Unit 11 Test Review Texas History

Unit 11 Test Review Texas History

Unit 11 Test Review—Texas History


  1. How much damage did the Dust Bowl actually do? What kind of impact did it

have on the United States and Texas? As a result of the Dust Bowl storms, many states surrounding Texas were affected. The dust storms affected a large part of Texas.

  1. How were farmers impacted economically because of the Dust Bowl?Many farmers lost their farms to the bank, because they were unable to plant crops and make money.
  2. What did some Texans do to save themselves from the effects of the Dust

Bowl and the Great Depression?Many Texans migrated to California and other parts of the nation for work, especially Texans from the panhandle.

  1. Who was John Nance Garner?
  2. From Uvalde, TX
  3. Vice President for FDR
  4. Served in the Texas House of Representatives
  5. Was the Speaker of the House for the US House of Representatives
  6. How did Texans who stayed during the Dust Bowl stop wind erosion?

Implemented ways to stop erosion, like planting trees, contour plowing, and terracing.

  1. How did WWII improve Texas economy? Why?Texas had natural resources needed to build military facilities, aircrafts, naval crafts, and ammunition. Those natural resources included; oil & gas, lumber, cotton, and other agriculture.
  2. During the Great Depression, how did overproduction of oil and agricultural

products impact the lives of Texans?Overproduction of petroleum and agricultural products caused prices to drop. These price drops led to loss of jobs and closing of businesses.

  1. What was the New Deal? How did it help the US recover from the Great

Depression and the Dust Bowl?It employed over 100,000 Texans, and other US workers, to build bridges, roads, dams, parks, and plant vegetation.

  1. What was the number one cause of the Dust Bowl?Severe drought
  2. Why was Texas chosen during WWII to build many military facilities and

military production plants? What other types of plants and facilities were

built in Texas during WWII?Texas had large amounts of land and good climate to build ammunition plants, naval and aircraft production plants, and petroleum plants. These were all due to the international conflicts of WWII. This helped the Texas economy greatly.

  1. Who was Audie Murphy?Most decorated soldier of WWII, famous actor and singer after the war, from Texas
  2. Put these in order:
  3. New Deal
  4. WWII
  5. Great Depression
  6. Dust Bowl
  1. Great Depression
  2. Dust Bowl
  3. New Deal
  4. WWII