Topsy Ring Entries

Topsy Ring Entries

RING 2Contact Heather Abdy 0400170468 Or Loretta Gordon 54336275


$3.00 per class





1 Cleanest Horse & Handler 8yrs &under

2. Cleanest Horse & Handler 9yrs & over

3. Handler 8yrs and under

4. Handler 9yrs & over

5. Led Pony ne 12.2hh

6. Led Pony over 12.2hh ne 14hh

7. Led over 14hh

8. Rider 8yrs and under

9. Rider 9yrs and over

10. Ridden pony ne 12.2hh

11. Ridden Pony over 12.2hh ne 14hh

12. Ridden Mount over 14hh

13. Horse/Pony with the longest tail

14. Horse/Pony with longest mane

15. Fancy Dress

Pony Club Events to follow

on after Topsy Ring Events

If you are not a Pony Club rider Please have Open rider forms filled in prior to Entering to save time on the day for Topsy Ring

Available from


$3.50 Per Class

1. Best Presented P.C Rider Under 12yrs

2. Best Presented P.C Rider 12 -15yrs

3. Best Presented P.C Rider 16yrs and Over

4. Champion and Reserve Best Presented

5. Novice P.C rider

6. P.C Rider 7yrs and Under 12yrs

(Not to be led)

7. P.C Rider 12yrs and Under 16yrs

8. P.C Rider 16yrs and Under 18yrs

9. P.C Rider 18yrs and Over

10. Champion and Reserve Pony Club Rider

11. Ridden P.C Pony N.E 12.2hh

12. Ridden P.C Pony Over 12.2hh N.E 14hh

13. Ridden P.C Galloway 14.1hh to 15hh

14. Ridden P.C Hack

15. Champion and Reserve Pony Club Mount

15. P.C Pleasure Mount No Height Restriction

16. Best Educated P.C Mount

(No Height Restriction)

17. Pair of P.C Riders

18. Team of P.C Riders

Thanks for coming we hope you have had a great day 

Entry is conditional upon acceptance of these conditions:


1. Before riding:

A: all open competitors Topsy Ring must sign a day attendance form; if a current pony club card cannot be presented & pay an additional $10.00.

B: PCAV club member cards must be inspected at the secretary’s office.

2. Entering this competition constitutes acknowledgement that PCAV rules apply and acceptance of these rules.

3. Dogs are strictly prohibited

4. Stallions, colts and rigs are not permitted in ring 2 on the day.

5. Should there be any dispute regarding the height of an exhibit the exhibit must be measured or an official current measurement must be shown.

6. The Judge’s decision is final. Queries, protests etc. as per PCAV by-laws.

7. The Huntly - Spring Gully Pony Club reserve the right to make any adjustments to the program on the day.

8. No refunds on unused tickets.

9. One horse, one rider will apply to all Pony Club events on the day.

10. The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel any class or competition, divide any class, alter times, and refuse any entry with or without stating the reason.

11.All pony club competitors must present Membership Cards for current year and if necessary the previous year to prove attendance requirements for inspection on the day.

12. All Pony Club competitors must wear correct and full Pony Club uniform in all Pony Club classes & Medical arm bands

13. All riders must wear complying helmets. Spot checks to ensure compliance may occur.

14. Gear check: Pony Club sections require gear check before riding.

15. Snaffle bits must be used in all Pony Club events on the day.

16. Novice refers to an exhibit or rider that has not been placed first at any show or gymkhana

17. “ne” means Not Exceeding

18. Pony Club rings: entries $3.50 per class

19. Plaiting Optional

20. PCAV Alcohol Policy applies.

21. There is NO Lunging Permitted at this event. Sorry for the inconvenience


Neither Huntly – Spring Gully Pony Club personnel, the Pony Club Association of Victoria, nor any persons acting on their behalf, accept any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, injury, damage or illness to any horses, riders, ground spectators or any other persons or property.