What Does Your Leadership Style Communicate to Others?

What Does Your Leadership Style Communicate to Others?

Reflection Questions

Assignment:Your assignment is to answer the following questions using complete sentences. You must work with other members in your team, but this is an individual assignment and each student must make an individual submission. The format required is: 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1” margin on all sides.


What does your leadership style communicate to others?

What is it saying about you?

Are these the messages you want to convey?

How do I define effective communication?

How well do I communicate?

What barriers prevent me from communicating with others?

Knowledge and Awareness

How does knowing about issues around social justice relate to your ability to be a strong leader?

Values, Morals, and Ethics in Leadership

Can you think of a situation in which you had to take a stance on a value that was important to you, or where you displayed behavior that could serve as a model for others to emulate?

Working with Others

Looking back at the past semester, what attitudes have you consciously chosen?

How has this affected your interactions with others?

Your ability to be an effective leader?

What does being a good follower mean to you?

What does it mean to be a team player?

Do you fit your own definition?

What was the best group, team, or committee experience you ever had?

What made this experience so positive?

How would you incorporate into teams of which you are a part?

Your Image and Influence on Others

What does your “exterior self” project to others?

Is your exterior self accurate? Why or why not?

Think about something you do with drive, effort, and intensity. Do you see ways in which you could influence others to take the same approach with respect to their college experience or personal life?

What negative or disruptive behaviors have you seen individuals display in groups?

What have you seen group leaders do to handle these behaviors in effective ways, which you might be able to adopt or adapt for the group(s) you’ll be leading?

Your Personal Leadership Style

What gifts and talents do you bring to your role as leader?

List seven words that describe how you see yourself.

List seven words that describe how others see you. Are there any differences? If so, what are they? Why do they exist?

What are a few tangible ways you can lead by example?

Reflecting on any leadership experiences you’ve had up to now:

  • What would you say have been your leadership strengths?
  • What positive effect(s) have your leadership strengths had on your peers?
  • What could you do to further increase or maximize your strengths?
  • What would you say are leadership areas in which you need to improve?
  • What could you do to minimize your weaknesses or improve them?
  • If you do make improvements in these areas, what positive effect(s) on your peers are likely to take place as a result of your improvement?