Welcome Back 7/8A

Welcome Back 7/8A

Welcome Back 7/8A

Harvard Hail Storm

Curriculum Night is scheduled for the evening of August 3rd at 5:30. We would love to have you come and hear about the upcoming year. A schedule will be sent home with your child closer to the date. Hope to see you then!

We would like to welcome all of you to Santan Junior High’s 2016-2017 school year. Hopefully this letter will address some basic information that students and parents/guardians will need to know to get started.


Assignments/Absences: Daily assignments are given by most teachers on the team and are due the next day unless otherwise specified. These assignments will be written in an agenda that each student receives from SJHS. When a student is absent, district policy allows them one day for each day missed, to complete the work. However, students should see the teacher to set up a plan for completion of missing work and check Infinite Campus for the missing assignments.

If a student will be missing because of a field trip or personal trip, they are responsible to check with the teacher about assignments before leaving. Those assignments are due upon their return to school. Please notify teachers if your child will be out for an extended period of time.

Grading: Santan uses a percentage based grading system. Each teacher may weigh grades differently, but in the end an A is 90-100%. Grades can be accessed from Infinite Campus, which has phone apps available for ease of use. We ask that students and parents review grades at least once a week, and record them in the agenda, along with a parent signature, due every Friday.

Behavior: Discipline for 7/8A follows the rules established by Santan Junior High which are listed in the student agenda. Students not following rules will be sent to the Reflection Room to plan a better strategy prior to their return to class. Parents will be notified by email or by phone call and need to sign the Reflection form. Parents and students are expected to read over these expectations in the student agenda and sign the forms within the agenda (pages 3, 32) which will be returned to the homeroom teacher (3rd period) by Friday.

TIPS FOR SUCCESS: 7/8A teachers will work with students in the organization of material, assignments, and due dates. Students will have a binder with dividers or folders for each class. They will be given an agenda/planner to help them record dates and assignments. IT IS VITAL THAT EACH STUDENT USE THESE TOOLS.

Student Responsibility: Fill out agenda each day with assignments and due dates for each assignment given. This is on each teacher’s boards. Students should take the agenda home and read over it each night, completing unfinished daily work and homework. Unfinished class work is due the next day, unless the teacher indicates otherwise. Students should not wait until the night before to complete long-term assignments. Most long-term assignments are turned in in increments, to receive feedback and prevent procrastination. Assignments are accepted early by your teachers.

Parents: Please check the agenda for proper use and recording of current grades for the week and sign it on Thursday evening. This is a 7/8A expectation and will be checked each week by an assigned teacher. Using the agenda can help promote discussion with your child about what is going on at school. Also, please check Infinite Campus for grades, upcoming tests and assignment completion.

The Santan website cusd80.com/sjhs is another great place to find information about activities and school functions that your child may not share with you. Our team, 7/8A and each teacher has a website that you can reach through the Santan site. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are in need of any assistance.

Teachers: We will check the agenda to make sure your child is using it properly. One teacher will also verify parents’ signatures on each Friday and assign points in the grade book. 7/8A teachers will contact parents regarding behavioral or academic problems that may be encountered during the year. However, we discuss these issues with your child initially to try to find a solution and help with their personal accountability.

We provide tutoring before school at a variety of times throughout the week. This time can be used to make up work, tests, or get help on an assignment that is not understood. Tutoring begins in two weeks and a schedule will be sent home with each child and posted on our team website. cusd80.com/sjhs78a

Technology: Santan Jr. High has Wi-Fi Internet connection. This will enable your child to use their own technology within classrooms, at teacher and parent discretion. Please read the section on technology (page 31-32) in the student agenda and the sign and return that agreement page, so that you are familiar with CUSD technology policies.

With teacher permission, a phone may be used for instructional purposes, along with tablets or laptop computers brought from home However, a student using a phone in class will result in the phone being taken by the teacher and sent to the office. Inappropriate use of technology can result in the loss of this privilege and the school is not liable for lost or damaged technology.

You can contact us by phone or email:

Sandy Bales
(7/8 Social Studies) / 883-4665 /
Sarah Winzeler (Algebra/Geometry Algebra 2) / 883-4664 /
Rhea Steyer (7/8 Language Arts) / 883-4669 /
Kristina Plona
(7th/8th Science) / 883-4662 /

Recommended CATS SUPPLY LIST: Please bring by Monday, August 1

Math (all classes) / 1 Composition notebook and a pocket folder with brads
Graphing calculator strongly recommended**
Geometry only / Compass and protractor
Science / 2 Composition notebooks, pocket folder w/brads, ½” 3-ring binder
Social Studies / 1 Pocket folder with brads
2 Composition notebooks
Language Arts /
  • USB flash drive
  • 1 composition notebook (college ruled)

Additional items /
  • two packages of filler paper (college-ruled)
  • 3-4 multi-colored highlighters
  • blue/black pens and pencils and a pencil sharpener,
  • ruler
  • colored pencils or markers
  • glue stick

**All students are encouraged to purchase a graphing calculator. It is a significant investment that students will use throughout junior high, high school, and college. Students are also able to use them for standardized testing and some in-class math assessments. Chandler high schools currently recommend the TI-84 Plus (though several students use other TI models without a problem).

Currently, our team has very few graphing calculators that students may borrow in class. We would like to raise enough tax credit money to purchase a class set. Please contact me if you would like to utilize your tax credit to help with this endeavor.


Donations accepted by all classrooms

  • Expo Dry erase markers
  • Tissues (all classes need….many!!)
  • AAA batteries (math)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lined Notebook Paper/pencils
  • Used books/magazines
  • Individually wrapped candy (prizes)

Since you may have many documents to sign and read over the next few days, we wanted to simplify some of it by placing important team information in one letter. Please include your phone number and an email address that is best to access you in the future. It is vital that we stay in contact to ensure your child’s success.


Sarah Winzeler Sandy Bales Rhea Steyer Kristina Plona

Parent signature:______

Student name:______

Name / Phone / Email

Parent Quick Check List

  1. Obtain school supplies or advise teachers if that is not possible
  1. Explore the Santan Jr. High website
  1. Read over the rules in your child’s agenda and sign pages 3 and 32, to be returned by Friday, July 29th to homeroom teacher (3rd per.)
  1. School pictures are being taken Wednesday, Aug. 3rd. Look for picture information.
  1. Complete health card, sign and return to 3rd period teacher.
  1. Read and complete this packet. Return the last page to Mrs. Bales (social studies) so that she can update email addresses and make contact groups.