1 Atoms and Cells Probe


1 Atoms and Cells Probe

It is estimated that there are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the human body. Cells make up all living things.

Cells need to carry on the same basic functions as we do to sustain life; the difference is cells do this with much smaller parts. These smaller structures that allow the cell to function are called organelles – “tiny organs.” Also plant and animal cells have some similar parts and some parts that are not similar.

The design team of Cells R Us is attempting to create a travel destination that promotes awareness of cells among the general public. You have been hired as a team of consultants for this project. Think of destinations like amusement parks, ball parks, zoos, farms, malls, etc., there are certainly more possibilities than this. In order for your project to be considered by Cells ‘R Us, you must present a 3D model of your attraction with the following characteristics:

  • Cell Structure:
  • Identification of the plant or animal cell organelles being displayed, with justification (For example: The golgi packages secretions. Be sure to visit the Golgi center inside the gift shop, and have your purchases gift wrapped for you before you leave") and image of the actual organelle.
  • Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport
  • A written explanation with visuals of how materials and people travel to and from your attraction.
  • Cell Respiration
  • A visual representation and explanation of how your attraction obtains energy.

Cells ‘R Us Rubric

Criteria / Excellent (10) / Good (5) / Poor (1)
Is the content of the product well chosen? / Content chosen represents the best choice for the product. Graphics are well chosen and related to content. / Information or graphics are related to content, but are not the best choice for the product / Information or graphics presented do not appear to be related to the topic or task. / _____ x1
Completeness: Is everything included in the product? / 10 organelles are represented, justified and have images / 10 organelles are represented, but two or more are missing either a justification or an image / Less than 10 organelles represented, or most lack justification or image / ______x 2
Transport options are included and well developed. / Transport options are included, but not very well explained. / Forgot to include transport options. / ______x 2
Cell respiration is included and well explained, along with its relationship to photosynthesis / Cell respiration is included and explained. / Cell respiration? What’s that? / ______x 2
Correctness: Is all the information included correct? / All information in the product is correct and accurate. / N/A / Any portion of the information presented in the product is incorrect. / ______x 3
Creativity: Is the product original? / Presentation of information is from a new perspective. Graphics are original. Product includes an element of fun an interest / Presentation of information is from a new perspective. Graphics are not original. Product has elements of fun and interest / There is no evidence of new thought or perspectives in the product. / ______x 1
Is the model well put together? / Falling apart / 1 year warranty / 5 year warranty / ______x 1
Communication: Is the information in the product well communicated? / All the information is neat and easy to read. Product is in an appropriate format and shows significant effort. / Most of the product is neat and easy to read. Product is in appropriate format and shows significant effort / The product is not neat and easy to read or the product is not in the appropriate format. It does not show significant effort. / ______x 1