Transcript from 21St International Knowledge Seekers Workshop Held June 28, 2016

Transcript from 21st International Knowledge Seekers Workshop held June 28, 2016

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Keshe (K): Good day, good morning, or good afternoon to you. As we see the numbers of knowledge seekers are increasing rapidly and the intake and uptake of the technology has taken a new direction. As we announced last Thursday the development of the new power generators has resulted in a number of organizations approaching Keshe Foundation for the delivery of the technology or mass production in certain nations. Our response to you is very simple. We have developed a technology which itself is part of the work of the Keshe Foundation; once we go into delivery around September we will expand the manufacturing to the Keshe Foundation Manufacturing only and we will not allow it to be manufactured outside until we come to an agreement with certain organizations around the world. We are limiting to this because it is so profound that it can change geopolitics. It already has started and we have seen this in the past week.

K: The Magrav systems will stay operational; we are still selling them and a number of people would like to have these systems for whatever reasons and we carry on with production. We have 2.5 to 3K units that can be dispatched with 9K more units coming up. The generator units will be delivered according to European standards and we are not changing at this time. That will not include American or Australian and other nations. They will be supplied and manufactured from Italy. The manufacturing technology of the power system then will be discussed by and through the Keshe Foundation as to how we will begin developing it through the others. But, until that point that we deliver from our factories nothing will be developed outside Keshe Foundation.

K: a number of announcements will be made on Thursday; please be present for those. There are a number of things we will show and expand the technology and distribute the technology across the planet. In the process of producing we are on the verge of the space ship development and lift and take off which will be the next system offered from the Foundation. We are not concentrating so much on energy at this point as it is completed and has to go through the conduction process. We are concentrating more on the sale and development of the space ship technology which means that systems that fly, that protect and bring the new position in delivery. I see this in the next few weeks and we will deliver a full flight system in a very short time. The development is at its completion and we are waiting for a couple of other things to happen and then we demonstrate the full flight system. The whole understanding of the space technology as I was teaching in a private teaching this morning is understanding the process of the plasma and in a way we have gone so fast that a lot of people who are coming on the foundation and joining us do not see the connection.

K: for this reason Keshe Foundation will announce a new way on Thursday morning to teach for you to be hands on. Please listen and you will understand. We are bringing the technology to the masses on the planet which you can bring in. People will do everything themselves. It has been agreed and our team should be in place on Thursday morning and we will announce it. We will see how you take it. We made the blueprint and some of you made the systems, made different systems, came up with the understanding of the technology as you see it and you will be able to do the process. For you who understand the technology this is very good as you are going forward with it. For those of you who have come to know the technology, you are very vulnerable because we have seen how people cannot understand, and it’s against the laws they have been taught, and now they are teaching something else. So there must be something wrong with the ‘new teaching’ because the old teaching fits in.

K: in the old science, physics, principles of chemistry and physics of the past, nuclear and others, there have been a lot of assumptions and a lot of reality has been ignored. In the new plasma physics nothing is ignored and everything is considered because it is all one thing; it is one element, one matter, one entity and everything you need to understand is how to interact with energies that are the same and in what position, condition and under what circumstances. Then you will find out it is not the equation of 1 and 1; it is not one-dimensional but is non-dimensional and it has no end. It is infinity and there’s absolutely no way that you can count that the system is unique and one way is the ‘only way,’ or nobody else can do it any other way. As I always say, you can play with the plasma. In so many ways you can create as many stars, planets and galaxies and universes which are in this cosmos universe and you can even create more.

K: the beauty of this technology in the hands of the man that can understand and control this so rapidly is the understanding that you have a matter which you contain, that you can dictate, and which because of the structure of this planet can be made to become the plasma of itself. So in making the plasma of the matter is your biggest problem. We are used to touching and what we touch we trust. We have to understand that even the touch itself is magnetic field strength positioning and how you touch—if it soft, hard, hot, can you hold it in one hand, can you feel, smell, or taste it. And does it have emotion, a direction of movement or does it have both emotion and knowledge. Every word in the vocabulary of the man which indicates the understanding of man of his environment has strength. Now it is for us to understand and development technologies that can replicate that strength. We have seen you with the taste and the smell of orange, and the energy of the orange that you managed to transfer.

K: we have one step further and in this morning’s teaching we explained the next step in space technology that in a way brings to you why we say we are about to show you the space ship and the lift without connection to the matter state. Until our connections tell us that other scientific organizations are on the verge of working on the same technology to understand more and we will see the results of the outcome. But in fact if you look the plasma technology is very simple. As has been the biggest problem for man, we did not understand the principle of gravity. Now that we have the game has changed. We have made the gravity the holy grail of the physics of the science of man and that has caused us all the problems in the world of physics. Nothing has changed. (21.48 minutes) You used to have a magnet and you put the magnets in respect to each other and they found a position. You have the planet, the moon, earth, the sun and according to their own strength they found their distance, their position. Now we play with the plasma and there is no difference. We are not bringing something new that has been claimed as ‘fake’ and ‘fraud.’ The people who claim ‘fake’ and ‘fraud’ are fakes and frauds themselves. They missed the boat and now they want to use the understanding. There is as much ‘fake’ about this technology as those who have to claim it because they try to affirm their existence by their opposition and everything else.

K: When you have a magnet, the tow magnets find their position as magnetic and gravitational. When you have a moon and sun they do the same and that is why earth is where it is. We do the same with the plasma. This is our stars, their moons, the planets, and the gans in the bottle that you carry of what you have made. It is for you to understand and learn how to manipulate these distances, interactions and conditions where 4 get close to each other and the other takes distance. What happens if one rotates at a different angle, or if it turns at a different speed? Everything will change the position and the direction of the motion of the fields in the others and everything is interactive. Because it is a magnetic-gravitational field it is instantaneous. (24.38 minutes). This is why for example in the health section nowadays you take medicine and you wait to see what the outcome is and if it works and if you have the results. For example we see the reports from the doctors and because of the interaction of the fields successful cancer (elimination) results are literally 30 to 60 days. If you take a position within the cancer system using the Magrav system you have already started the process.

K: so, the system does not need to interact because it is on the line of the gravitational and magnetic field strength of the matter or the gans of the matter, the interaction is immediate. It is like putting a magnet in the middle of middles and everything is attracted. The interaction is instantaneous. This is where a lot of problems have been created by those who are not prepared to accept the new technology because to them it is the story of Edison and Tesla. It is something in their pocket. We know Edison caused men to die with the creation of the electric chair for execution and he put an elephant on the plate to die to show Tesla’s alternative current had something wrong with it. Because in fact Edison wasted a lot of money in his technology and there was nothing wrong with Tesla’s technology. Tesla technology was correct because it was for the matter state. Edison’s technology was correct for the plasma state. The development done by Tesla is good and applicable on the matter level. That is why Tesla is well understood and some of his work which crosses to the plasma and the matter state has not been understood by the man.

K: when you look at the work and technology of Edison he worked on the DC which is the plasma. At that time when he was there his knowledge was not understood and he could not translate the totality because he was only interested in the financial return. Those of you who work around Tesla understood the matter state of the plasma and those of you work around Edison understood the plasma condition and what we call the direct current. Plasma does not alternate and it creates a continuous field which you decide what you want to take out of it. If the scientists go back to most of the work of Edison, now they find a lot of common ground that they can work with. It is DC. When you push the DC through the barrier of the matter state then you have the alternative (AC). It has to find a way to get itself in and it has to find a gap to get itself in. In fact if you look at AC it is nothing more than shock that you control with magnetic field. (28.42 minutes). It has to go through a narrow bandwidth of the matter spacing and it goes in pulses. When it goes to the next one it is like a drop of water. AC is nothing but literally drops of water from the space of the plasma and you can create that very easily. You can take it out and drip/drip it. those of you who have a problem of understanding the plasma, start looking back on the work of Edison because you feel safe and good with it and you understand the DC much better.

K: but, once you understand that you have come to understand the work of the plasma—the continuous. As I was explaining to some scientists it is a huge liver and you have to decide where you want to take the energy or if you want to put a bucket to get something out of it. You call it energy or power as the power station for a car or whatever you need and when you have the plasma you don’t need oil, gas or whatever. When you have the plasma you make and you decide to use the energy as plasma, oil or gas. This is important. And we go over this in the international teaching because we are getting a huge number of people who are coming into the foundation and the work of the foundation and they want to understand. Those who prey on the lack of the knowledge we see the number of people in different TV and radio programs are opposing the Keshe Foundation work and we thank you for it. You are bringing a huge number of people to the foundation and to our work because they listen, they have intelligence and they check. They have never heard of Keshe Foundation.

K: I was talking to my colleagues in the past few days that one of the best things is our opposition. They put out and people start looking and it makes sense to them because they are not stupid so they become more active in understanding the technology and for that reason they are responding for this to understand more. Where does the technology come from? Understanding this is very simple. If you work with plasma technology as I say you have the base and you have to decide how to manipulate the energy you have created. In so many ways plasma, those of you who understand how to make gans, the nano material, the liquid, all of you have become (the equivalent of) the oil barons of the present generation. Because you have access to all the energy you need. Up to now you had oil, but if you wanted bread you had top sell your oil to get bread. If you wanted medicine you had to go and pay for your medicine to sell your oil. With the plasma technology your plasma is your energy and the energy of the bread, of the medicine and this is what is scaring the world leaders regarding this new technology. This is what brought and is bringing to the attention of the people to ask if they need to spend $150K to $250K on cancer chemotherapy and the rest of it and still if I succeed in a couple of years there is a secondary cancer. Or it has re-grown.

K: Now with this technology when you handle the plasma for cancer, you eradicate the cancer itself and the cause of the cancer. What we have seen is there is no secondary cancer that comes back. This is what is frightening the world health authorities. It is the same with the food. The more and more you develop one system in the house it is a complete system for everything the man needs and no man can be taken as a slave for any reason—a slave for food, energy, light, nothing in the world. If you want to make a dress out of silk to go out, you can do so. You can make silk. Do you want to make bags of gold you can work with the gold. If you want steak and chips or a banana everything is in your hands. You can develop all this; those who say it’s all fake are those who have lost control. We teach openly and we teach you to do it and it is you who is using gans and everything else. It is you who is walking away from disease and filling your bank accounts with the money you are not paying for energy. It is you who have extra time that you don’t have to slave to be able to enjoy life.