You Are Not a Caged Victim Trapped in Time!

You Are Not a Caged Victim Trapped in Time!




My Powerful Dream of April 14, 2016

Isaiah 61:1-3 (prophecy of Messiah); Luke 4:18-19 (fulfillment by Messiah)

Isaiah 52:2

Psalm 116:16

Matthew 16:19

Mark 11:25-26

John 8:31-32, 36

Colossians 1:12-17

I Peter 2:9

Please read these foundational Scriptures before continuing with this article.

This article contains a powerful dream and vision--an amplification of Abba’s restorative power related to the previous article: “The Restoration of All Things – A Personal Testimony”/April 19, 2016. In fact, this is one of the most powerful articles I’ve ever written. It is a desperate plea for His children to close the past and open the future.

Yahuwah is the most awesome Abba/Father in the universe. He is in the business of setting His captive children free--opening cage bars, loosing the bound, and empowering His children to help others be free. Yahushua, the Son of Yahuwah, while nailed to the stake that Aviv 14, conquered the power that sin had over us, paid the price we owe for our rebellion in breaking Yahuwah’s Torah, and loosed the power of Satan over us. In His rising from the dead He broke the power of eternal death, which had been our just punishment for our sins.

“Yahushua paid it all in full – all to Him we owe in full.” Through true repentance and submission to Him in all things as Master we are loosed to be really free. [Refer to: “The True New Birth”/July 15, 2015] Western religion does not teach the true new birth!

Yahuwah’s plan goes back into eternity past. His plan began to be set in place when He brought forth Yahushua before He created the heavens and the earth. He saw us before He created this world, and wrote our names and the days of our lives in His Book. He also foresaw the rebellion of His creation, and thus set in motion His plan for our deliverance/salvation, and our eternal esteemed position with Him. He is a precious Father/Abba more than a ruling “God.” His nature is that of a good parent who loves his children. Everything He does is for our blessing. Knowing Him is life eternal!

He knew His children would put themselves in shackles, in prison cells, bound in mind and spirit to the beguiling and seducing of Satan and his forces. He knew His children would lock themselves behind bars, and be afraid to leave the cages they create for their security and comfort. He knew the allurement of sin, and the traps we’d fall into. He knew it all. Yet, He loved us enough to send His Son to pay the price we deserve for our rebellion, so that we could go free. Do you see how free you really are? That’s reality! The illusion is that you’re a victim in a cage. All the enemy can do is mess with your mind and emotions (your earth-bound soul), and keep you from soaring into the Presence of your loving Creators, enjoying all the benefits Messiah bought for you.

In reality, you are not caged, trapped, or bound – not as long as you have a will that is. You are not trapped in time. If you are truly born of the Spirit, truly filled with the Spirit of Yahuwah, your eternal spirit (behind your naval) in the area of your loins, is a portal to the eternal dimension of Yahuwah. He’s not out in space somewhere. He is in a dimension right next to you. You have the ability to sit in heavenly places in Messiah, to lift your head above the downers of this life, to live with His nature, His thinking, and His Presence. You have His Word, His faith, and the ability to trust Him as a little child through which you can live on His provision for you in all things! Complaining, griping, whining, feeling sorry for yourself, negative emotions – a waste of your time! – Self-centeredness shuts you off from Yahuwah’s help. You make a fool out of yourself. You live way below what is normal for one who walks with Elohim. [Refer to: “Identity Theft – Restoring the Truth About Who You Really Are”/March 18, 2016 and “Walking Alongside the Master”/March 27, 2016]

In my article “The Cage”/updated from 2007 to May 18, 2012, I told of a vision I had while I lived in Jordan. Here is the basic vision:

“A beautiful exotic bird, the size of a Toucan or Parrot, with gold, red, and blue feathers, was in a golden cage that has thick golden bars. The cage was not quite large enough for the bird to spread its wings. For the security and safety of the bird, the bird had ordered every gold bar to be put into place--to be thick and strong. But, when the cage was complete, and the bird felt secure inside, prancing and showing off its beauty, the reality was evident to all but the bird--the cage had no door.

The only way the bird could ever be free would be if someone strong enough would come from the outside, and tear or cut a hole through the bars, making a door. I watched as Messiah Yahushua came. He put both hands on the bars. He appeared to be going to pull the bars apart. But, the bird screeched loudly: “NONONO—You’re tearing down my security!” Yahushua said: “But you are trapped—there is no way out for you if I do not tear the bars to make an open door for you”.

“NONONO” screeched the bird--“I am safe in here--go away, go away!”

This is the base life of most believers in “free” nations – totally caged, totally bound, but only by their own will. I’ve been with people in China where there is severe persecution of believers. But, wow, they are free! They are joyful, they are bold--they are full of the anointing of the Master, sharing the Word at the risk of their lives. They do not cower. They do not complain. They only praise the Master for their salvation. They understand what it means to die to “self,” to let go of selfish ambitions, and lay down their lives for their new Master who loves them. Their secret is that, for them, this life is not as important as the next one – they say focused on what really matters. In the West, with its façade of affluence, this life is what matters more than the next. Therefore the focus is on “self,” rather than submissive obedience to the Master. The enemy is closing in on the self-centered believers who have built sanctuaries for themselves to the gods of security, comfort, money, prosperity, popularity, and other appeasements of the flesh.

I know the tragedy that many children are victimized at an early age. Yet, by the love and mercy of Elohim, in cooperation with their will, they, too can be totally free. Mary Lake’s powerful testimony in The Shinar Directive, written by her husband, Michael, is an example. Messiah Yahushua stands ready to set us totally free from the lies, deceptions, illusions, fantasies of the enemy. But, the tragedy is that most people don’t want to be free. Like the bird in the cage vision, they feel content, secure, and comfortable in their self-styled cages--most which have built their cages with no door. I’ve ministered to a lot of people who act like believers, but when it comes down to it, they do not want to be free to live in the joy of their Master. Truth, joy, and peace, are enemies of those who love their cages! Negative emotions are their comfort. Holding hurts and grievances are their security. I know – I was once like that!!!

The reality is that no matter how hard we try to hide from the outside world of problems, blaming others for our troubles, the fact is that there is no prison, no cage, and no security zone that Messiah cannot break down if we let Him do it. The problem with most of us is getting to the point where we submit to the Spirit of Yahuwah’s working in them! He longs to lift up our head and set us free!

Elohim has known us before the foundation of the world. He knew all of our thoughts and words, our actions, and all that would happen to us. He never let us out of His sight. Read Psalm 139. It is about you!

Dear ones: Learn from my lifetime of pain. I didn’t have to tolerate or condone it. My cage door was always open, just like yours is. I willfully submitted to bitterness and hate. I felt justified to feel that way. I felt justified to react by sinning. When we sin, we attack ourselves! We might hurt others, but we mainly hurt us! I reacted to the wrong done against by trying to fight it in the natural. It never worked! I tried holding onto security while taking no positive action for positive security. I hurt myself. I hurt my children. And, I did not help the one who hurt me. I only fed his delight in hurting me. The ways of the Word of Yahuwah are ways of peace, joy, forgiveness, healing, and freedom of mind, emotions, spirit, and body.

I suppose it is better to learn late than never. I love helping others not have to go through what I did in order to learn Abba’s simple lessons. This past week, during the death and funeral time for my former husband, who died on his birthday, April 11th, at age 74, Abba revealed more truth about our 34 years of marriage, and my part in allowing so much pain. During those 34 years, I had three nervous breakdowns due to things happening that my mind couldn’t contain, yet I did nothing positive to change the situation. I blamed “God.” I hated Him. He wasn’t helping me. I thought He failed me. Yet, as Abba gently let me know in a dream, it was my own twisted thinking that kept me bound. I could have left the cage anytime. I had bound His hands, and gagged His mouth. He couldn’t help me until I chose to be helped. Then He helped me quickly.

Hate and bitterness, and revenge, controlled me for nearly 12 years. Now, I see that all I had to do was take a firm stand with peace in the power of His might, and take rational responsibility to be free. We so often entangle ourselves when the door to our prison is open wide, if we just take the rational action to walk through the door. I thought there was no escape, or I convinced myself there was no escape--such was the illusion of the enemy who held me captive.

The western world is a world of illusion, fantasy, concepts, philosophies, with emphasis on the feelings and pampering of the flesh. Reality is hard to face. I ran from reality! But, Abba’s mercy wins out. He had to allow my former husband and I to go our separate ways in order to take him on to freedom, and me on to freedom. At the funeral I heard people talking about a man I really didn’t know. There were seeds of his goodness all through the years. But, at the funeral, I heard about the fruit of those good seeds. He never really knew me, even after 2001, and yet, our three days of healing time at the end of 2015 was enough. Yahuwah often separates in order to unite us on a whole new platform of forgiveness and reconciliation.

I became an emotional and mental prisoner of the evil one’s deceptions from a very early age. But, today, with joy, I can realistically tell you that there is NO prison, no cell, no cage, and no grave, that can hold down a child of Elohim who knows who they are because of Him!

What the enemy doesn’t want us to know is about what we have in Yahuwah because of Yahushua. Most people have a religion, their fun times, their tragedies, their fears, their wounds and hurts--their emotions rising and falling in line with their thoughts and feelings, goals and expectations. And all are nicely compartmentalized in the mind. When negative things rattle their cage, their volatile emotions react. We have to know who our enemy is! Our enemy is NOT flesh and blood, but the powers of darkness of this world. These powers of darkness deceive people into thinking twisted, wicked. They are the enemy! Fight against the right enemy with the “weapons that are not carnal, but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.” I really recommend that you watch the Christian movie “War Room.” It is the story of a woman who learned what I learned, and by putting it into practice helped another lady save her marriage. It’s a good movie!

To be ruled by negative emotions – oh my – that indeed is living in a prison! Real freedom is allowing the Spirit of Yahuwah to transform our soul (mind/emotions, feelings, way of looking at things, reasoning) so that we align to His nature, with His emotions, His feelings, walking in His ways, with His thinking. Wow--that is real freedom! To live with His nature is like heaven on earth. The enemy’s tactics roll off like water off a duck’s back. When I saw Yahushua face to face in 2003 at the pools of Bethesda (John 5) in Jerusalem, not only did He heal me of 38 years of inner wounds, but the Spirit of Yahuwah began transforming me from the inside, so that I live in His peace at all times. I began to see life totally different than I ever did before.

For most humans, the hurts and tragedies, fears and sad longings, overshadow everything else most of the time. Religion becomes an Elysian Fields, only real when we feel like it, otherwise a mist, a vapor, of the mind and emotions. What is real to the flesh-life is what hurts. Yes, negative emotions are real. They are also destructive to the body, the soul, and the spirit. There is literal poison that goes into the body when there are strong negative emotions, like anger and hate. Many people are suffering physically from things caused by their own mind’s upheavals.

For most, the reality of knowing Yahuwah and Yahushua like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, and the Apostles, is illusionary. The reality of being led by the Spirit so often takes on a surreal, opaque, blur in the mind, so that the joy of walking with the Master is not tangible reality. Oh how we have allowed ourselves to be deceived! This is what the working of the evil ones have done to the minds of most people, shutting off the portal of the spirit so that even His people, so-called “believers,” cannot touch the eternal, nor bask in His Presence. Fantasy takes over so much of the time. I lived in a fantasy world for most of my life. It was my buffer from reality to keep the hurt from taking over. He taught me the beauty of reality with Him.

If you are truly born again, and truly filled with the Spirit of Yahuwah, you are not a victim of wickedness--you can’t be--not unless you allow the enemy to convince you that you are. The truth will set you free. You are, in fact, a triumphant, overcoming child of light--“more than a conqueror through Him who loves you.” (Romans 8:28-39)

Take your position as a child of the King of Kings--not in pride, but in humility and awe. You are loved! He died for you. He is returning for you. Be the child that He longs to hold in His arms! Rest under His talit, in His Presence. His Word, beautiful worship music, and His Presence are your comfort, your peace, your security.

I recommend James Block’s music. You can access it on You Tube. You can also access Jonathan David Helser’s beautiful music, like “Fly,” and “I Have Seen I AM…” They played “Fly” at the funeral. Read the recent article again: “I’ve Seen I AM, Now I Know Whose I am, Now I Know that I am Loved”/March 22, 2016.

Finally, here is the vision I had the night/morning of April 14th, the day of the funeral: In the dream I was in a large dark house. It was dark because the only light coming in was through about seven tiny windows in the living room shaped like port holes on a ship. I had packed a suitcase. I was with others. We were leaving on a great adventure.

I left the house with the bag and went out into the sunshine. The others were somewhere still in the house--not out in the sunshine. I was the first out of the house. As I set my suitcase down, I noticed that someone stood next to me. I knew it was Yahushua, though I only saw a little of the white robe. I was ready to go. But, He said to me: “YOU HAVE TO FIRST GO BACK INTO THE HOUSE AND CLOSE ALL THE PORTALS BEFORE WE CAN LEAVE.”

I looked up at the side of the house to the right of the door, and there, in a straight line, were seven port holes/portals a little smaller than the size of those on an ocean liner/ship. I went back inside. The portal-windows were high up. I stood on the top of a couch to reach them. The first latch was hard to pull. They were latched by a lever attached from the port hole to the wall. But, I pulled it in and latched it and went on to the others. Then I woke up.

On that morning of the funeral, Yahushua was calling me out into the sunshine to go with Him into the future that He has shown me. But, first, I had to go back and close the portals to the past. Did you notice there were 7 portals? Seven is the number of completion. When I closed them, I was free to go with Him. That’s you too! If you are still living with past hurts, un-forgiveness, anger, bitterness, loneliness, rejection feelings – anything that is stopping your forward progress, please shut the doors and leave the past behind. Cross your own Red Sea. Never go back to Egypt. Our Beloved One is returning. What else matters now except being prepared to receive Him with joy?