Useful Council Services

Useful Council Services

Useful Services

East Cambs District Council Switch board - (01353) 665555

Environmental Services:

Waste & Recycling: Dave White, Mark Mehaffey, Ian Thompson, Barry Mckenny, Darren Hughes and Megan Ashdown

Refuse, recycling, bulky household items collection (fee), street cleansing & litter bins, fly tipping, any waste related issues/dead animals found on the roadside and needle syringes/drugs litter (during office hours*) & dog fouling.

*If you have discovered drug related items in a public place outside normal office hours please contact the police on 0345 456 456 4

Further information can be found under ‘Waste & Recycling’ on the ECDC website:

Dog Warden: Veronica Avery

Missing dogs & strays, noise complaints re barking dogs & the inspection of premises that keep animals i.e. boarding establishments & pet shops.

Traveller Liaison Officer: Brian Hicks

Deals with any related issues to travellers.

Domestic Team: Julia Atkins, Rachel Doyle, Claire Braybrook, Emily Haysom, Vinnie Jathoul, Martin Andrew, John Tanswell, Karen See

Noise Complaints, abandoned vehicles, rats and pest control. Further information can be found under either ‘Environment’ or ‘Communities & Health’ (‘Health & Social Care’ sub menu) on the ECDC website

Commercial Team: Liz Bailey, Marcus Bell, Steve Carrington, Lin Bagwell, Pam Pope and Alan Purr.

Licensing for pubs, clubs, and food premises. Taxis, smoking complaints, and Health and Safety.

Transport: You can contact the council (or visit their website under ‘Roads & Transport’) to gain further information on the following transport issues:

Bus Passes, Senior Railcards, Disabled Parking, Parking Fines & Community Transport (dial-a-ride & community car schemes).

Development Services Department: Trees and Landscaping

High Hedges: Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 created new procedures that allow local authorities in England and Wales to deal with complaints about high hedges. Where a hedge interferes with a person’s enjoyment of their home, through matters such as loss of light or amenity, the Council may order the owner to reduce the height of their hedge.

Trees & Landscaping Officers: Wendy Thomas & Cathy White

Neighbourhood Panels:

There are 5 Panels serving East Cambridgeshire. The meetings are open to the public to raise any issues or concerns they may have about the neighbourhood where they live. To find out more about the panels, you can access this information via the ECDC website: under ‘Community & Health’/’Neighbourhood Panels’, or contact the Neighbourhood Panel Coordinator: Alan Williams via the main ECDC switchboard number.

Community Safety:

Graffiti: Nick Ball, Corporate Strategy Officer 01353 616455

Free service: for the removal of graffiti from public and private property.

Community Safety Partnership Issues: Issy Bridge 01353 616256

Anti-Social Behaviour: Brian Tully @ Ely Police Station on 01353 656641

Hate Crimes: Community Cohesion Officer (Open Out Scheme) 01223 823552

Further information about Open Out (& Hate Crimes) can be found from the website

Domestic Violence: Simon Kerss – County Domestic Violence Coordinator 07789 920 401