1. Choose the Word Or Phrase (A, B, C, Or D) That Best Completes the Sentence

1. Choose the Word Or Phrase (A, B, C, Or D) That Best Completes the Sentence

WYNIK TESTU / REKOMENDACJA / Podpis lektora / Podpis słuchacza

Intermediate – B1


1. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best completes the sentence.


1 Alexandria … sports and enjoys her life.

A is liking

B like

C likes

D is like

2 My brother … so scared when he watches frightening films that he can’t talk.

A gets

B get

C is getting

D is get

3 They … avoid food like fish and chips if they want to lose weight.

A can

B might

C are able to

D ought to

4 You … climb to the top of the pole; half way is fine for today.

A needed

B have to

C needn’t

D weren’t able to

5 Students … take any exams to get into the sports school as long as they are good athletes.

A couldn’t

B must

C can

D don’t need to

6 My sister … to be on the programme Rock School.

A always has wanted

B has always been wanting

C always has been wanting

D has always wanted

7 The group is new but very ambitious and has … recorded three songs.

A already

B yet

C since

D never

8 Simmons … him to feel more self-confident while he’s singing.

A has helping

B has been helping

C has be helped

D have been helping

9 The role of Clouseau … wonderfully by Steve Martin.

A is be played

B were played

C was played

D play

10 ‘The police … that a crime was committed and they have to solve it.’

‘What happens next?’

A told

B has told

C tell

D have been told



2. Ask about the underlined part of a sentence.

1 Francesca’s studying Maths at university. ______.

2 Lucy enjoys university. ______.

3 Ben failed his driving test. ______.

4 Paula and Jamie started school last week. ______.

5 The neighbours get to college by bus. ______.


3. Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

1 We would have two dogs and two cats when we were children. ______

2 Tom didn’t used to enjoy going to school. ______

3 My parents wouldn’t to let us stay up late on school nights. ______

4 Did you used to study hard at university? ______

5 I used to teach English for ten years. ______


4. Re-write the first sentence starting with the words given.

1 A woman was rescued from the eleventh floor of a building today.

Firemen ______.

2 The board gave the Managing Director a leaving present.

A leaving present______.

3 We’ll finish the homework tonight.

The homework______.

4 The hijacker of flight BA 101 has been arrested.


5 Plastic bottles are recycled as bags.


6 You’ll be found guilty.

The judge______.



1. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best completes the sentence.


1 A … voice whispered her name.

A pale

B ghostly

C deadly

D skeleton

2 In the Disney cartoon, Cinderella’s … stepmother treats her very badly.

A wicked

B odd

C terrified

D ghost

3 After Jake had watched the … film, he was so scared he couldn’t speak!

A wicked

B mysterious

C horrifying

D haunted

4 He had already seen the film about aliens coming to … Earth so he chose a different one.

A planet

B universe

C country

D world

5 He had already … two prizes but he didn’t want to stop playing.

A won

B defeated

C beaten

D attacked

6 He had just watched Rosemary’s Baby, a(n) … film, and he was too scared to go to sleep.

A original

B haunting

C nervous

D horror

7 The police had been investigating the girl’s … disappearance for five years.

A wicked

B fascinating

C mysterious

D nervous

8 When my sister was little, she used to think that there was a hairy … hiding under her bed!

A monster

B alien

C enemy

D species

9 The girl had just gone into the … house when she saw a ghost coming towards her.

A haunted

B original

C wicked

D nervous

10 At the start of the film, the … had already come to Earth and had been controlling humans for


A types

B species

C aliens

D enemies



2. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the adjectives from the box. You may need to use some extra words.

bad big exciting funny useful

1 Laura is ______me at speaking French – you really can’t understand a word she says.

2 Giorgio is ______person in the class. He makes everyone laugh with his crazy jokes.

3 I would say that English is probably ______language in the world.

4 That was ______film I’ve ever seen. I was on the edge of my seat

5 London is ______Rome, isn’t it?


3. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 My cousin has a black ______in karate.

2 Do you play any musical ______?

3 I think the volleyball ______is too low.

4 It’s difficult to see through these ______when I ski into the sun.

5 Luckily, I was wearing a ______when I fell so I didn’t hurt my head.


4. Complete the sentences with the correct form of look and a particle from the box.

after / at / for / forward / into / out / up

1______! That scooter is going very fast!

2Can you see what they are all ______? It must be something interesting.

3While he was reading, he ______the meaning of all the new words.

4The police are ______the crime.

5I always ______to going on holiday.


5. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the words in brackets.

1 I’m sorry to tell you that your application has been ______. (success)

2 Peter is very ______and often makes silly mistakes. (care)

3 I found that programme really ______. In fact, I almost fell asleep a couple of times. (interest)

4 People often ______my name because it’s quite unusual. (pronounce)

5 I had an ______time at the party because lots of my old friends were there. (enjoy)


6. Complete this advert for a theme park in the USA. Write the adjectives in brackets in the comparative or superlative form.

Experience the world’s (1) ______(exciting) theme park

For some of the (2)______(fast) rides and the (3)______(big) thrills in the USA, spend a day at ‘Dodge City’ in the heart of Florida. Voted (4)______(good) value for money than its competitors and the state’s (5)______(popular) family destination, Dodge City takes you back to an (6)______(early) time when the West was won. Your children will love the Cowboy shows and you won’t find a (7)______(wide) choice of food in any theme park. But why not stay for a week? Your (8)______(near) hotel is five minutes away with Orlando airport only an hour’s drive or Miami.