We Hope You Will Consider Being Part of This Amazing Fundraiser Again This Year

We Hope You Will Consider Being Part of This Amazing Fundraiser Again This Year

June 6th, 2015 marks the date for the 4th Annual Capital One Race for Kids. The Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs along with 31 other Boys and Girls Clubs in Canada are excited to host this event once again and are seeking the support of community partners like you.

It’s not a run. It’s not a walk. It’s something different.Capital One Race for Kids is something that embraces the very essence of being a kid.It’s a scavenger hunt; An adventure race. A kid-themed event that brings out the fun and childhood roots inside all of usadults. Teams of four will race around our community taking part in fun and exciting checkpoint activities as they collect clues to determine the final puzzle before crossing the finish line. When Grown-Ups Play….Kids Win!

Each year the event is bigger and better and the exposure becomes greater. Last year we had over 200 people directly involved in the race who were out in the community visiting parks, businesses and locations where the community’s interest was piqued. Our goal is to continue to increase public awareness related to Boys and Girls Club, the event and sponsors of the event.

We hope you will consider being part of this amazing fundraiser again this year.

Consider the benefits…..

  • Enhancing Image/Shaping Consumer Attitudes
  • Creating positive publicity/heightening visibility and driving sales due to increased exposure
  • Teambuilding for those companies that choose to participate
  • Sense of Purpose – this may not seem like something that affects your bottom line but there is something to be said for individuals and organizations doing something meaningful.

The funds raised from Capital One Race for Kidswill directly benefit children, youth and families in our community. This year all proceeds will go towards our……

  • Shelter for At Risk Youth Living on the Street – give a youth a chance to sleep in a warm bed, have a nutritional meal while being counseled and supported around other alternative for living a healthier lifestyle
  • Anti BullyingPrograms – with your support we can continue to develop programs and services that help children and youth build self-esteem, learn empathy and understand that everyone belongs
  • Kids Sponsorship Program - help give needy children and youth a chance to participate in a recreation program, day camp, or overnight camp experience who might not otherwise have a chance without the financial support.

Take Advantage of a terrific exposure opportunity for your businessby participating as a sponsor for Capital One Race for Kids. This event will be an excellent opportunity for you to reach the local community, while you are donating to a great cause. All sponsorship dollars are charitable contributions to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs. Your support helps change the lives of the children, youth and families in our community.

For more information on the Capital One Race for Kidsevent please contact Richelle Leckey at 250-762-3914 or by email at .

LISTING / Presenting Sponsor
$5,000* / Gold Sponsor
$2,500* / Silver Sponsor
$1000* / Bronze
Exclusivity – all communication will be
Capital One Race for Kids – Presented in Kelowna by (insert company name) / 
PSA’s (Radio, Print) / 
Primary Announcement Spot at Opening and Closing of Event / 
Letterhead and Email /  / 
Event Poster /  / 
Corporate mascot, tent and/ or on-site vehicle /  / 
Checkpoint Sponsor Board (visible at one of 10 checkpoints) /  / 
Race of Kids & OBGC Local Website /  /  / 
Recognition on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) from March-June / 25 posts / 10 posts / 5 posts
Opportunity for on-site promotion & sampling /  /  / 
Post Event Thank You on Website /  /  /  / 
Race Kits /  /  /  / 
Listing in Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Annual Report /  /  /  / 
Sponsor Banner at Start and Finish / 
Large Logo on Top of banner / 
Medium Size Logo / 
Small Size Logo / 
Company Name listed as text

*Value levels can be a combination of both cash sponsorship as well as in-kind totaling the Sponsorship level

Capital One Race for Kids

Sponsorship Registration Form

Company Name: ______

Address: ______

City, Province, Postal Code: ______

Contact: ______

Email: ______

Phone: ______Work ______Cell

Sponsorship Level: (Circle appropriate sponsorship level)

  • Presenting Sponsor - $5000 ((can include some portion of $$ and in-kind donation)
  • Gold Sponsorship - $2,500 (can include some portion of $$ and in-kind donation)
  • Silver Sponsorship - $1,000 (can include some portion of $$ and in-kind donation)
  • Bronze Sponsorship - $500

Terms and Conditions:

The organizers retain the right to modify the involvement of products or companies wishing to become a sponsor of the Capital One Race for Kids.

Goods and services will only be valued at retail worth if they are items that replace a line item in our operating budget. If the goods and/or services provided by your company are not items that the event is currently purchasing for use in producing the event, the value that will count towards your sponsorship level must be negotiated.

Total Due: ______Signed By: ______

  • Payment by Cheque
  • Payment by Credit Card

Type:Visa MC

CC #______Expiry ______

SIC ______

Name on Card: ______

Signature: ______

Deadline to be included on event posters is February 28, 2015.

Please make cheque payable to: OkanaganBoys and Girls Clubs

Mail to:

PO Box 20222Fax: 250-762-6562

Kelowna, BC

V1Y 9H2

Attention: Richelle Leckey