WPA General Monthly Meeting Minutes 12/7/15

WPA General Monthly Meeting Minutes 12/7/15

WPA General Monthly Meeting Minutes 12/7/15

Start time 7:32pm


Bob Boudreau

Jay McVey

Anthony Collet

Terri Neuner

Lisa Blando

Walter Rodriguez

Mory Thomas – 7:35pm Terri Neuner – Notice/ Jay McVey – 2nd

Nick Caballero

Erin Kumpf

Lisa Blando – Bob Boudreau – 7:39pm - Terri Neuner 2nd

Wendy Paul –

John Hanussak

Louis Fernandez

Federico Nealon

Officer Andrew LaBruno – JCPD

George Fujioka

Peter Basso

Joseph Branco

Euceph Brown

Beverly Brown

President/ Vice President’s Reports – Included below per meeting minutes

Treasure’s Report

Pending Account receivables

AIG 1,000
JC Dept of Health 850

Hudson County 1,409

JC Medical Center 1,000

County of Hudson 2,756

Bank account balance: $17,904.97

Reminded Wendy about the JC Medical center - she said she talked to them and we should get the money shortly - still not received as of today

Nick is following up on all the other A/R

I reminded all the trustees to pay the $120 annual fee by check.

Secretary’s Report


  • Central Ave Special Improvement District Trustee Meeting on 11/10 – 366 Central Ave.
  • Heights Coalition Meeting PS 28th 11/19
  • Working with newly appointed officers daily to drive overall WPA structure and forward motion of the organization.

-Movies in the Park

-542 Cambridge

Increase of murders on the other side of town. How will we ensure that we wont lose you? Mostly gang related. Most of our guns are bb guns.

More gang tags – More gang activities? – Email all tags. 520 Palisade – Gang tag

RRC – Traffic light Paterson Plank Webster – Moving forward

Garbage cans order for Congress and Webster

211 South Street Parking

Syringes – found – Palisade bench southwest corner – DPW

Homeless people in the parks – As it gets colder –

Mory – Move to Park committee

St. Joseph’s Home – Jersey City York Street Project – Organization – Potentially provide

Follow up with contact to review what they do. Toy Drive – Worked with fire department

Shelters -

  • St. Joseph’s Home – Jersey City’s York Street Project

Motion to Vote: Should the WPA support this program by helping St. Joseph's to exceed their expectations with the support, financially and/or physically, from the WPA. Financially, by writing a check for $1,000 (which would be about $32 per family) and by helping them throw a great party with a band or something for the kids? Yea/Nay

Should the WPA support 2 organizations for the holidays (or after) providing a total of $1000 ?

Perk – We have worked with PERK in the past??

St Joseph’s and one other organization TBD

** Jay to contact organizations for more information**

Great 9 votes for – Yea

Proposed Community Visioning Meeting – Central Ave - Keep an eye open and get involved!

-Beverly Gift cards - Information provided – Gift cards rules – Please be aware!!

-Small business resource event- Need to have a lot of people signed up

Luncheon – Access t credit for small businesses. 504 company – Provide information on micro lending and loans.

Mory – Amazon – WPA is set up as a – Prime membership – Smile program, Home page

Put on web site-

Keep JC Beautiful– City wide clean up day on Earth Day.

Parks Coalition

Green Acres Grant – Out to bid 1 year ago improvements to picnic area and some entrances to make ADA accessible –Major component to signage in Was

$372K originally – but lowest bid was $500K

Spoke w/ Phil Collins with the state – he said we need more money – Went for additional grant - $150K – Last year collecting $$ from different places – Unspent $$ with ball fields – Collins approved to move this $$ to Green acres in the amount of $90K – Matching funds – Union City is sitting on $200K to plant trees in Wash Park. (Landscaping) our bid specs also include – good to dovetail. A year later – County administrator – ok, agreement can be drawn – realization, the county has no clue what is going on with the project. At this point - We want it done. $100,000 open space grant approved. However the county advised that they entered $100,000 twice (by accident) We are not aware of the bank account – Ken Jennings, who had info on the bond for $300K –

We need to have the board’s approval a “talk” with the county – Acounty admin.

In addition, they are looking for other agreement – Escrow agreement statements monthly.

**Jay will provide peter names of contacts and dates to meet with the country.

Bigger Dig Update/ Fund Raiser

Limerman Gallery at NJCU – Awesome space – Great turn out $5K raised!

Cork Screw Event

Coats scarves donations please!

Christmas Songs and shows

5 Titos – 6 Bottles

Food for - 65 people

Donation Table – Coats or checks

No tickets needed

People will be provided free food and will pay for drinks

Donation – directly to church


  • 506-508 Central Ave. Above C-Town/ Central Proposed redevelopment

Motion to Vote: Do you oppose the current development plans for 506-508 Central Ave? Yea/Nay

Motion to postpose vote to email this week.

Motion to table – Terri Neuner – 2nd JMory Thomas

  • WP Live / O’Connell’s Run

Motion to Vote: Should the WPA participate with a reduced WP Live program on the 3rd Saturday of September 2016 with O’Connell’s Run? Yea/Nay

Motion to table – Mory Thomas – 2nd Jay McVey

Prepared statement needed – Template – Use the same as 52 Cambridge

Anthony Romano – Thank you to Wendy, Nick and Mory

Introduce Joe Branco 201-832-2266– 384 palisade -

All about downtown Sept 17th –

Hamilton BBQ – Sept 24th

Notice - County is planning series of meetings. Stay aware – County master plan – County parks included master plans!

Adjourn – 8:59pm Terri Neuner – 2nd Jay McVey