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Section / Topic / Page No.
Invitation for Bid (IFB) / 3
Section I / Instruction to Bidders (ITB) / 4-10
Section II / (a) Qualification Criteria
(b) Performance Statement
(c) Evaluation Criteria / 11
Section III / Bidding Forms:
(a) Bid Submission Form
(b) Price Schedules
(c) Bank Guarantee Form for Bid Security
(d) Firm’s Authorization Form
(e) National Electronic Fun Transfer (NEFT) Form / 14
Section IV / Scope of Work / 19-21
Section V / General Conditions of Contract (GCC) / 22-26
Section VII / Contract Forms
a) Contract Agreement
b) Bank Guarantee Form for Performance Security / 27-28



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SAI/NSRC/Housekeeping /2017-18 Date : 05.06.2017


Sports Authority of India (SAI), Training Centre,_Kashipur now for and on behalf of the Director General, Sports Authority of India invites Bids on two bid system for following work:

Brief Description of work / Estimated cost / EMD (Rs.) / Tender cost (Rs.)
Cleaning,sweeping,moping and wiping of floors, rooms, open areas, corridors, galleries, lifts, staircase on daily basis and all other works as mentioned in detail in this documents including such/work/s as may be assigned from time to time so that the entire premises of STC ______must always look neat and clean. / 129000/p,year
(One Person) / 2600/ / 500/-

Last Date & Time for Submission of Bid: _27.06.2017_3PM

Date & Time for Opening of Technical Bid: 27.06.2017_3.30PM

Bid documents with detailed terms & conditions are available on website In case the tender documents is downloaded, the tender cost to be submitted alongwith EMD through Demand Draft in favour of Centre Incharge payable at Asst Director Sports Authority of india Training centre Kashipur .


Centre Incharge




Sl. No. / Topic / Page No.
1 / Introduction / 5
2 / Language of Bid / 5
3 / Contents of Bidding Documents / 5
4 / Amendments of Bidding Documents / 5
5 / Clarification of Bidding Documents / 5
6 / Documents Comprising the Bid / 6
7 / Bid Prices / 6
8 / Firm Price / 7
9 / Bid Security / 7
10 / Bid Validity / 8
11 / Signing of Bid / 8
12 / Instructions for submission of bid / 8
13 / Opening of Bids / 9
14 / Scrutiny of Bids / 9
15 / Qualification Criteria / 9
16 / Comparison of Bids and Award Criteria / 9
17 / SAI’s right to accept any bid and to reject any or all bids / 9
18 / Notification of Award / 10
19 / Issue of Contract / 10
20 / Non-receipt of Performance Security and Contract by the Purchaser / 10
21 / Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices / 10



  1. Introduction
  2. This Bidding Document is for Housekeeping services as mentioned in Section – IV – “SCOPE OF WORK.”
  3. This section (Section I - “Instruction to Bidders”) provides the relevant information as well as instructions to assist the prospective Bidders in preparation and submission of Bids. It also includes the mode and procedure to be adopted by the bid inviting authority for receipt and opening as well as scrutiny and evaluation of Bids and subsequent placement of contract.
  4. Before formulating the Bid and submitting the same to the bid inviting authority, the Bidder should read and examine all the terms, conditions, instructions etc. contained in the Bidding Documents. Failure to provide and/or comply with the required information, instructions etc. incorporated in these Bidding Documents may result in rejection of its Bid.
  1. Language of Bid

The Bid submitted by the Bidder and all subsequent correspondence and documents relating to the Bid exchanged between the Bidder and the purchaser, shall be written in the English language. However, the language of any printed literature furnished by the Bidder in connection with its Bid may be written in any other language provided the same is accompanied by an English translation and, for purposes of interpretation of the Bid, the English translation shall prevail.

  1. Content of Bidding Documents
  • Section I-Instruction to Bidders (ITB)
  • Section II-Qualification Criteria & Performance Statement
  • Section III-Bidding Form
  • Section IV-Scope of Work
  • Section V-General Conditions of Contract (GCC)
  • Section VI-Contract Form
  1. Amendments of Bidding Documents
  2. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Bids, the bid inviting authority may, for any reason deemed fit, modify the Bidding Documents by issuing suitable amendment(s) to it.
  3. Such an amendment to the Bidding documents will be uploaded on SAI website
  4. Prospective Bidders are advised in their own interest to visit above mentioned websites for any amendment etc. before submitting their Bids.
  1. Clarification of Bidding Documents.

A bidder requiring any clarification or elucidation on any issue of the Bidding Documents may take up the same with the bid inviting authority in writing. The bid inviting authority will respond in writing to such request provided the same is received by the Centre Incharge, STC _Kashipur not later than fifteen days prior to the prescribed original date of submission of bid.


  1. Documents Comprising the Bid
  2. The two bid system, i.e. “Technical Bid” and “Price Bid” prepared by the bidders shall comprise the following:

a) Technical Bid: The bidders shall submit the copy of following documents alongwith the submission of bid documents:

i) Bid Security (EMD) and Tender Cost to be furnished in the form of as per sub-clause no. 9.3.

ii) Bid submission form as per section III (A) and letter authorization in favour of signatory of bidding documents.

iii) Five years’ experience in the field of Housekeeping activities.

iv) EPF Registration with EPF Code number;

v) ESI Registration

vi) Valid license issued by Regional Labour Commissioer under Contract Labour Act or any other Act/Rule.

vii) Successful completion certificate issued by the officer not below the rank of Section Officer, of at least three similar works, each of value not less than 40% of the estimated cost put to tender or two similar works, each of value not less than 60% of estimated cost, or one similar work of value not less than 80% of the estimated cost, all amounts rounded off to a convenient full figure, the last 7 years ending on the last day of the month previous to the one in which the tenders are invited. These works should be carried out in Centrl/State Govt. Department/PSUs/Automas bodies or other similar organizations.

viii) Certificate of Chartered Accountant showing annual turn over for the last three financial year (2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16).Copies of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account statement etc need not be enclosed.

ix) Registration with Service Tax

x) TIN number, if applicable & PAN number

xi) Income Tax Returns for the last three years;

xii) Undertaking by the bidder confirming the availability of adequate manpower of requisite qualification and experience for deployment.

xiii) Registration of the firm (Proprietorship or Partnership)/ company (Pvt,Ltd. Or Public Limited), Societies/Trust registered under applicable statutes in India.

xiv) National Electronic Fund transfer (NEFT) Form as per Section II (E) for payment

xv) Documents mentioned in Qualification Criteria as per Section II(A).

xvi) Registration certificate issued under Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970.

xvii) Power of Attorney in favour of signatory of Bidding Documents.

Note: 1-The bidding companies /firms /agencies are required to attest (self attestation) the copies of documents, along with the bid, signed on each page with seal, to establish the bidders’ eligibility and qualifications failing which their bid shall be summarily rejected and will not be considered. The bidders are responsible for what they attest and claim; if, later on, it is found that whatever has been attested by the bidder is not true/ correct, the company/ firm / agency of the bidder will be black- listed for purpose of procurement of any item(s), in addition to attracting penal provisions of the agreement.

Note: 2- The Technical bid shall not include any financial information. Such a bid shall be summarily rejected.

b) Price Bid: Sec. III (B) of bidding Documents.

6.2 Price Schedule Section III (B) filled up with all the details including service charges.

6.3 It is the responsibility of Bidder to go through the Bidding Document to ensure furnishing of all required documents in addition to above, if any.

6.4 All pages of the Bid should be page numbered and indexed.

6.5 The authorized signatory of the Bidder must sign the Bid duly stamped at appropriate places and initial all the remaining pages of the Bid.

6.6 A Bidder, who does not fulfill any of the above requirements and/or gives evasive information/reply against any such requirement, shall be liable to be ignored and rejected.

6.7 All payments in Indian Rupee will be made through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)/RTGS System. Bidders are required to fill and attach the NEFT Mandate Form attached as per Section-III (E) along with their offers, if not already executed in SAI. Notification of Award will not be issued without NEFT Mandate Form.

  1. Price Bid

7.1 The Bidder shall indicate on the Price Schedule provided under Section III B all the specified components of prices shown therein. All the columns shown in the price schedule should be filled up as required. (SELECTION CRITERIA IS GIVEN IN II ( C).

  1. Firm Price

8.1 The prices quoted by the Bidder shall remain firm and fixed during the currency of the contract and not subject to variation on any account. However, if minimum wages of the workers is revised by the Government after last date of submission of the offers, the same will be reimbursed on actual basis.

8.2 Sales-tax/VAT (except service tax), purchase tax, turnover tax or any other tax applicable in respect of this contract shall be payable by the bidder and SAI will not entertain any claim whatsoever in respect of the same. However, in respect of service tax, if payable, same shall be paid by bidder to the concerned department on demand and it will be reimbursed to him by the SAI after satisfying that it has been actually and genuinely paid by the bidder.

  1. Bid Security

9.1 The Bidder shall furnish Bid Security, for an amount as shown in the IFB. The Bid Security is required to protect SAI against the risk of the Bidder’s unwarranted conduct as amplified under sub-clause 9.7 below. Non submission of bid security will be considered as major deviation and Bid without bid security will not be considered.

9.2 In case as per Notification of Government of India if the Bidder falls in the category of exemption of Bid Security, it should furnish the relevant Notification along with required documents like valid Registration Certificate etc. and other documents ensuring that such certification is still valid and subsisting.

9.3 The Bid Security shall be furnished in one of the following forms:

(i) Account Payee Demand Draft

(ii) Fixed Deposit Receipt

(iii) Banker’s cheque

(iv) Bank Guarantee

9.4 The demand draft, fixed Deposit Receipt or Banker’s Cheque shall be drawn on any Commercial Bank in India or country of the Bidder, in favour of the “Centre Inchage, Sports Authority of Inida, Training Centre payable at “Asst Director Sports Authority of india Training centre Kashipur In case of Bank Guarantee, the same is to be provided from any nationalized/scheduled/ bank in India (acceptable to SAI) as per the format specified under Section III (C) of Bid Documents.

Bid security must be submitted to the Tender Inviting Authority before bid submission end date and time.

9.5 The Bid Security shall be valid for a period of forty-five (45) days beyond the validity period of the Bid. As validity period of Bid as per Clause of bid validity, the Bid Security shall be valid for days from Technical Bid opening date.

9.6 Unsuccessful Bidders’ Bid Security will be returned to them without any interest, after expiry of the Bid validity period, but not later than forty-five days after conclusion of the resultant contract. Successful Bidder’s earnest money will be returned without any interest, after receipt of performance security from that bidder.

9.7 Bid Security of a Bidder will be forfeited, if the Bidder withdraws or amends its Bid or impairs or derogates from the Bid in any respect within the period of validity of its Bid without prejudice to other rights of the SAI. The successful Bidder’s Bid Security will be forfeited without prejudice to other rights of SAI if it fails to furnish the required performance security within the specified period.

  1. Bid Validity
  2. The bid shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days after the date of Bid opening prescribed in the Bidding Document. Any Bid valid for a shorter period shall be treated as unresponsive and rejected.
  3. In exceptional cases, the Bidders may be requested by the Tender Inviting Authority to extend the validity of their Bids up to a specified period. The Bidders, who agree to extend the Bid validity, are to extend the same without any change or modification of their original Bid and they are also to extend the validity period of the Bid Security accordingly.
  4. In case the day up to which the Bids are to remain valid falls on or subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for SAI, the Bid validity shall automatically be extended up to the next working day.
  1. Signing of Bid

11.1 The bidders shall submit their Bids as per the instructions contained in ITB clause 1.

11.2 The bid shall be duly signed at the appropriate place as indicated in the Bidding Documents and all other pages of the Bid. The Bid shall not contain any erasure or overwriting. The letter of authorization shall be by a written power of attorney, which shall also be furnished along with the Bid.

11.3 Bidding Documents seeks quotation following Two Bid System, in two parts. First part will be known as “Technical Bid’, and the Second Part ‘ Price Bid’ as specified in Clasue 6 of ITB.


12. Submission of Bids

12.1Instruction for Submission of Bids

12.1Envelope 1- should contain the Bid Security (EMD), Tender Cost & Technical Bid Document duly signed by the bidder on each page and all necessary documents to be submitted along with the Technical Bid.

Envelope 2- should contain the Financial Bid Documents.

12.2All these two envelops duly completed in all respect should be put in one single envelope and super script “Tender Form for Housekeeping works for one year”. The envelope should also bear the name and address of the bidder including telephone number and to be dropped in a sealed box placed in the office of Sports Authority of India, Training Cente, __ Kashipur _.

12.3 The bidder who wishes to submit bid duly completed in all respect by post will ensure that the same reaches to this office on or before due date and time given for submission of same.

12.4Bid received after due date and time will not be considered under any circumstances.


13. Opening of Bids

13.1 The tender inviting Authority will open the Bids at the specified date and time and at the specified place as indicated in the NIT.

13.2 In case the specified date of Bid opening falls on or is subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for the purchaser, the Bids will be opened at the appointed time and place on the next working day.

13.3 Authorized representatives of the Bidders, who have submitted Bids on time may attend the Bid opening provided they bring with them letters of authority from the corresponding Bidders.

13.4 Two- Bid system will be as follows. The Technical Bids are to be opened in the first instance, at the prescribed time and date as indicated in IFB Critical Date Sheet. These Bids shall be scrutinized and evaluated by the Tender Inviting Authority with reference to parameters prescribed in the Bidding Document. During the Technical Bid opening, the Bid opening official(s) will read the salient features of the Bids like brief description of the services offered, Completion period, Bid Security and any other special features of the Bids, as deemed fit by the Bid opening official(s). Thereafter, in the second stage, the Price Bids of only the Technically acceptable offers (as decided in the first stage) shall be opened for further scrutiny and evaluation on a date notified after the evaluation of the Technical Bid. The prices, special discount if any, offered etc., as deemed fit by Bid opening official (S) will be read out.


14. Scrutiny of Bids:

14.1 The tender Inviting Authority will examine the Bids to determine whether they are complete, whether the documents have been properly signed, stamped and whether the Technical Bids are generally in order.

14.2 Prior to the evaluation of Price Bids, the Tender Inviting Authority will determine the substantial responsiveness of each Bid with respect to the Bidding Document. For purposes of these clauses, a substantially responsive Bid is one, which conforms to and complies with all the terms and conditions of the bid document.

14.3 If a Bid is not substantially responsive, it will be out rightly rejected by SAI.

15. Qualification Criteria

Bids of the bidders which do not meet the required Qualification Criteria prescribed in Clause 6(A) & Section II, will be treated as non - responsive and will not be considered further.

16. Comparison of Bids and Award Criteria

16.1 The Contract may be awarded to the lowest responsive Bidder who meets the laid down Qualification Criteria and submits the required Bid documents and accept the other terms & conditions. (SELECTION CRITERIA IS GIVEN IN SECTIONN II(C)

16.2 SAI reserves the right to give the price preference/purchase preference as per the instruction in vogue while evaluating, comparing and ranking the responsive Bids. The Bidders claiming the same should enclose the concerned Notification of Govt. of India along with other relevant documents so as to establish their claim and entitle them for such preferences.