University of North Carolina School of the Arts

University of North Carolina School of the Arts



September 17, 2015

11:00 am – 12:00 pm


The mission of the Staff Council is to foster a positive and respectful working

environment by advocating for the interests and concerns of each staff member.

I. Approval of Minutes

  • Meeting called to order
  • Quorum established
  • Meeting Minutes from August 20th – approved with no corrections

II. Chair Report – Leslie Kamtman

  • The Board of Governors of the UNC system will meet on campus on Sept. 17 (committees) and Sept. 18 (full board meeting). At the full board meeting, the Erskine Bowles Award will be presented by President Tom Ross, on behalf of the UNC Staff Assembly, to the recipient from NC A&T. Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • The Board of Trustees will meet on campus Sept. 24 (committees) and Sept. 25 (full board). Staff Council members have been appointed to represent the council for the various committees.
  • Chancellor Bierman will be installed on Friday Sept. 25 following the Board of Trustees meeting. The ceremony is at 10:30 in Freedman. All are invited, but reservations are necessary.
  • The Faculty Council passed a resolution calling for establishment of a campus ombudsman. The Faculty Welfare Committee is considering options for feasibility, funding and organizational structure, and will make a recommendation to the Provost.
  • Leslie Kamtman met with the Provost regarding enhancing the quality of the workplace and improving respect and recognition of staff. Some supervisors are not supportive of staff attending council meetings and events as part of their workload. The Chancellor’s Cabinet has discussed setting aside an afternoon when all employees could attend a rehearsal or class, or collaborate with another office or division, as an opportunity to be engaged in the life of the campus community. The events during that time would be considered part of the work day, and employees would not have to take personal time. There was discussion among council members about how such an event would work. Another proposed option would be for employees to be granted a number of “engagement hours” that they could use throughout the year, similar to the community service hours. It should not have to be a controlled, scheduled event. It was suggested that any such engagement events or hours should be audited to determine which departments are allowed to participate, and which supervisors might not be supportive. Leslie will take the council’s feedback to the Provost.

III. Committee Reports

  1. Special Events – Jackie Riffle
  • Nothing to report – attending BOG mtgs.
  1. Professional Development – Sarah Lawrence
  • Sarah Lawrence distributed a schedule of workshops, which include lawn care and planting flowers and vegetables; Qualtrics training; Emotional CPR; Outlook for Mac users; couponing; making ice cream in 5 minutes; Orbit/Banner self serve; and MS Access.
  1. Membership & Elections – Mary Graves
  • Mary Graves stepping down as chair next year (2016-17) and is looking for a volunteer to work with her this year and take over next year.
  • Marc Zuckerman announced he is leaving the Stevens Center to take a job out of state.
  • Mary Jane Degnan announced she will retire effective Jan. 1.
  1. Community Service and Sustainability – Jamie Moore
  • Nothing to report

IV. State Employees Combined Campaign

  • Leslie encouraged staff to participate in the State Employees’ Combined Campaign, which the state’s version of the United Way campaign. Jim DeCristo, chief of staff, is spearheading the school’s participation and is aiming for 100 percent participation. Delegates were asked to distribute the materials in their districts.

V. Staff Assembly

VI. New Business

VII. Announcements/Requests

VIII. Adjournment