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Dr. Jeet Liuzzi

Intuitive intelligence

© Dr. Jeet Liuzzi

Institut for welfare end and intuitive sciences

Celt ring 194, D-79199 Kirchzarten

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Dr. Jeet Liuzzi

Intuitive intelligence



The author

Its work: Seminars -- pictures - Coachings


Intuitive intelligence - which is that?

Intuitive intelligence and teachings

Intuitive intelligence and education

Intuitive intelligence and research

Intuitive intelligence and the health

1. Healing by intuitive intelligence

2. Health and sole responsibility

3. Intuitive intelligence and the therapists

Intuitive intelligence and joy of life

Intuitive intelligence and animals

Intuitive intelligence and Business

Word messages:

Seminar day book - notes of a participant

Renate M. Hatzer:

healing by colour code symbols

with intuitive intelligence to personal liberty



Press comments


After I had terminated the first seminar with Jeet and a friend asked me, what would have made Jeet in such a way, at first attempt nothing occurred to me. I am stoutful with experiences and experiences home return, I would like to even say, as other humans. Nevertheless I could not answer spontaneous to this question of my friend. I stood there with open mouth, in my memory ran a small film - and then kriegte I also the curve, by beginning: "thus I could tell you only once, like it to me thereby went, what I experienced and bring along..."

Because I wanted to be prepared for the next question to this topic, I thought afterwards some, in order to describe or explain Jeets work. I tried many versions out since then, but straight now - in the instant, in which I write this preface - occurs to me something more beautiful, a metaphor:

I see a broad water-rich river flowing. Localities, meadows and trees seams its natural banks. Its water soaks the fields at its sides, carries ships and their loads, is life realm for fish, water birds and many kinds of plants. It is Labsal for the soul, if a viewer deepens into the play of the waves. The river is alive and makes lives possible.

Our attention is completely on the water addressed, on its play and its mirror and all the many possibilities on it and to its banks. But who thinks with this picture of the flussbett? To the underground, which makes this variety possible, this movement, at all only? Who mentions its bed, this deep trace in nut/mother earth during the description of a river? For our eye also usually not clearly visibly? For many even threateningly, because deep and dark? And nevertheless all first a condition for this watercourse?

See, a seminar with Jeet have much similarity with the river, which I just described. And Jeet is like this flussbett: He is there, he creates a basis alone by his existence, by his first step on one the participant too, and it already flows, widens to the river with all the possibilities, which are bring along by the participants, to show up and develop can.

Jeets work is not limited now to the seminars, as you will find out with the reading of this book. But its kind, its readiness, to bring something in river is pervasive.

I thank Jeet of whole heart for all what he brought with me in river. It is each quantity - that you may believe me.


The author

Dr. Jeet Liuzzi was born 1952 in Italy, was to 1994 civil servants of the Italian of State Department abroad (area Freiburg), is a doctor of the sociology and training and practice as a teacher, Politologe, theatre director, Meditationslehrer, therapist (dynamic psychiatry and Psychodrama) completed. Today it leads "Institut for welfare end and intuitive sciences" in Kirchzarten.

Already in recent years Dr. Jeet Liuzzi came into contact with his "higher even" and he began to only live after his intuition to do "from the belly" what he noticed straight in itself. The fantastic to the fact is that by this moment to its life only by joy, singular "coincidences" and adding as well as was fulfilled by vitality.

Soon it its internal guidance brought to discover and for them make in the contact with other humans with these also the "internal knowledge" accessible. Whether Top managers, housewife or infant, surprisingly unfold humans by its seminars, Workshops and Coachings suddenly the ability, to do and "it be" which "correct ones", which possible they considered before never.

Its work: Seminars - pictures - Coachings

Dr. Liuzzis work affects the material, physical, mental and mirror-image-ritual level. Since 1990 it offers seminars, lectures, Workshops and Coachings, researches within the range to intuitive intelligence and paints personal welfare pictures. Whether with private people, companies, entrepreneurs, Krankenhaeusern, practices, hotel, schools, research institutes, large-scale enterprises - its work leads to it:

  • that each humans come into his very own strength and find to his appointment
  • that areas become places of the harmony, strength and inspiration and
  • that are to entrepreneurs and companies of any kind and size of the "Human capital", thus the human and intuitive abilities of their coworkers at the disposal.

This leads well-being and success of all involved ones to - meanwhile world-wide.


In its seminars it concerns to promote intuitive intelligence so that each humans come into his very own strength. The internal guidance and the unique personal abilities are worked out. And in the unique experience of the circle the participants recognize that their personal abilities for all are available. The existence excluded nobody.

For many years he dedicates a majority its time, in order to open with humans the intuitive entrance to their potential and life plan. Because each nature has his very own task and singularness, which apply to unfold and fulfill it in its life. These characteristics to recognize and them make the individual talents and "internal treasures" conscious with the seminar participants, is its ability and his main objective.

Dr. Jeet Liuzzi attaches great importance to the fact that these seminars do not remain only a unique highlight with large feelings, but that the revealed talents are used as immediately as possible and used. Therefore it (often directly afterwards to the Erstseminar) offers an application training. Here the participants can gain among themselves first experiences, practice and strengthen their abilities. These become for the employment in the occupation world, in the economy, Paedagogik, within the personal range u.s.w. trains.

In a third seminar stage, inauguration mentioned, the participants are brought in conscious contact with their very own aid energy and enabled to recognize blocking occupations and waive these. The readiness for the own reorganization is healed. "inauguration" can be understood in this connection also in such a way the fact that as well as humans recognize his true nature with his singular abilities and is made familiar for the responsible person handling.

A further request of Dr. Jeet Liuzzi are the work or welfare circles developing after the seminars. In these groups all the marvelous abilities are to be further trained among themselves and used for the well-being of all. If everyone gives its best, a problem or a task can be solved and implemented really optimally.

An example: In companies processes of new dynamics begin, in which the coworkers support each other synergetically, instead of regarding itself as competitors. Frequently this development of economic successes is accompanied, and many are surprised that "it goes so easily".


"in our body information is stored in the form of geometrical indications and Bildern. These contain Informationen, us entrance give to our higher consciousness. We get the knowledge, why we are here and which our task is." (Dr. Jeet Liuzzi)

For over twelve years Dr Jeet Liuzzi paints intuitive welfare pictures. At that time he discovered his ability, with symbols and colors one welfare-ends, cleaning, clarifying, energizing oscillation to produce. These symbols have a strength, as we know them also from old cultures. They change areas and situations so positively, as one cannot reach it with Feng Shui. Meanwhile to the 7000 pictures developed: In many institutes, companies, office, private dwellings and as Firmenlogos stabilize and energetisieren them the respective surrounding field.

In its pictures these forms and indications are contained, and finds thereby the entrance to its own personal code to each humans. With the help of these welfare pictures something singular happens: Humans can unfold their vitality and creativity better, find to their original potential and generate "knowledge", which seemed allegedly lost gone to them. The pictures promote and support besides the personal development and dynamic process of individual humans as well as whole staffs of companies during and after the Coachings and seminars.

Jeet paints:

  • Pictures for personal topics:
    also planetary herkunftsbilder, with a durable energetic loading (bound energy)
  • Logos:
    Visiting cards, entrance-describe, energetisierte advertising-describe
  • Intuition pictures:
    These pictures harmonize the area as well as the person working living therein and/or and cause a susceptibility for intuitive perceptions.
  • Transformation pictures:
    These pictures transform negative energies in the house as well as in humans and free the way to notice optimally intuitively.


Whether it concerns strategic planning, solutions to lining up problems or simply "only" around the correct reaction to a physical symptom - in all these cases can be reduced detours, costs and disappointments substantially, if in the correct moment an intuitive decision making aid is available.

They are the sum all their experiences and experiences, from the birth up to this instant. These past experiences and experiences represent your entire program, which is stored in the data bases of your Unterbewusstseins. Their talents and abilities, your problems and concerns are the work of intuitive, unconscious guidance. Their Unterbewusstsein leads you and you also in the future will lead, often in the contradiction with your conscious desires. Why? Because the Unterbewusstsein does not work with the reason, but like a computer after its program. Each thought programs the computer.

Before you say or do thus somewhat, you must think only. If you think rather negatively as positive, create negative reality. If you are not content with your reality, it is time to change your thoughts. Consider, how often you think negatively. Begin to catch and make such thoughts innocuous, before they become data of a program. Think consciously positively of the person or situation, whom you annoy.

Do not learn yourselves too much by heart, but you collect new ideas in the meeting with other humans, by reading of different books and other sources of information. One does not believe at all, what a blunted, monotonous nature one will can, if one always turns in the circle of its favourite terms - and like one everything rejects, which does not carry our seal at the forehead. The most boring partner for itself is one without doubt if one stands with its heart, with its conscience in unfavorable account. Who wants to convince itself of it, give of eight on the difference its moods. As verdriesslich, as absent-minded, as much one is to load after a number of more uselessly, perhaps harmful spent hours, and as cheerful, conversing with its thoughts against it on evening of a useful lived daily.

Everything must be compiled and renewed again and again - and it passes evenly nothing at all, if one waits only for the fact that these noble powers simply zufliegen or the work is done by another. Attaining the internal peace costs humans very much. If it can be floated only once and if it gives way to a low mood, then it will endanger the peace in itself.

Consciousness does not think alone. It must be educated for thinking. In addition, then consciousness work demands large efforts, because by thinking strength is only produced. Thus the idea impulses, conceptions, intentions, are prepared efforts etc. then by the power of the thoughts carry out themselves - magic of the mental force development - Energetisierung.

The herd human being is not used to it, to use who own understanding in connection with intuition - and it others make to let (usual rezeptive attitude of therapy-addicted). In order to see the fellow men as mirrors and/or as feedback for the own effect, attention is sufficient in relation to the reaction of other humans. In order by others an effective assistance too experienced, is above all important to honesty with itself and with others. Honesty brings security, because honest humans know, that he is with itself. Honesty creates relaxation and peace in humans, because it does not have to be always on the hat to betray itself. Honesty relieves consciousness; saved energies can be used otherwise and more meaningfully.

External influences are able to exercise only so long power on humans, when in human thinking power is granted to them. To the internal satisfaction and to the intuition receipt contributing virtues are patience, modesty, reliability, perseverance, self-discipline, self-assurance, direct responsibility.

Intuitive intelligence - which is that?

I have several non removable disks in my PC; which I can exchange and store on which I all possible data, so that I could answer all Quizfragen of this world loosely. For the substantial, for the important in the life there is a better source, i.e. the largest non removable disk, the unlimited memory of the whole universe.

Owing to my intuition I can also

this cosmic source constantly in connection its,

knows at any time answers received on it,

which for me good and correct is.

I need to make itself no more concerns. This cosmic memory receives second-exact UP DATES and always supplies to me with the best information and answers. It is thus completely unprofessionell to be able to be availed only from the intellect.

Mankind did not develop by the intellect. Also not in the last 100 years. This to believe would be deceitful. Those, which carried really good services out and which are also famous, could between the lines read as it were.

Einstein got his intuitions in the bath tub, Daimler schwaenzte the school, dedicated themselves instead any plays. He received thereby a feeling for the connections and what humans now straight could need. These and many different created their life's work not from the intellect, but owing to their intuition.

Everyone holds an enormous treasure,

indeed a perfect system of noticing,

creating and working.

This treasure, this knowledge, can be opened and used in the everyday life: in my enterprise, in my bank, in my school, in my family, in my privaten surrounding field - and I can work thereby a thousand times more professionally than together with forty finished fantastischen methods.

If it is genuine knowledge and and read off and borrowed, do not recognize your knowledge and other humans feel that. Often then the bosses come to one and offer on their part new effective ranges and tasks, because they feel that one is there with a new authority, a new internal authority.

From the instant on, in which you recognize your internal knowledge finally, show, to release and with others divide can,

you will feel a deep satisfaction. - that is my personal experience and many before you, that already went this step. Because alone today none continues to come more, however is the large connections hardly to be seized.

Intellect does not give success or the fulfilment,

those the intuition to give can,

because the intellect is only a service-carrying out.

It is good to make itself that conscious. All knowledge, which for the moment there is: marvelously. But the real concrete effect is missing, because the intuition is an absolute boss: There they are there, it are a higher intelligence, you tap you, you are attached, everyone can that differently call: cosmic strength, pure existence, Goettlichkeit... It is simply the highest form of intelligence.

If it, the person, the personality, the mask (Greek: persona) then a little aside step - it is never in such a way points like the whole - and on very beautiful, somewhat leave, but professional kind to work you want, let this wisdom simply by itself work. They notice quite soon that all suddenly more easily and it 90 % of its energy no more against itself use, but it be simply better gone can.

Those are not only conclusively sounding theories, but actual personal experiences: not only in my seminars, which take place meanwhile nearly each weekend, and not only on the therapeutic level, but in the middle in the life.