 8-10

4)If a mammal is classed as a registered furbearer that means?

A) A lottery is held for each license.

B) The trapping season is carefully monitored.

C) Each pelt must be registered with the DNR.

D) Both B and C

5)Major populations of black bear are found in?

A) Northeastern Minnesota

B) Southeastern Minnesota

C) Central Minnesota

D) Southwestern Minnesota

6)These mammals are known for being very vocal and have a wide range of calls?

A) Striped Skunk

B) Red Squirrel

C) Opossum

D) Porcupine

7)Hunting seasons for this animal include rifle, archery, muzzleloader and special lottery hunts?

A) Beaver

B) Gray wolf

C) Moose

D) White-tailed deer

8) What best describes the diet of a Shrew?

A) Herbivore

B) Omnivore

C) Insectivore

D) Carnivore

9) Which of these bests describes the habitat of a jackrabbit?

A) Deep pine forest

B) Open grasslands

C) Sheltered woodland

D) Fast moving stream

10) What animal is known for girdling pine trees?

A) Fox squirrel

B) Porcupine

C) Weasel

D) Black bear

11) Which of these animals typically has the largest litter of young?

A) Striped Skunk

B) Moose

C) Opposum

D) Porcupine

12) This mammal is sometime killed by a disease called sarcoptic mange?

A) Porcupine

B) Moose

C) Red Fox

D) Black Bear

13) Which species of canine does well in urban environments?

A) Red Fox

B) Coyote

C) Both A and B

D) Raccoon

14) Mole damage can be identified by the tennis ball sized holes they leave behind?

A) True

B) False

15) Pocket gophers are an important component of a prairie ecosystem?

A) True

B) False


16) Threats to loon populations include?

A) Lead and mercury poisoning

B) Disturbance from boats

C) Getting tangled in fishing line

D) All of the above

17) There is not a hunting season for this type of bird?

A) Ruffed Grouse

B) Mallard

C) Red-winged blackbird

D) All of the above

18)The special certification you need before hunting migratory waterfowl is called?





19)This type of owl comes in red and gray color morphs?

A) Eastern Screech owl

B) Barred owl

C) Short-eared owl

D) Great-horned owl

20) What best describes broad-winged hawk habitat?

A) Lake shoreline.

B) Dense, wet forest.

C) Open pastureland.

D) Forest clearing.

21) Which of these birds migrate south for the winter?

A) Blue Jay

B) Wild Turkey

C) Barred owl

D) None of the Above

22) Which of these birds have offspring that can walk with-in a couple of hours of hatching?

A) Woodcock

B) Red-winged Blackbird

C) Wood duck

D) both A and C

23) The average Minnesota harvest of this species of waterfowl is over 200,000 birds?

A) Snow goose

B) Canada goose

C) Pintail

D) Wood duck

24) Bald eagle populations have been on the rise since the elimination of what?

A) Large river dams

B) Laws protecting eagles from hunting

C) DDT pesticide

D) Women wearing feathers in their hats

25) This bird represents a restoration success story with populations going from a few birds in the 1970’s to over 30,000 birds today.

A) Canvasback

B) Grackle

C) Wild turkey

D) Blue jays

26) Which bird is mainly a seed-eater?

A) Great blue heron

B) Screech owl

C) Crow

D) House sparrow

27) Sharp-shinned hawks eat other birds?

A) True

B) False

28) The best places to view Sharp-tailed grouse are in southwestern Minnesota?

A) True

B) False

29) Tundra Swans can be identified in flight by the black bars on their wings?

A) True

B) False

30) Faucet snails are an invasive species that carry a parasite that can kill diving ducks?

A) True

B) False


31) Which of the following affect how quickly lake trout can repopulate an area?

A) They grow slowly

B) The reproduce at a late age

C) They live in relatively sterile waters

D) All of the above

32) These fish can survive in poorly oxygenated water by gulping air into their swim bladders?

A) Gar

B) Darter

C) Smelt

D) Brown Trout

33) Bait fish, such as smelt, caught in Lake Superior cannot be used in other Minnesota lakes because of the discovery of what fish disease?

A) Bass tapeworm

B) Neascus

C) VHS – Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia

D) Sea lamprey

34) A large scale-less fish with a protruding jaw, long whisker like barbels and a rounded caudal fin describes what type of fish?

A) Carp

B) Bullhead

C) Brook trout

D) Flathead catfish

35) This fish has a leaf-shaped larval stage?

A) Sunfish

B) Carp

C) Lake trout

D) American eel

36) This fish can destroy habitat for certain species of waterfowl?

A) Carp

B) Creek chub

C) Smallmouth bass

D) Rainbow Darter

37) The males of this species of fish guard and care for their nest?

A) Walleye

B) Fathead minnow

C) Smelt

D) Muskellunge

38) The possession limit is how many fish you can?

A) Catch per day.

B) Have on your person at any given time, including what is in live wells.

C) Determined by the Minnesota DNR

D) Both B and C

39) The ideal habitat for large mouth bass is?

A) Shallow, fast moving stream

B) Deep, clear cold lake

C) Shallow, fertile, weedy lake

D) In the main channel of a large river

40) Steelhead are the Lake Superior variety of this fish?

A) Smelt

B) Rainbow trout

C) Brook Trout

D) Dogfish

41) White crappies are able to survive in cloudy water better than black crappies?

A) True

B) False

42) The sturgeon’s skeleton is composed of cartilage?

A) True

B) False

43) Northern Pike are ambush predators?

A) True

B) False

44) The sunfish season begins May 23rd, 2015?

A) True

B) False

45) The bowfin helps control rough fish and stunted game fish populations?

A) True

B) False


46) What is the preferred food of lacewings?

A) Aphids

B) Decaying plant debris

C) Leaves from hardwood trees

D) Nectar from flowers

47) Which of the following insects does not have a pupa stage?

A) Blow fly

B) Giant water bug

C) Red admiral

D) Whirligig beetle

48) Which insect order comprises about 40% of all known insects?

A) Beetles

B) Caddisflies

C) Grasshoppers

D) Moths and butterflies

49) Which of the following insects produces sound?

A) Crane fly

B) June beetle

C) Katydid

D) Sawfly

50) The legs are attached to which body section of an insect?

A) Head

B) Thorax

C) Abdomen

D) Tarsus

51) With which type of environment are cicadas associated?

A) Leaf litter and soil

B) Prairies

C) Shorelines of lakes and ponds

D) Trees

52) Which of the following insects lives the shortest amount of time as an adult?

A) Boxelder bug

B) Mayfly

C) Rove beetle

D) Woods cockroach

53) Which of the following insects are pollinators?

A) Blow fly

B) Honey bee

C) Longhorned beetle

D) All of the above insects are pollinators

54) Which of the following insects possesses chewing mouthparts?

A) Cecropia

B) Dragonfly

C) Mosquito

D) Robber fly

55) What insect is typically associated with moist, damp areas, can be found resting on the foliage of plants and can be described as a “large mosquito”?

A) Crane fly

B) Mayfly

C) Sawfly

D) Water strider

56) Which insect lives in the water?

A) Ground beetle

B) House fly

C) Springtail

D) Stonefly nymph

57) Which of the following insects feed on the leaves of trees?

A) Assassin bug

B) Ground beetle

C) Monarch

D) Sawfly

58) How many legs do insects typically have?

A) 0

B) 2

C) 4

D) 6

59.) Which of the following is true about mosquitoes in Minnesota?

A) They are most abundant during dry weather

B) They can transmit diseases to humans

C) Both the females and males bite

D) They are most active during early afternoon

60) What insect migrates outside of Minnesota for the winter?

A) Caddisfly

B) Monarch

C) Red admiral

D) Rove beetle

2015 FFA Fish and Wildlife CDE Exam Key