Who's My Councillor D02659h

Who's My Councillor D02659h

Who’s my councillor?

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Your mum is concerned about rising crime levels, your sister wants to complain about the amount of dog muck on the pavement, your dad wants more money put into the motorways and your auntie feels strongly about equal pay for women. Who are the people that will listen and act on your concerns?


Create a display in Word® or PowerPoint® to show a map of your house and surrounding area, with the names and details (even photos) of all your councillors. An example is given for you, but you may decide to do yours differently from this.

To use

Enter the site and type in the name of your local authority (your teacher will tell you the name of your local authority if you are not sure what it is).

Click Go. On the next screen type in your postcode. The large map will show your actual house and street.

Now click on the buttons to the left to find your Euro region, Assembly region (if Scotland orWales), constituency, ward (or electoral division if in Wales or Isle of Wight), and parish.

Refresh the map.

You can now copy and paste this map into your document.

Who are your councillors?

You can find out who your councillors are by using a search engine to find the website of your local authority. Or you can find their website on should tell you:

  • Your Euro MP or MEP (if not find at These people look after your interests at a European level in Brussels.
  • It should also tell you the name ofyour MP for your constituency who looks after you at a British level in the Houses of Parliament, Westminster (if not look at
  • It will tell you who your local councillors are, who preside over your ward (or electoral division) and are concerned with local issues.

  • If you live in Scotland or Wales you can find your Assembly Member, who is concerned with your interests in the Welsh Assembly (Cardiff), or your MSP in the Scottish Assembly (Edinburgh). You can find them on or or
  • It is more difficult to find information about parish councillors online. Parish councillors look at concerns in a small area, possibly only a few streets. Perhaps you know one of these people personally.

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