Triple Point the Specific T and P at Which All Three Phases Exist in Equilibrium

Phase Diagram –

Triple Point – The specific T and P at which all three phases exist in equilibrium

Critical Temperature – The T at which no amount of P can cause a gas to liquify

A = Triple Point

B = Normal Melting Point

C = Normal Boiling Point

D = Critical Temperature

Example Questions:

1. What section represents the solid phase? ______

2. What section represents the liquid phase? ______

3. What sestion represents the gas phase? ______

4. What letter represents the triple point? ______

5. What letter represents the critical point? ______

6. What is the substance’s normal melting point? ______

7. What is the substance’s normal boiling point? ______

8. Above what temp. is it impossible to liquify this substance, no matter what the pressure? ______

9. At what temperature and pressure do all three phases coexist? ______

10. Is the density of the solid greater or less than the density of the liquid? ______

11. Would an increase in pressure cause this substance to freeze or melt? ______