You Can Also Get to Our Topics Site Through the Following URL

You Can Also Get to Our Topics Site Through the Following URL

September’s Dailies

Sept 5: Introduction

Don't forget to design your avatar, write your bio and send them to me. Start thinking about what you would like to learn about as your topic(s) during this semester. Each of your first topics should be chosen and refined by Friday. It was nice meeting / seeing you all today!

You can also get to our Topics site through the following URL:

Sept 6: Selecting

Selecting a topic overview followed by exploration. Identify an area that you would like to research for your first topic considering the parameters. Topic proposals are due at 10am tomorrow - you will have an hour of class time to solidify your topic and work on the proposals. If you want feedback or help, I will be available through email tonight until 10pm:

When you have a minute... Create a Google Account and email me your new email address.

Sept 7: Selecting

Introductions, complete Google Account setup

Topic Proposals: submit the paragraph to me via email:

Sept 10:Researching

  1. Share Topic Proposals
  2. Modify proposals using Google Docs - Include description, specific aspects and relevance. Please use arial font. I will be grabbing, grading and posting these on Friday. I expect them to change as you perform research.
  3. Begin your research (Researching page) - drag and drop the folder into my Inbox (include Search Brainstorm form file in that folder).
  4. 7-10 sources due on Friday.

Sept 11:Researching

Continue Research

Sept 12:Researching

Continue Research

Sept 14:Researching

Final proposal paragraphs due (I will be grabbing these from Google Docs - 10 points)

10 sources in your folder (include Search Brainstorm Form)> my Inbox (20 points)

NOTE - I will be on Google Docs Saturday from 1-3 if you need help. At 3pm the Proposals (on GoogleDocs) are due and will be graded.

Sept 17:Researching: Working with Sources

Check Our Proposals page - if your proposal isn't posted, go to Google Docs, read my feedback and work on it.

If your proposal is posted proceed to the Working with Sources page and complete theEvaluating Resources Assignment and createa Reference listfor your current sources.

Sept 18:Researching: Working with Sources

Evaluating Resources Assignment due by the end of class.

Reference list due tomorrow. Please consult with our librarians if you have questions - they are the experts! :)

Sept 19:Researching: Critical Reading

Evaluating Resources - Discussion

How to Work with Sources in a Paperless Environment - Discussion

The rest of the classwill be spent reading your sources. Determine which ones/parts are useful and the areas of your topic that may require more information/research.

Sept 20: Writing: Title and Outline

Develop your Title and upload to the Title Google Document.

Begin putting together a working outline (it would be great if you could create a Google Doc for this!)

Continue critical reading of sources.

Sept 21: Writing: Outline

Continue developing your outline as you read through your sources.

The WORKING outline is due on Monday

Sept 24:

-Finish your outline and submit to me (either as a word document or alerting me that it's on GoogleDocs)

- Scientific Paper Format: examination of two journal documents > sections of a scientific paper

- Paper Template available

Sept 25 - 28: Writing

-Sept 25th - Dominique's birthday - brownies will be provided!

  1. Begin writing the body of your paper. Be certain to list which source each piece of information came from. Don't worry about mechanics at this point - just start to build your body sections.
  2. SAVE your paper on GoogleDocstitled "Name's Paper." After you do this, please invite me as a collaborator.
  3. Take a look at feedback on your outlines.They are posted on GoogleDocs. Adjust as needed. I will be checking in on the ones that needed adjusting - remember, this is a working document to help you stay organized. Please adjust as you go along to reflect the current organization of your paper.
  4. Continue writing the body of your paper. I will be online from my conference and will hopefully be available - so please gmail any questions.
  5. At the end of class on Wednesday and Thursday email me a summary of what you accomplished each day. These 2 emails are worth 5 points each.
  6. I will check GoogleDocs on Friday morning to make sure that you all have your paper document uploaded.