What Is Noodletools?

What Is Noodletools?


  1. What is NoodleTools?
  2. Create a STUDENT account.
  3. In NAL, go to Library Resources and click on NoodleTools or go to Noodletools.com—you should be authenticated at school.
  4. Click Create a Personal ID
  5. Select Subscription Type: An account linked to a school/library subscription or trial
  6. Click Register

New User Registration

Please enter your library/school subscription or trial login below to register as a new user. If you do not know it, you will need to contact your librarian or teacher to ask for the login information.



  • Select Student
  • Select Istrouma High School
  • Fill out information for password retrieval and then click Register

  1. Sign in and create a list

  • Select citation list style
  • Describe your list—ex:HSIMT Practice list
  • Click create list

IIIYou will create 3 citations

  1. 1 book
  2. 1 reference book (physical book Print--An encyclopedia--A single article or entry)
  3. 1 online resource (use ABC-CLIO—either American History or World Geography, this will also be a reference source)
  1. Book
  2. Select source type book
  3. Click create citation
  4. Select publication medium of this source
  5. Content of the book are you citing
  6. Fill in basic information.

(Note that you have HELP along the way!)

  • Check for errors
  • Generate citation
  1. Encyclopedia
  2. Select source type reference --physical book Print--An encyclopedia--A single article or entry
  3. Click create citation
  4. Fill in basic information.
  5. Check for errors
  6. Generate citation
  1. Online Resource ABC-CLIO
  • Select source type reference
  • Reference Database from Publisher.
  • Select Subscription
  • In the Subscription Database Wizard--To enter the database information manually, click here.
  • Save your article or keep it open, you will need it later.
  1. Share your works cited list
  • Put YOUR name
  • Class Name isHSIMT
  1. Go to NOTECARDS
  • Create a cluster
  • Select “New Notecard”
  • Fill out identifying sections of the card (Title of card ex Roosevelt’s childhood)
  • Copy or type your DirectQuote
  • Paraphrase your quote
  • Fill in “My Ideas”
  • Create notecard
  • Edit card and adda “Tag”
  1. Let’s look at what the teacher sees!Teacher can
  • Look at citation
  • Send a comment (also edit and delete comment)
  • Ask an expert
  • Look at notecards
  1. Look at student’s account again to see comment
  • Look at options
  • Print—go through all of the settings and then save as .rtf
  • E-mail
  • Analysis
  1. Set Up Your TEACHER Account
  • Open another occurrence of NoodleTools
  • If asked for: use:

School/LibraryUsername: ebrstudent

School/LibraryPassword: research

  • Go through registration process as a teacher/librarian
  • Username must be a unique name across the country. May want to use your EBRPSS email address
  • Password—something you will remember! Be consistent, maybe your email password or employee number.
  • Log in
  • Click Sharing Set Up
  • Fill in how you want your students to address you
  • Create a new class name, click add class name. Class name must be UNIQUE. Make a sample class to use today.
  • Class name is where you tell your students to share their work.
  • Share your student bibliography and notecards with your teacher account
  • Work with a partner—share your student list with your partner’s teacher account

Brings you HOME

  1. Explore Teacher Resources
  • Take a tour
  • User’s Guide
  • PowerPoints will be posted on Blackboard (1 for staff, 2 for students)
  • Presentation on plagiarism, etc.
  • Information LiteracyUnder 21st Century literacies:

Instructional Technology112/27/2018