Vibe Meeting Starters Test

Vibe Meeting Starters Test


(RK Apr 08)

Section A: Speciality Coffees

1. Which questions would you ask the guest if he / she orders a Dom Pedro? (2)

a) Which liqueur/Spirit the guest would prefer.
b) Would they prefer a double or a single tot of liqueur.

2. Which questions do you need to ask guests when they order an Irish coffee? (2)

a) Which liqueur/Spirit the guest would prefer.
b) Would they prefer a double or a single tot of liqueur.

3. Fill in the missing words from the following sentence (2)

All desserts except for the Very Berry Sundae, Choc Chip Cookie Sundae, Choc Nut

Sundae and Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce are served with a customer’s choice of cream (1)

or ice cream. (1)

Section B: Desserts

1. Write in the letter (a, b, c etc) that describes the following desserts from the list below. (Note: Each answer counts two marks) (24)

Malva Pudding / D / A) A thick dark chocolate cake, with crushed pecan nuts inside and on top, topped with dark chocolate sauce
Apple Berry Pie / C / B) This dessert has 2 available options: the cheesecake is drizzled with either mixed berry sauce or sweet caramel sauce (nuts are sprinkled onto the caramel sauce option only).
Chocolate Marshmallow Pie / F / C) Baked apple and juicy red berries sandwiched in a sweet almond pastry.
Choc – Chip Cookie Sundae / H / D) This slight ginger pudding is served hot (micro wave for 1 minute) and topped with a generous squirt of caramel syrup. Served with cream or ice-cream on the side.
Very Berry Sundae / G / E) This hot dessert is freshly toasted, topped with cream or ice-cream, then garnished with a generous squirt of caramel syrup (and a cherry on top).
Log Cabin Waffle / E / F) This is a hot dessert with heated marshmallow and nuts sandwiched in dark, nutty (pecan nuts) chocolate cake. It is topped with a dark chocolate sauce and served with cream or ice-cream (and of course, a cherry on top!)
Chocnut Sundae Delight / J / G) In a sundae glass various layers of berry mix, soft serve and strawberry mousse are mixed, then topped with ice cream. This dessert is decorated with a wafer fan, a drizzle of berry mix and a glazed cherry.
Caramel Mint Dream / L / H) Layers of choc-chip cookie pieces and soft serve are placed in a chocolate lined sundae glass. This mixture is topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and decorated with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, a wafer fan and a cherry.
Chocoholics Choice Brownies / A / I) A sundae glass is lined with chocolate sauce and filled with soft serve, then it is topped with chocolate sauce and a cherry.
Ice-cream and Choc sauce classic / I / J) A sundae glass is lined with chocolate sauce, 2 Pecan nut (or Walnut) halves are placed at the bottom of the glass. On top of the ice cream crushed nuts and chocolate sauce are added.
Classic Cheesecake / B / K) This light, fluffy chocolate dessert is served cold in a wine glass, topped with cream or ice cream and decorated with a cherry.
Chocolate Mouse / K / L) This is a cold dessert where 3 layers of the following are alternated: Peppermint crisp bits (mixed with crushed tennis biscuits) and caramel mousse. Topped with ice cream or cream. Decorate with a sprinkle of mint crunch and a cherry.