Zhoushan Typhoon Park Development Project

Zhoushan Typhoon Park Development Project

Zhoushan Typhoon Park Development Project

I. Project Background and Construction Conditions

Typhoon, originated from the strong swirl of TropicalOcean, is the world disastrous weather system. Along with the human progress and social development, the mysterious veil is being gradually revealed. Daishan located in the eastern coast of Zhejiang, belonging to the Sub-tropical South Rim Monsoon Climate, frequently attacked by typhoon and storm tides.

Kaomen Sea Wall in the north of Daishan is known as the “No. 1 Dam against Typhoon in Zhejiang” as well as the important frontier of national protection against typhoon.The project is the initial tourism project in the style of disaster experience in China. The finished Typhoon Park, with the core of typhoon, will integrate the functions of popularization of science, tourism and scientific research, not only concern the professional and popularized typhoon knowledge, but also infuse the new concept and connotation of island culture, focusing to forge the classical Zhoushan Ocean Tourism.

II. Construction Scale and Coverage

The estimated total investment is RMB 500 million and the estimated land 339.28 hectare. The project is planned to be implemented by short-term section which is to 2008 and long-term section which is finished by 2015. The main construction content contains Cyclone Square, Typhoon Culture Corridor, International Typhoon Science Forum, “Wind” Stele written by scholars in different dynasties, Typhoon Disaster Commemorative Square, Typhoon Observation, Green Luxury Hotel, Wind Erosion Physiognomy Microcopy Park, Typhoon Cloud Image Maze, Typhoon Experiencing Site and Imitating Wind Power Plant, etc.

III. Project Preparations and Proceedings

At present, the Controlled Detailed Plan of Typhoon Park has been accomplished and appraised by experts. The first-phase exhibition museum and second-phase wave observation platform of “China Typhoon Museum”, Typhoon 4D Dynamic Cinema and other ten game projects concerning wind have been finished, together with the construction of basic mating facilities of water, electricity and communications, with investment o f RMB 20 million. The third-phase “Experiencing Typhoon” is under research and development.

IV. Cooperative Ways and Contents

Sole investment/ joint venture

V. Contact Information

Contact Unit: Daishan District Merchants Bureau of ZhoushanCity

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