10. the ______Plan Offered Europe Money to Help Rebuild After WWII (793)

10. the ______Plan Offered Europe Money to Help Rebuild After WWII (793)


7. Separation of people by their race (790)

10. The ______Plan offered Europe money to help rebuild after WWII (793)

13. Time after WWII when their was a huge increase in births in the United States (801)

14. Reckless charges made against ordinary citizens (charging at that time that they were communists) (798)

(put in MacCarthyism)

15. Countries which surrounded Russia during the cold war were called satellite countries (underlined)

16. German word for “living space” – that the Germans should be allowed to take over other countries because their

“master race of people was growing and needed more room (only in packets – page 5).

18. The ______helped veterans after WWII with educational and economic help (781)

23. Many Japanese living on the west coast during WWII were put in ______camps (776)

25. Leader of Russia during World War II (858)

28. American plan for controlling the Japanese and the Pacific during WWII (772)

31. The Nazi’s intense racism and hatred of Jews (and others) led to the ______(767)

32. The turning point of the war in the Pacific was the Battle of ______(771)

33. One U.S. plan to help the allies (before the U.S. entered the war) was called cash and carry (underlined)

35. The ______Conference (FDR/Stalin/Churchill) took place to discuss the progress of the war and the future of the

world after WWII (packets – page 17)

36. American leader during most of World War II (but not at the end) (his picture is on 767)

37. Cold War attempts to be the first to control space (between the USA and the USSR) (799)

38. Germany, Italy, and Japan were called the ______Powers / Nations (764 map)

39. The most modern, powerful, and experience air force in the world during WWII (it was German) and was responsible

for a lot of their early successes (in packets only – page 13)

45. Meeting someone’s (Germany’s before WWII) demands to try and avoid a war was called ______(759)

48. Belief that certain blond haired, blue eyed Germans were the master race is part of ______(packet – page 4)

49. Unofficial lists of people thought to be communists (and that kept them from getting jobs…) (794)

50. Group of countries which united to keep an eye on the Soviet Union and their attempts to spread communism (792)

52. Plan for a pre-war U.S. support of the allies by the U.S. sending them supplies and in exchange, they’d rent the U.S.

some air bases (packets only – page 6)

53. Attempt by the US and the USSR to each have more (and more powerful) weapons that the other (798)

54. Winston Churchill said of the Soviets: “an ______has descended across the continent” (793)

56. Group which does many things, including tries to keep peace in the world (782)

57. General in charge of D-Day invasion (later a president) (765)


1. Eisenhower (as president) passed the ______Act (also as a possible military need) (801)

2. The ______were passed to try and limit U.S. involvement in WWII (packets – page 6)

3. Some interred Japanese Americans joined the infantry and were among the most ______units in the war (777)

4. Fascist leader of Italy at the start of World War II (758)

5. Political belief that a nation and it’s needs are more important than any of it’s individuals (758)

6. Name for the day when the allies achieved victory in Europe (767)

8. The ______Trials tried (and convicted) 24 of Hitler’s top leaders for war crimes during WWII (782)

9. The 38th ______is the main “dividing line” between North and South Korea (796)

11. When the prices for products rises quickly (faster than people’s incomes) (790)

12. ______the Riveter symbolized the women who were helping the war effort (775)

17. The Battle of the ______was Hitler’s final assault (unsuccessful) on the allies (200,000 deaths) (766)

19. The ______brought needed food, fuel, and equipment to people of USSR controlled East Berlin (791)

20. Political belief which includes a “classless society”, and government control of resources, the economy, and people’s

lives (packets only – page 21)

21. “Der Fuhrer” of World War II Germany (758)

22. German name for taking over Austria (as part of the expansion of their empire) (packets only – page 9)

24. The ______promised aid to counties struggling to resist threats to democratic freedoms (792)

26. The Holocaust is also sometimes called Hitler’s “______” (768)

27. The US plan to stop the spread of communism (793)

29. Two cities bombed by US (“to save American lives”) (773)

30. The ______were “meetings” where the Russians and Americans “discussed” which way of life was

better – communism or capitalism (packets only – page 22)

34. The US and everyone on their side were called the ______(764)

40. The ______was an agreement between the U.S. and Britain as to how countries should deal with each

other after the war (in packets only – page 13)

41. New form of 1950’s teenage entertainment (803)

42. The ______Pact was the agreement by USSR and it’s supporters to work together and keep an eye on countries

which may be a threat to them and their way of life (793)

43. Place where WWII officially started for the United States (762)

44. The largest sea invasion in history (5000 ships - in northern France) to “liberate Europe from Germany (766)

46. The ______Project was the top secret U.S. program to develop an atomic bomb (773)

47. The “night of broken glass” where the Nazi’s began to arrest Polish Jews and destroy their cities (including their

churches and businesses) ______ht (in packets only – page 10)

51. Group of 50’s people who “protested” America’s “square” society of shallowness (803)

55. Struggle between the USSR and the USA for control of the world’s political ideals (communism / capitalism) (792)