Written By: Carleton B (Katie Macdonald, Stuart Macdonald, Russell Neesom, Dantetoluso.)

Written By: Carleton B (Katie Macdonald, Stuart Macdonald, Russell Neesom, Dantetoluso.)

Ottawa Hybrid 2014

Playoff Round

Written by: Carleton B (Katie MacDonald, Stuart Macdonald, Russell Neesom, DanteToluso.)

1. This was the first of “Nine Classical Paintings Revisited,” in which Peter Greenaway ran it through a bunch of filter effects and thought up a conspiracy theory comparing this painting to “J’Accuse.” A list of eighteen commissioners is visible on a mounted shield near the top of this giant painting, and a possible self-portrait in this painting is a little guy peering over the shoulders of a flagbearer. The central figure in this painting extends his left hand to the viewer as he prances around in a red sash and ruffle collar, and it also includes a dog barking at a drummer and a tiny spot-lit woman with a bird hanging off her belt. For 10 points, name this Baroque painting that Rembrandt made of a shooting company.

ANSWER: The Night Watch [or De Nachtwacht orThe Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq]

2. The yeast-two hybrid strategy utilizes a bait and a fish type of these entities. Genetically engineered ones of these have a region with multiple restriction enzyme cut sites known as polylinkers. All types that are connected to the cell membrane are called episomes, while those that can impart antibiotic resistance are known as R factors. Cells that contain these are called F plus and are capable of acting as a donor in conjugation, while these entities do not require telomeres to replicate indefinitely. For 10 points, identify this type of circular, extrachromosomal DNA that occurs in various unicellular organisms often used as vectors in molecular genetics.

ANSWER: Plasmid

3. This player backed up Sean Burke throughout the 2003 World Championships but started the finals after Burke was injured. This player holds the record for most shots faced in a playoff game with 76 while playing against Dallas in 2007. This player was traded along with Olli Jokinen for winger Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha from the New York Islanders to the Florida Panthers. He was pulled after two losses to start the 2012 playoffs in favour of backup Cory Schneider. For 10 points, identify this goaltender currently playing for the Florida Panthers who led Canada to 2010 Olympic gold, was Carey Price’s backup in Sochi, and traded from Vancouver in March 2014.

ANSWER: Roberto Luongo

4. One song by this band tells the listener that “in the ocean we’ll hold hands” after taking a back road, while the music video to that song has people turn into skeletons whenever they enter water. In addition to “Bones”, another music video by this band has two people deciding a woman’s fate by game of checkers in a song that has lyrics like “It’s just the price I pay, Destiny is calling” because the singer is the title individual. Another song by this band states that “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman”. For 10 points, name this Las Vegas band led by Brandon Flowers behind hits like “Somebody Told Me,” “When You Were Young,” and “Mr. Brightside.”

ANSWER: The Killers

5.This city defeated one revolt in a savage battle known as “The Saw”, after which this city’s army crucified the rebel general Spendius. This city lost control of one colony at the Battle of Ilipa. In one conflict, this city won a victory at Drepana, but lost that war following its defeat at the Aegates Islands. This city began one conflict when one of its generals attacked Saguntum. Attempts to join that general later failed at the Metaurus River, although this city’s successes included the Trebia and at Ticinus. Massinissa defected to this city’s longstanding enemy before his Numidians aided in this city’s defeat at Zama. For 10 points, name this city that fought Rome in the Punic Wars.

ANSWER: Carthage [or Qart-Hadasht]

6. Skrillex prepared the score for this film, contributing some of his hits as well as a new track, “Smell This Money.” It begins with several of the main characters robbing the “chicken shack” in a stolen El Camino with a sledgehammer and a squirt gun. The final scene in this film shows Brit and Candy in ski masks kissing the corpse of Alien, played by an actor who surprisingly was part of a “for your consideration” campaign for Best Supporting Actor by the film studio. Directed by Harmony Korine and notable for James Franco's role as a gangster, for ten points, name this 2013 film starring Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson as the title partying students in Florida.

ANSWER: Spring Breakers

7. This artist is famously quoted as saying “I had heard God” after hearing Little Richard’s “TuttiFrutti” for the first time. Although initially trained on the alto saxophone, this man has branched out to nearly all forms of artistic expression, starring in and writing for many movies including The Man Who Fell to Earth, and The Prestige as well as many cameos as himself. His first eponymously titled album included such singles as “Rubber Band” and “Love You Till Tuesday.” He is better known for his various personas such as The Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust. FTP, name this legendary rock artist with such singles as “Ashes to Ashes,” “Diamond Dogs,” and “Space Oddity.”

ANSWER: David Bowie (or David Robert Jones) also accept The Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust before they are read

8. The first game in this series was chosen as Gamecenters’ 1997 Game of the Year upon its release. The most recent of the 13 iterations of this series is an online MMO on the Steam platform released in August of 2011. One game in this series uses trading posts to gather experience for the purchase of cards in your home city and in some games, you can win by building wonders. In these games, you can deposit relics at monasteries and research technology at buildings like stables, docks or town centers, which can also spawn units like villagers and fishing boats. With expansions like “The Conquerors,” “The Rise of Rome,” and “The Warchiefs,” for ten points, name this Microsoft strategy game in which you advance your civilization through different eras.

ANSWER: Age of Empires

9. Wang et al. studied this reaction to deal with municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash The centrifugal version of this process can result in the formation of a metal-ceramic composite pipe. This reaction has can create complexes of the product and B4C, Mo2C, and SiC.This reaction commonly uses the oxidation of glycerin as a heat source to power the reaction, which produces molten metal as a result. Single displacement between solid aluminum and iron-3-oxide rust is the most common type of for ten points, this extremely exothermic reaction named after Goldschmidt and commonly used in welding metals and incendiary weapons.

ANSWER: thermite reaction (also accept Goldschmidt process or aluminothermicreaction)

10. Gryzinski and Nagaoka are postulators of these; the latter of which is known as the Saturnian. One of these is based off of Abegg’s rules and concludes that Coulomb's law does not hold for small distances. One of these failed to explain the Zeeman effect and was modified by Sommerfield. One named after the discoverer of the electron is also known as plum pudding, while another was tested by Geiger and Marsden. The modern one is a probabilistic Schrodinger one while the Bohr-Rutherford one is more simplistic. For ten points, these are models of what system consisting of negatively charged particles orbiting a positively charged nucleus first discussed by Democritus.

ANSWER: Atomic Model or equivalents

11. These countries fought the Battle of Gravelines, and their relations were damaged when one of them supported a rebellion against the other by signing the Treaty of Nonsuch. Confrontations between these countries happened at Porto Bello and Cartegena de Indias, and a treaty between these countries allowed a certain company to ship up to 4800 people a year on a "navio de permiso." Relations between these countries were damaged by privateers like John Hawkins raiding commercial ships in the West Indies, and by an attack on the captain of the Rebecca which set off a conflict concurrent to the War of Austrian Succession. One war between these countries involved a giant fleet of ships sinking in a storm in 1588. For 10 points, name these countries that fought the War of Jenkins' Ear and signed the Asiento, which were briefly allied through the marriage of Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon.

ANSWER: England and Spain

12. One character on this show refers to the antagonists as “pigs,” who in turn refer to him as a “cockroach.” That character is also seen emerging from under a doghouse, with a dog inside, in the opening credits and is Lebeau. General Burkhalter constantly threatens one man with being sent to the Russian Front but never does because that man has a perfect record as commandant of preventing escapes. One character on this show consistently proclaims that “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing” while ignoring the hijinks of the titular group. For ten points, name this late 1960s show starring Werner Klemperer at Colonel Klink, commander of Stalag 13, and Bob Crane as the title American Colonel.

ANSWER: Hogan’s Heroes

13. Many of this territory’s inhabitants speak Yanito, a language influenced by, among others, Hebrew and Genoese. This newest member of UEFA is the home of Europe’s only wild monkeys, whose extinction will legendarily cause this territory’s owner to lose possession of it. This territory’s name is derived from the Arabic Jabal Tariq, in honour of one conqueror of this territory. This territory’s airport runway crosses Winston Churchill Avenue. Located on the east side of the Bay of Algeciras, it is due south of the city of La Línea. For ten points, name this British territory, one of the Pillars of Hercules, located on a namesake straight connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

ANSWER: Gibraltar

14. One writer from this country described "historical positivism" in "History as Thought and Action.” Another writer from here saw religion, marriage, and burial as the three principles of history and proposed an "imaginative universal" in claiming that social science and history were converging to form the discipline "humanity." Society went from a "bestial stage" to an "age of men," according to that philosopher from this non-UK country, which also produced an archbishop of Canterbury considered the father of scholasticism. The founder of the journal La Critica who formulated a “Philosophy of Spirit” is from this country, as is the author of New Science and the first formulator of an ontological proof. For ten points, name this home country of Saint Anselm, Benedetto Croce, and GiambattistaVico.

ANSWER: Italy [or the Italian Republic or RepubblicaItalia]

15. A blood-filled bathtub in the Vincent Price horror film The Tingler has this property, a consequence of an LSD trip by one of the characters. The title object in the 1945 version of The Picture of Dorian Gray has this property to scare the audience. A 2005 release of Battleship Potemkin restores Sergei Eisenstein's efforts to give this effect to a (*) flag, and some versions of 1903's The Great Train Robbery include a dress with this property in a few frames. A more recent example of this effect is used to show characters that are liberated from strict '50s morals in Pleasantville. Often achieved by tinting by hand directly onto the film, for ten points, name this visual effect notably used for a girl's coat in Schindler's List.

ANSWER: colour in a black and whitescene [accept equivalents; accept “tinted” until “Pleasantville”; prompt on “colour”]

16. This game’s halftime score of 3-3 was the first time the Super Bowl was tied at the half. Rookie Bill Rowmanowski intercepted a pass that led to a Mike Cofer field goal, which was immediately answered by a 93 yard kick-off return by Stanford Jennings. This game’s losers took a late lead on a Jim Breech field goal, but with 34 seconds left, John Taylor caught the winning touchdown. The winning team became the first NFC team to win three Super Bowls, all of them in the 1980s. FTP, name this game, Bill Walsh’s last one as a coach, in which Jerry Rice caught a record 11 passess for 215 yards, leading San Francisco over the Cincinnati Bengals.

ANSWER: Super Bowl XXIII (23) [or 1989 Super Bowl]

17. In one scene in this novel, the protagonist buries love letters wrapped in oiled silk and an airtight bottle in a hole covered by a layer of slate, cement, black mold, and ivy, even then dreaming of their disturbance. Minor characters in this work include the headmistress Madame Beck and Paulina, a precocious child whom Hughes-Hallet argues is a “comment on the way women must deny their own maturity if they are to please the men who want them sweet and innocent.” The heroine fleeing unspecified tragedy settles in the titular fictional European city and encounters a love triangle with Dr John and Monsieur Paul. For ten points, name this follow-up to The Professor featuring Lucy Snowe, a possibly autobiographical work by Charlotte Brontë.

ANSWER: Villette

18. A team of eunuchs gets rich in this work off a generic prophecy about oxen yoked together, and an adulterer in this work claims to be inspecting a jar for purchase after he gets caught hiding inside the jar. This work’s protagonist is instructed to eat roses and hears a story about witches replacing Socrates’ heart with a sea-sponge. A woman in this work is carried away by Zephyr after ascending a mountain in funeral clothes and is tasked with borrowing from the beauty of Proserpina after breaking a rule against looking at her husband. This work ends with the hero being cured and joining the cult of Isis. Including the story of Cupid and Psyche and centered around the botched transfiguration of the character Lucius, for ten points, name this picaresque by Lucius Apuleius about a man who turns himself into a donkey.

ANSWER: The Golden Ass [or the Metamorphosesby Apuleius; prompt on just “Metamorphoses” until Apuleius is mentioned]

19. This person's accomplishments include founding the cities Tobolsk and Saratov and exiling part of a cathedral bell to Siberia. When the Treaty of Plussa ran out, this leader re-invaded Swedish Livonia. After the death of Nikita Romanovich, this brother of Irina became sole regent for Irina's husband. This leader was protested in Uglich, and he appointed VasiliShuiski to investigate a death. This tsar exiled all the Romanovs and was rumoured to have ordered the murder of a previous tsar's son. For ten points, name this one-time oprichnik who fathered Feodor II and and contended with a false Dmitri, a tsar who rose to power by serving Ivan the Terrible.

ANSWER: Boris Godunov [prompt on partial; accept Feodor I before "cathedral bell"]

20. It defines myth as a “narrative of events which are to the native supernatural, in this sense, that he knows well that today they do not happen,” while it draws a distinction between “between the crude native statement and its explicit, ethnographic presentation.”Its opening chapter aims for understanding “the native's vision of his world.” Specific topics of this anthropological text, which argues that the Oedipus complex is not universal, include the sharing of food in the mwalolo ceremony, the building and sailing of canoes, and the Kula Ring Exchange. For ten points, name this first book written while engaging in participant observation on the Trobriand Islanders, an antecedent to Coral Gardens and Their Magic by Bronislaw Malinowski.

ANSWER:Argonauts of the Western Pacific

TB1. In one of this man’s works, he stored catfish in a toilet bowl overnight, scaring his grandmother. His service with the Second Battalion of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment during the Second World War served as the basis for his second work entitled The Regiment. In one of his novels, he is chased by Eskimos who think he is crazy for being naked and then he befriends Uncle Albert, George and Angeline while trying to collect data on wolves. Another of his works follows Jamie and the Cree boy Awasin who become lost after visiting starving Chipewyans, that work is followed by The Curse of the Viking Grave. For 10 points, name this Canadian author of Never Cry Wolf and Lost in the Barrens.

ANSWER: Farley Mowat

TB2. This character's sister is played by Eisa Davis, and he advises Sydnor to take off his wedding ring and run his shoes through some broken glass. In one storyline, this character tricks Herc into stopping and searching a priest, and after getting dragged to a kids' soccer game in the suburbs, this character comments, "Thin line between heaven and here." This character eventually sells newspapers and works in a soup kitchen, and in other episodes, he makes counterfeit money with Johnny and tries to enroll Sherrod in school. With the real name Reginald Cousins, this character makes money by stealing copper, conducting "whitey sales," and selling tips to Kima and McNulty. For 10 points, name this police informant and addict played by Andre Royo on The Wire.