2000 Programming Coord Specs

Programming Coordinator

Full-time, career position.

For current salary range see pay schedule.

Includes benefit package

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, participates in the recruitment of, and trains and supervises, playback staff (volunteer and paid); responsible for playback and on-air tape-preparation duties; responsible for the day-to-day playback, acquisition, cataloging, and scheduling of tapes and live programming of all CTSCC access channels; oversees the overall on-air "look" of the channels. This position is FLSA non-exempt and is eligible for overtime compensation.

Typical Duties (may include but are not limited to the following):

° Schedules all tapes and live CTSCC programs.

° Operates computer equipment to organize and create on-air program schedules and daily logs.

° Loads and operates video tape machines for playback and recording or dubbing of tapes, including loading and programming any automated playback system.

° Creates and manages video tape library, keeping track of all programs obtained for CTSCC channels.

° Responsible for master control during live programs, insuring remote programs are properly routed to access channels.

° Monitors playback and on-air look of channels, including occasional night and weekend monitoring, correcting playback or scheduling errors when necessary.

° Responsible for recruitment, training, and supervision of additional playback operators.

° Creates access channel schedules for publicity purposes.

° Maintains files of CTSCC tape library programs and schedules.

° May from time to time participate in staff productions.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Working Knowledge of:

° Standard office computers and word processing software programs.

° Video tape equipment and playback systems, including basic video tape editing

systems, video graphics systems, and character generators.

° Video programming sources and distributors.


° Typing/keying skill of 30 wpm or better on an office word processor.

Demonstrated Ability to:

° Monitor the channels and adjust video and audio levels if necessary.

° Edit video tapes and create video and computer graphics.

° Keep accurate TV logs and schedules.

° Create access channel schedules for publicity purposes.

° View critically and evaluate acquired programming.

° Train and supervise interns, volunteers, temporary staff, and other less experienced


° Work creatively and flexibly in a team environment, operating autonomously under

minimal supervision, but accepting direction, supervision, and guidance when appropriate.

Additional Requirements:

° Must be available for work evenings and weekends.

° Must be able to monitor CTSCC cablecasts from personal residence.

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience that provides the skill, knowledge, and

abilities required is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these requirements would be:

° Two years college education including course work in TV production, and one year of experience working in a television environment or a position similar to this one; or

° Two or more years of working experience in a television environment or a similar administrative position.


° Ability to communicate orally in Spanish.