Unit E Concepts Review

Unit E Concepts Review

1.  Close Button

2.  Standard toolbar

3.  Elements Gallery

4.  Title bar

5.  Status bar

6.  Document window

7.  Formatting Palette

8.  Help Icon

9.  Create an income statement: b) Microsoft Excel

10.  Create a newsletter containing graphics: c) Microsoft Word

11. Create slides for a sale meeting presentation: d) Microsoft Powerpoint

12.  Store contact information and send e-mail: a) Microsoft Entourage

13. The Project Gallery is accessed by what option on the menu bar? b) File

14.  A file that contains predesigned formatting, text, and tools for creating commom business documents is called a: b) Template

15.  Which of the following options should you use when you save a document for the first time? b) Save As

16. To open the Toolbox or Elements Gallery in an Office program, you can use commands on the: a) Standard toolbar

17. Which of the following is the default file extension for documents saved using Word 2008? a) .docx