Wirral Community Repaint Newsletter Summer 2009

Wirral Community Repaint Newsletter Summer 2009

Wirral Community RePaint Newsletter Summer 2009

Our fame is spreading………..

In June this year I was the proud recipient of the “Keith Davidson Award” partly for my contribution to the environment of Wirral over the last 30 years and more specifically for setting up and running the Wirral branch of Community RePaint. A beautiful certificate now hangs in the office vestibule and the prize of £250 gave a welcome boost to the coffers!

Also in June we were given a grant by Riverside Housing sufficient to buy the two containers we use for the RePaint project outright, saving us almost £180 per month in rental.

It also meant that, as we now own them, we have been able to run lights into the working area, remove the rather industrial, almost military-looking, signs and lettering and replace with our own signs and the Riverside logo.

A picture paints a thousand words………

If you know of any groups or organisations in Wirral / Merseyside / Chester that would enjoy a slideshow telling them all about RePaint Wirral, please pass our details on to them.

It lasts about half-an-hour; I provide all the equipment – and maybe a few tester pots as free samples! Price £30. My home number is 0151 632 2047 for evening/weekend groups.

Cheap at half the price………..

- a saying I never did understand! – but after three years operation we now find that we are just too cheap! Please don’t panic – that’s my job, and I’m good at it!

  • For community groups the £50 subscription for paint is unchanged; the initial half-price subscription for new members (the £25 rate)is abolished.
  • For individuals in need, the paint will increase from 50p per litre to 99p per litre.
  • For everyone the wallpaper goes down from £1 per roll to 99p (well, every penny helps!)

These changes will take effect on Monday 7th September.

Time marches on…………

As many of you know my summer “holiday” was nothing short of disastrous, so I’m planning to having a mini-break at half-term;


Back to “normal” on Friday 30th October EXCEPT that is the date we start our Winter hours, i.e. 1pm-4pm, as the clocks will have gone back (WHY can’t we leave well alone?!)

That’s all folks……….but please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Jim O’Neil