Voegtlin ELD 33Rd Qrt 2017

Voegtlin ELD 33Rd Qrt 2017

Voegtlin ELD 33rd Qrt 2017

Name: ______Per: ___Score: /125 pts

3rd Qrt ORB Project Rubric & Scoring Guide

The project is to create a playlist for your ORB. If you read more than one book this quarter, you may choose which book to use for your project. For the auto-biography or biography you read, you will choose 6 songs that best interpret or represent each of the following six elements of a story and how they affect the subject (who the auto-bio or bio is about of the book: 1) time 2) place 3) conflict 4) climax 5) resolution 6) theme.

You will design an original CD cover (NOT a downloaded image of the book cover or film trailer) and create an original title (NOT the title of the book) that represents the Theme of your ORB. On the back of the CD cover, include the following information; Your name, Period; Author’s name (follow MLA:last name, first name); Book Title (italicized), Publisher; Where and When Published, Total # of pages. Inside your CD ‘case’ you will include a booklet of the lyrics for the songs you selected. Page 1 of your booklet is your play list. Each set of song lyrics should be on a separate page. Please make sure lyrics are appropriate for school; white out any that are not.

You will also submit to Turnitin.com a typed, essay following MLA format (12 pt font, dbl spaced, spell & grammar checked). The window for Turnitin will open at 3:00p.m. on 3/24 & close at 8:00am 3/27. If there are any issues with Turnitin, email me a copy of your essay no later than 8:00am, 3/27, or it will be marked late. Your essay must explain your musical interpretation of your book, including the significance of your cover design and CD title, and the connection between each song choice and the story element to which it relates. Projects are due on Monday, March 27 at the beginning of the period. Examples of student work from prior years will be displayed in class.

No late projects/essays will be accepted unless due to a verified, excused absence. Late work must be turned the first day you return to school.

/40 / A creative cover design and album title
/10 / In booklet: A list of songs and artists
/15 / In booklet: A copy of all song lyrics
/10 / Overall neatness / effort / creativity
/75 / Project Total:
/50 / Essay explaining 1) the cover and title & 2) each song and its connection to an element of the story
/125 / TOTAL

This scoring guide must be turned in at the beginning of class, Monday. 03/27. If you lose it, download a copy from Edlio. (5 pts will be deducted from essays/projects turned in without a Scoring Guide).

ELD 3 Essay Requirements:

In a well-organized essay, of approximately 3 pages, discuss the following elements of the autobiography or biography you chose for your ORB this quarter:

• subject of the auto-bio or bio: summarize the highlights—and low points—of the life of the individual about whom you read; explain how he or she (or they) changed or developed through the course of his/her (their) life experiences

• include a discussion of the main conflict he/she faced

• the climax, or most critical, life-changing moment in his/her life

• and the resolution

• explain how the time and place in which this individual lives/lived impacted his/her growth and development

• discuss the mood creates by the time and place(s) in which this person’s life story unfolds

• discuss the theme, or writer’s message, conveyed through the telling of this life story (for example; never give up no matter how difficult the journey)

• Support your discussion of the above elements of the story with at least 3 relevant direct quotations from the text.

• Use the italicized literary terms in your discussion and analysis.

Follow MLA:

• 12pt font, Times New Roman, double space throughout, indent 1st word in every paragraph

• Parenthetically cite the page number for each of your quotations: “……..” (89).

• NO DANGLING QUOTATIONS: embed the quoted text within a sentence that creates context


• Use 3rd Person POV; DO NOT use 1st Person POV

• Use the Present Tense in discussing literature

• Use ACTIVE VOICE/ACTIVE VERBS; avoid passive voice & cumbersome verbal phrases (ex: He has had a troubled past=NO; His troubled past=YES


• Submit your essay to Turnitin.com by 8:00am Monday, March 27, 2017.

ELD 3 Three Point Writing Rubric:

Score: 3(45-50 pts)The Essay ….

• Gives sufficient evidence of the ability to justify interpretations of information

• Include specific examples that make clear reference to the text

• Adequately supports examples with clearly relevant information from the text

• Closely follows MLA format (12 pt font, Times New Roman, or Ariel, dbl spaced)

Score: 2(35-44 pts)The Essay ….

• Gives limited evidence of the ability to justify interpretations of information

• Includes some examples that make clear reference to the text

• Supports examples with limited information from the text

• Does not fully respond to the prompt

• Partially follows MLA format (12 pt font, times New Roman or Ariel, dbl spaced)

Score: 1(25-34 pts)The Essay ….

• Provides almost no evidence of the ability to justify interpretations of information, includes no relevant information from the text, or is vague and/or off-topic

• Does not follow MLA format (12 pt font, Times New Roman or Ariel, dbl spaced)

/50 Points Possible

ELD 3 3rd Quarter ORB Permission Slip: Due Monday, February 6/20 pts

(10 pts if received after Feb 6; must be returned by March 27 or project & essay will not be accepted.)

I approve of my son’s/daughter’s choice of ORB.

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