Vol.26 Issue 1 January 2016 R Eport- Published 1/29 /2016

Vol.26 Issue 1 January 2016 R Eport- Published 1/29 /2016


“The Scoop”

Vol.26 Issue 1 January 2016 Report- published 1/29 /2016

The Newsletter of Bantam Detachment #743, Marine Corps League, Butler, PA COMMANDANT DONALD “BEN” CYPHER


EDITOR (Diane Dubyak):

Editor E-Mail ( ). Phone ( H ) 724-287-1213105 Carlynn Drive, Renfrew, PA16053

We continue updating the Email listings as well the mailing addresses and phone numbers of all members. PLEASE NOTIFY ME OF ANY CHANGES IN ADDRESSES OR PHONE NUMBERS. Also, if you know of anybody who has not received the "Scoop" please contact me.


The next Detachment breakfast is scheduled forWEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2016followed by the next breakfast on WEDNESDAY MARCH 9, 2016 at King's Restaurant in Butlerat 08:00.EVERYBODY WELCOME – come and join in forcomradery.

The next VAVS Bingo Party is scheduled for Thursday FEBUARY 11, 2016, followed once more on Thursday MARCH 10, 2016 at 14:00Hrs.


The next DetachmentMeetingis scheduled for FEBRUARY 23, 2016 at 1930 Hoursfollowed once more on MARCH 22, 2016.Detachment Meetings are held at the American Legion Post #117, Butler, PA.on the fourth Tuesday of every month. The building is wheel chair accessible. Join Your Fellow Marines For An Evening of Brotherhood !

In this Issue

Upcoming Events

Detachment Officers and Committee Members

Commandants Report

Meeting Minutes

Devil Dog Notice

Editors Comments


Commandant: Ben Cypher 724-352-4100

Sr. Vice Commandant: Ronald Marak724-679-2635

Jr. Vice Commandant: Walt Skibicki724-283-4407

Judge Advocate:Donald Paserba724-285-8242


Adjutant: Jerry Puff724-586-2441

Paymaster: James McMullen 724-256-9880

Chaplain:Carl "Skip" Hesidenz 724-283-1964

Sgt at Arms:Floyd Neigh724-287-3647

Jr. Past Commandant: Stanley Schubert724-282-0341

Color Guard Commander: Scott “Mac” McNeil724-526-6695

Firing Detail Commander: Bob Maranche724-865-9852

Historian: Donald Paserba724-285-8242

USMC Ball Chairman:Mary Lou Cypher724-352-4100

Floyd Neigh724-287-3647

Newsletter Editor:Diane Dubyak724-287-1213

Quartermaster:OPEN AT THIS TIME

Scholarship Chairman:Ron Marak 724-637-3776

Awards Chairman: John Moore724-283-7586

Toys-for-Tots Coordinator:Dennis Johnston 724-285-5696

VAVS Deputy Chairman:John Moore 724-283-7586

VAVS Deputy Chairman:Audrey Moore724-283-7586

Web Sgt.:Ron Ekas724-360-0027

Uniform Chairman:OPEN AT THIS TIME

Legislative Chairman:Matthew Protzman724-283-7149

Americanism Chairman:OPEN AT THIS TIME

Detachment Rifle Chairman:Carmen Muti412-585-2175

Boy Scout Chairman:Walt Skibicki724-283-4407


Audit Committee

Chairperson:Don Paserba724-285-8242

Member:Ron Marak724-637-3776


Following the Swearing In Duties of the new officers for 2016. by Brian Natali (one of our members) and now the Jr. Vice Commandant, PA. Department of the Marine Corp League I thanked the new Jr. Past Commandant Stan Shubert and the Past Paymaster Duke Snyder for their dedicated work and efforts related to the to this detachment and the membership for having the faith and confidence in me to be you Commandant for 2016.

As your new Commandant I felt it necessary to highlight several things for the coming year, as follows.

1. As the Commandant I see myself as a communicator, and at times a moderator, a trainer of others to replace those of us who will eventually move on, and not as a Dictator.

2. As the Commandant I will not vote on any issue, unless it is in the event of a tie vote, that is the duty of the membership.

3. In regards to our Detachment I have a very strong opinion that our committees are the heart of the organization. Strong Committees lead and guide an organization, along with leadership not afraid to make a decision.

4. Weak committees result in a so so organization. Very weak committees result in a Dictator leadership and as I have stated I am not a Dictator. I encourage and challenge the chairpersons of their respective committees to do their best to make that committee function as a committee and offer constructive information concerning that committee.

5. The list of committee chairs and members will be posted in the January issue of the Scoop. I would ask each chairperson to include and ask at least one (or more) member(s) to assist them in helping them to accomplish their task throughout the year. In doing so it will include more members in the operation of our detachment, make them feel as an integral part of the Detachment and I hope make our detachment stronger. I strongly encourage more member participation. As commandant it is not up to me to make every decision for every committee. Any major decisions should be presented at the general meeting to the membership, there it will be discussed and voted upon. However, as Commandant, I expect to be kept abreast of committee activity.

6. One important item please - prior to communicating with outside vendors, officials, businesses, etc.,especially on Detachment Letterhead, keep in mind you are representing the Detachment not your personal affiliations or reflections

7. It goes without saying should you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact me at your convenience. In the event I am not available, you may leave your name, phone number and a brief message if you wish and I will return your call. You can also text or email ASAP. My contact information is as follows; Donald "Ben" Cypher, PO Box 804, Saxonburg, PA 16056. (H#) 724-352-4100 (C#) 724-316-1533. Email: .

8. Another point of information, in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department and the National Marine Corps League, I am naming and reinstituting the Detachment Board of Trustees (which technically has always been there, but not active). The Board will consist of the following;

Commandant Sr. Vice Commandant Jr. Vice Commandant Jr. Past Commandant Judge Advocate Adjutant Paymaster

Sgt-At-Arms (to keep us in line)

Chaplin (to Bless Us!)

The Board will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss our progress and to discuss any issues confronting the Detachment and will be reported on at the general meetings. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR this detachment is not a clique. Anyone interested in attending the quarterly board meeting is welcome. If they merely wish to attend and observe that is fine. If they wish to speak or present an issue please let me know prior to the meeting. The time, place and date of the meeting will be announced in the "Scoop", at the regular meeting prior to the meeting date, by the "NOW HEAR THIS" announcement on e-mail and the Web site.

9. Last but not least--We have reached a crossroads regarding a building to house the Toys for Tots equipment and distribution center. You will hear more about this at the February Meeting--THIS WILL BE A PRIORITY ISSUE FOR THIS DETACHMENT THIS COMMING YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!! A building committee chairman has been appointed - he is JR. Past Commandant Stanley (Stush) Schubert who has been active in the building research over the past 3 years.

In parting, once more I want to thank you all for your confidence in me and I look forward to being your Commandant and serving the Detachment.


Ben Cypher Commandant



Bantam Marine Detachment #743, Marine Corps League

Butler, Pennsylvania

Minutes of Regular meeting 26 January 2016


Opening Matters:

Commandant Stan Schubert called the regular meeting of the Bantam Marine Detachment # 743 to order at 19:30 in American Legion Post 117, Butler, Pennsylvania. Opening ceremonies were conducted by the Pledge of Allegiance and the playing of Anchors Away and the Marine Corps Hymn.

Attendance: (37) Floyd Neigh, Carmen Muti, Duke Snyder, Stan Schubert, Gustave Gunther, Dennis Johnston, Bob Maranche, Jim Mc Keag, Jim Mc Mullen, Rich Crotzer, Tom Brown, Joe Turba, Jerry Puff, Ron Marak, Shirley Schubert, Matthew Protzman, Emma Protzman, Larry Heade, Bill Emanuelson, Anna Emanuelson, Ray Atkinson, Ben Cypher, Mary Lou Cypher, Walt Skibicki, Darla Hepler, Don Paserba, Mary Paserba, Joe Gallino, Ronald Ekas, Leroy Bunyan, Bill McNutt, (?first name) Roe, Butch Gall, Sam Zurzolo, Diane Dubyak, John Moore, Pa. Dept. of State Jr. Vice Commandant Brian Natali

Roll Call of Officers: Jr. Past Commandant Swain absent. All other officers present.

Past Commandants in Attendance: Larry Heade, Duke Snyder, John Moore present.

Paymaster McMullen: Reported the financial statues at the end of December 2015. Motion, to accept as presented, by Marine Cypher, Motion seconded by Marine Skibicki. Motion carried. There were no requests for new memberships at this time but one application was taken for consideration.

Approval 24 November Meeting Minutes: Motion to accept as presented made by Marine Heade. Motion seconded by Marine Skibicki. Motion carried.

Members sick or distressed: Hal Foss breathing seems to be worsening. He would appreciate phone calls from members. Rodney Spencer back to taking daily medicine after doctors tried to limit his intake previously.

Commandant Schubert Report: 1) Congratulations to Associate Member Crotzer for his WWII Jeep making the calendar for June 2016 Butler County Historical Society. 2) Reported on details of the 2016 1,000 Veteran March planned for 1830 hours Tuesday, 14 June, Flag Day Parade in Butler. We need to get maximum number of vets signed up. If unable to march, transportation will be provided. If transportation is needed,to sign up see an officer. Fee is $10 (fee to support Butler County Veterans in Need Program) and includes T-shirt by branch of service and packet. Signers need DD 214, proper PA veteran driver’s license, or VA card. See officers for further details. Legion Post 117 will pay veterans’ sign up fees. Will check if same at Legion 778. 3) Color Guard was outstanding at the Veterans Court Recognition 20 January and feedback from those present was good. 4) Color Guard and Firing Detail also outstanding at Marine funeral in Prospect 26 January. 5) Asked for moment of silence for 10 Marines killed in training exercise in Hawaii. 6) The Detachment is on solid ground but support is needed from members.

Sr. Vice Commandant Cypher Report: No report at this time.

Jr. Vice Commandant Marak Report: Reported the dates secured to date for sale of Veteran and Youth tickets as follows: 8, 16, 22, 30 April and 5, 13, 28 May. Sales begin at 0900 and sites will be published in coming months. For those thinking of volunteering, raffle ticket sales are a lot of fun. It was reported that there is a conflict with Detachment involvement with Prospect Memorial Day Parade on 28 May but we managed in 2015 so we will manage it in 2016 with the help of more volunteers.

Judge Advocate Paserba Report: No report at this time.

Adjutant Puff Report: 1) Received mailing from Harsco Metals with four checks totaling $402 for Toys For Tots. 2) Obtained Detachment Small Games of Chance License from Butler County Treasurer for 2016 and distributed to officers for showing at ticket sales. Requested Dept. of Pa. SGOC license; also for showing at ticket sales. 3) Sent in 2016 application for renewal of Detachment Non Profit status. 4) Received notice of PA legislation, Schuster Bill, with regard to VA investigating and reporting the reasons that so many veterans cremains remain unburied in Pennsylvania. 5) Asked to report to members that the Bantam Marines have a brick at the MarineMuseum at Quantico for those taking September American Legion Riders bus trip if they want to look it up.

Jr. Past Commandant Swain Report: No report.

Chaplain Report: No report at this time.

Sergeant-At-Arms Neigh Report: No report.

Color Guard Commander McNeil Report: No report. Commandant Schubert thanked all that participated in this month’ requests for Color Guard.

Firing Detail Commander Maranche Report: 1) Thanked all that participated in all 2015 Firing Details and in 26 January funeral detail. 2) Reported on active duty Marine Rachel Scramowski; with Marine Guenther visited Rachel’s mother; Rachel is in a hospital Japan - broken hip, refused medical discharge, and reported to be coming home in February.

WEB Sergeant Ekas Report: No report.

Newsletter Editor Dubyak Report: Incoming Newsletter Editor will be Diane Dubyak. No report at this time.

Toys For Tots Chairman Johnston Report:Thanked all that participated in 2015 Toys For Tots Program.

1) 2015 After Action Report completed and turned in. 2) 2,900 kids received toys. 3) There were 200 volunteers during the last week before toy distribution. 4) It appears that due to the extra efforts by volunteers in blacking out bar and encryption codes on toys has stopped the action of toy receivers taking our toys to Walmart to return for gift cards. Walmart no longer accepts toys with codes blacked out. 5) Investigating a report that our distributed toys are being sold on Facebook.

Commandant Schubert called for a break in the proceedings at 2020 hours. Thank you Emma Protzman for this evenings excellent refreshments.

Marine Corps Ball Committee Report: Bill Emanuelson reported the final figures for the 2015 Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

VAVS Chairman Moore Report: 1) Received thank you letter from new VA Director Kord for Bantam Marine contribution of social hour and Bingo for residents. 2) Gave explanation or how volunteer hours are reported; what counts and what doesn’t and why it is important. 3) Detachment volunteer hours are slightly down in 2015 probably due to inability of two long time volunteers to no longer make it.

Awards Chairman Moore Report: No report.

Devil Dog Pound Keeper Moore Report: No report.

Rifle Committee Chairman Muti Report: No report.

Boy Scout Chairman Skibicki Report: 1) Awarded a Detachment Eagle Scout award in Cranberry. 2) Needed a volunteer for a February Eagle Scout award out of town and got said volunteer.

Scholarship Chairman Report: No report.

Audit Committee Chairman Paserba Report: Due to the transfer of Paymaster duties; an audit was requested. Chairman Paserba certified the exchange of Paymaster duties.

Historian Ekas Report: No report.

Quartermaster Report: At the present time there is no Quartermaster. Anyone wishing to assume the duty of Quartermaster, please indicate to incoming Commandant Cypher of this intention. Former Quartermaster reported that the National Ship Store in improving on line and orders can also be called in by members.

Legion Rider’s Report: Associate Bunyan reported 1) disfavor in Toys For Tots collections from medical end of the new Mario Lemiuex UPMC Medical facility. This center refused to take toy boxes but the skating rink center donated enough toys to fill his pickup. He may write a letter to the higher authorities at the Mario Lemieux/UPMC Center. 2) Plans are now in progress for the moving Vietnam Wall to Butler in 2017. Associate McNutt 1) Reported on the 2016 schedule for the bus trips for veterans and anyone interested in taking the rides needs to contact him with this intent. 2) Indicated that costs are rising rapidly for these trips.

Legislative/Americanism Committee Chairman Protzman Report: No report.

Uniform Committee Chairman Report: At this time there is no chairman. Anyone interested in assuming this chairmanship please contact incoming Commandant Cypher.

Missed Committee report: No report.

Comments from Associate Members: No report.

Any Old Business to report: Marine Moore made motion to present Legion Riders $1,000 check to help defray increased costs of September bus trips. Motion seconded by Marine Marak. Motion carried.

New Business to report: Dept. of PA Jr. Vice Commandant and Bantam Marine Brian Natali reported the following: 1) At the January Dept. of PA Staff meeting Bantam Marines were given awards for 100% membership held and over 100% membership maintained. 2) Persian War bonus to PA veterans was extended to 8/31/2018. 3) There is an effort to put pictures of all PA veterans on the Vietnam Wall. Currently there are 444 pictures of PA veterans missing including 118 Marines; several from ButlerCounty. Brian will send list of locals needing pictures so that they can be obtained. 4) At the June Dept. of PA Convention Jr. Vice Commandant and Bantam Marine Natali was named Marine of the Year and asked if the award could be displayed locally. Motion from Marine Snyder to accept this award for display. Motion seconded by Marine Moore. Motion carried.

Remarks for the good of the order: No further remarks.

Chaplain Hesidenz requested a moment of silence for Bantam Marines that passed away in 2015; Ernest Simmons – 10 June, Richard Spryn – 12 July, and Donald Enterline, Jr – 30 August. Rest in peace Marines.

Officer Installation Ceremony:

PA Jr. Vice Commandant Natali proceeded to swear in the 2016 Bantam Marine Detachment 743 Officers as follows:

Commandant – Ben Cypher

Sr. Vice Commandant – Ron Marak

Jr. Vice Commandant –Walt Skibicki

Judge Advocate – Don Paserba

Commandant Cypher reported his comprehensive plans for and expectations of the Detachment for 2016.

Sergeant-At-Arms declared Meeting of Bantam Marine Detachment #743 closed at 2130 hours.

Next meeting of Bantam Marine Detachment #743 is 23 February, 2015 at 7:30 PM.

Jerry Puff, Adjutant


Our last gathering of the Dog's was 21 January. We had an interesting Growl. The next Pound Growl will be 1130hrs. 21 April 2016 at the Tun Tavern room of the Saxonburg Hotel, SaxonburgPa. To be a DD You must be a very active regular member in your detachment & be invited. Please note as this MAY be your only warning, so mark your calendar.


J.A. Moore


1. Detachment Breakfast WednesdayFebruary 10, 2016.

2. VAVS Thursday February 11, 2016.


Vietnam 50th. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald has designated March 29, 2016 as the date for our nations’ Vietnam War Commemoration.

Comcast is holding an Open House in Pittsburgh, PA for all military veterans, active duty, Reservists & Guard and spouses or significant others of military members on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM at Comcast, 15 Summit Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15275. Come meet their recruiters and hiring managers. Interested candidates can pre-register by sending an email to NED . Provide your last name, first name, email address and telephone number as well as the name of any current Comcast employee who may have referred you. For more info go to comcastcareers.com – Military Open House.

Message from Legion Riders:

Well it is that time of year to start planning the Legion Riders annual bus trip. This year we are doing the three buses again but with a twist. One bus will go to the NavyMuseum in Buffalo, NY on August 27, 2016. The other two bus trips will be on September 10, 2016. One will go to the Army Museum in Carlisle, PA and the other one to the Marine Corp. Museum in Triangle, VA.These bus trips are open to all veterans. Each veteran can bring one companion. As always, we will be furnishing breakfast and dinner.All the money for these trips is raised by the American Legion Riders, American Legion Post 778, American Legion Post 117, VFW Post 249 and the Bantam Marines.To sign up for one of these trips call Bill McNutt at 724-285-6885 home or 724-9991-8500 cell.