Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Volunteer Position Description

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Volunteer Position Description

Western Carolina Chapter

Department: Volunteer

Position Title: Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Key Responsibilities: Assist the Program Volunteer Manager the recruitment, retention and recognition of Chapter volunteers for programs, events and office.

  Assist with community development to recruit new groups and individuals to participate in the volunteer activities of the Chapter.

  Assist with the supervision of office volunteers and their assigned projects.

  Assist with prioritizing, preparing, and organizing jobs for volunteer staff.

  Use online tools and community based contacts to recruit event, programs and office volunteers

  Manage communication with volunteers

  Assist in drafting job descriptions and training volunteers

  Use Association tools, Convio & CRM, to track and report volunteer service

Initial Impact: The Volunteer Engagement Coordinator will play a vital role in recruiting and managing event, program and office volunteers. Volunteers provide the resources of time, talent and energy to accomplish the Society’s mission and enable the Chapter to raise funds to support the mission. As a volunteer, the coordinator will expand the Chapter’s capacity and provide critical support to Chapter staff.

Sustainable/Long Term Outcome: The Volunteer Engagement Coordinator will help in fulfilling the Association’s vision of a world without Alzheimer’s.

Training and Support: The Volunteer Engagement Coordinator will receive an initial orientation and in-depth training in the following:

  New Volunteer training

  Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Customer Service

  Association Enterprise Database systems including Convio & CRM

  Use of Volunteer Match and other online resources

Qualifications: The Volunteer Engagement Coordinator should be:

  Enthusiastic about the Vision and Mission

  Comfortable speaking with others about Alzheimer’s

  Proficient in Microsoft Office and other computer technology

  Interested in providing good customer service

  Desire to use skills and expertise to make an impact

Commitment: Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hours are flexible, but prefer a commitment of 4 hours (average) per week.


  Develop practical and effective skill sets

  Opportunity to enhance resumes and acquire a future reference

  Opportunity to work with great volunteers and other professionals

  Be part of a community who is fulfilling the vision of a world without Alzheimer’s


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