Vocabulary Quiz - This Week

Monday - Pi Exploration Tasks (Use your pre-recorded data from Sir Cumference Task.

Pi Worksheet Feb 9th

Vocabulary Quiz - This Week

Vocabulary Study Sheet

Vocabulary Study Sheet

Study Guide and Answer Key

Benchmark Feb 2015 Study Guide

All students will need to completeU5TESTNOWin Point

All students need to complete Unit 6 Pre-Test on Statistics U6Pre


Bingo Words

Vocabulary Definitions for Index Cards

Vocabulary Definitions

Basic Outline to Prepare for Student Led Conferences

Best Web Link for Practicing and Reviewing the Geometry Content



Fifth Grade Geometry Unit Review on Super Solid Figures

5th Grade Unit on Geometry Review

Geometry PPT -

PPT Volume, Nets, Surface Area

Link to websites for Geometry materials

3- Act TasksFile Cabinet Surface Area


7 Solid Figures Presentation

7 Solid Figures Powerpoint Presentation

Popcorn Container Design Final Tasks - 2nd Period

Group Final Scale Map Tasks - 3rd and 4th Period

Group Final Scale Map Tasks (World Landmarks)




Materials and Resources to Read

Lessons 11 Surface Area pg 98 – 105 GGPS Coach Purple Wkbook

Lesson 15 Solid Figures pg 131 -136

Lesson 16 Constructing Nets for Solids pg 137 –143

Circles and Squares - 3rd and 4th period




Resources: Purple Coach Grade 6 Wkbk pg 125-130 (Scale Drawings)

Read Chapter 11 Geometry Red Wkbk 7thGrade CRCT Book pg 133-155


Statistics Resources

Online Statistics Pre-Test Information

Advanced -Common Core Workbook Assignments (Statistics) pg 199-203


Common Core Workbook Lessons

Common Core Workbooks Lessons<word>

Common Core Workbook Lessons <pdf

6th Grade Benchmark Study Guide for Feb 2-6

6th Grade Benchmark Study Guide

Classroom Notes on Most Frequently Missed EOTT2 Problems

Classroom Notes on Most Frequently Missed EOTT2 Problems

7th Grade Semester Exam Study Guide Answer Key

7th Grade Semester Exam Study Guide

Classroom Notes on Most Frequently Missed EOTT3 Problems- coming soon

EOTT3 Practice Problems

We will plan to move all items below this text to a historical page

this week. This will help with tracking and organization of new materials,

tasks, and assignments.

Historical Student Information Page Tasks and Links -Pre Jan 25th

1st Period - Work on mastering concepts for calculation of surface area and volume.

Complete treasure chest boxes and the volume calculations for a graded project.

2nd period- Continue to work on mastering concepts for calculation and application of area, volume, and surface area.

Start reviewing of concepts involving statistics and number operations.

Complete the Unit 5 POST TEST.

You will need to continue practice for calculations for surface area, area, and volume.

Complete the required USATESTPREP Lessons on Geometry and Numbers.

Complete Popcorn Design Task- II. (Feb 2- Feb 12th)

Work on AvailableExtra CreditGeometry Frameworks tasks. (Boxing Bracelets and Packaging Goods)

Review workbook and USATESTPREP Lessons that cover Statistics over the break.

This week we will work through Integers Review Packages.

3rd and 4th period-work on mastering concepts for calculation and application of area, volume, and surface area.

Work on mastering concepts for 7th grade Geometry standards.

Continue and complete work on Scale MapGroupFinal Tasks.

Complete the required USATESTPREP Lessons on Geometry. All 6th Grade (4) lessons should be completed Feb 2.

Students working ahead will complete Pre-Test on Statistics in USATESTPREP.

Students should have mastered calculation of circumference and area of circles.

Students are still progressing on mastery of area for composite figures and calculation of surface area.

Work on new assigned tasks.

Stained Glass Windows (Modified)

Greek Challenge

End of Week- Start work on 3 Little Pig's Builder Tasks

3 Little Pigs Builder Tasks

Class or Topic Geometry Notes

Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms Notes

Volume of Rectangular Prisms Notes

Composite Figures Area Notes and Practice

Extensions - Not Required

Volume of Cylinders Notes

Extra Credit Opportunities

Geometry Poster Rubric

Geometry Tasks

What's My Area

Movie Popcorn Container Design Tasks

Boxing Bracelets

Packaging Goods

What's Your Angle

Secret Angle

Geometry Worksheets


Physical Maps Rubric

Additional Assignments for Basic Skills Review

Additional Practice and Skills Workbook - Grade Six (Red) Classroom Set

Feb 9th - pg 25 #1-15 and pg 26#1-15 Decimals as Fractions

Feb 10th - pg 29 #1 - 26 Fractions as Percent

Feb 11th -pg 30 # 1-13 and pg 33 #1-12

Feb 12th - pg 57 #1-14 Dividing Fractions

Feb 13th - pg 58 #1-15 and pg 80 #1-4

During the break ...

Feb 16th - pg 59 #1 pg 61 #5 and 6 pg 62 # 1-10

Feb 17th - pg 63 #11-14 pg 69 2a and 3a pg 70 4a

Feb 18th - pg 71 #1-9

Feb 19th- pg 73 #4a and 5a pg 74 6a pg 75 7a and 7b

Feb 20th - pg 82 # 1-18 and pg 83 #19-23