Xcel Energy Operating Companies Page No. 1

Xcel Energy Operating Companies Page No. 1

Xcel Energy Operating Companies Page No. 1

FERC Electric Tariff, Second Revised Volume No. 1

Service Agreement No. XXX-PSCo









Version ______

Form of Service Agreement For

Short-Term Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service

1.0This Service Agreement, dated as of ______, is entered into, by and between ______(“Transmission Provider”), and ______("Transmission Customer"), all of whom may be referred to individually as “Party” or jointly as “Parties”.

2.0The Transmission Customer has been determined by the Transmission Provider to have a Completed Application for Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service under the Tariff.

3.0The Transmission Customer has provided to the Transmission Provider an Application deposit in accordance with the provisions of Section 17.3 of the Tariff.

4.0Service under this agreement shall commence on the later of (1) the requested service commencement date, or (2) the date on which construction of any Direct Assignment Facilities and/or Network Upgrades are completed, or (3) such other date as it is permitted to become effective by the Commission. Service under this agreement shall terminate on such date as mutually agreed upon by the parties.

5.0The Transmission Provider agrees to provide and the Transmission Customer agrees to take and pay for Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service in accordance with the provisions of the Tariff, as it may be amended from time to time, and this Service Agreement.

6.0Any notice or request made to or by either Party regarding this Service Agreement shall be made to the representative of the other Party as indicated below.

Transmission Provider:Transmission Customer:

Public Service Company of Colorado______

Attn: [TBR Acct Rep]______

P.O. Box 1078______

Golden, Colorado 80402-1078______

7.0The Tariff is incorporated herein and made a part hereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have caused this Service Agreement to be executed by their respective authorized officials.

Transmission Provider:

Name: Ian R. Benson / ______
Title: Director, Transmission Planning and Business Relations / ______

Transmission Customer:

Name / ______
Title / ______


1.Term of Transaction:See Item 9

Start Date:See Item 9

Termination Date:See Item 9

  1. Description of capacity and energy to be transmitted by the Transmission Provider including the electric Control Area in which the transaction originates. See Item 9

3.Point(s) of Receipt:See Item 9

Delivering Party:See Item 9

4.Point(s) of Delivery:See Item 9

Receiving Party:See Item 9

  1. Maximum amount of capacity and energy to be transmitted (Reserved Capacity):

See Item 9.

  1. Designation of party(ies) subject to reciprocal service obligation: See Item 9.
  1. Name(s) of Intervening Systems providing transmission service: See Item 9.
  1. Service under this agreement may be subject to some combination of the charges detailed below. (The appropriate charges for individual transactions will be determined in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Tariff.)

(a)Transmission Charge:See Item 9

(b)System Impact and/or Facilities Study Charge:See Item 9

(c)Direct Assignment Facilities Charge:See Item 9

(d)Ancillary Services Charges:See Item 9

(e)Local Distribution Facilities Charges:See Item 9

  1. Other: Pursuant to the terms of the Tariff, it is the intent of the Transmission Provider and Transmission Customer that upon execution of this Service Agreement certain Firm Transmission Services may be arranged between the Parties as the opportunity occurs. Transactions under this Service Agreement are for a duration of less than one year. Such services will only be those transactions that do no require compensation for Direct Assignment Facilities, System Impact Study and/or Facilities Study Agreement costs, Opportunity costs, or Local Distribution Facilities Charges.

The OASIS Standards and Protocols states that if a Transmission Provider approves a request for service, the Transmission Customer must confirm. Once the Transmission Customer confirms an approved purchase, a reservation is considered to exist. In order for the Transmission Provider to accurately update and manage ATC for other pending requests for firm transmission service, the Transmission Customer must confirm within the following time frames or the request is deemed withdrawn:

Transmission Provider approves requestCustomer must confirm within_____

Within ______before start of serviceor request is deemed withdrawn

The default times will be as stated below. However, these times may be changed, from time to time, in order to provide for required consistency with reasonable times that are generally accepted in the region and are consistently adhered to by the Transmission Provider.

24 hours or lessOne hour

25 – 48 hours24 hours before transaction begins

2 – 6 days24 hours

7 – 30 days72 hours

31 – 90 daysOne week

90 days or more15 days