Tom Costello: When You Come on the Call, *1 Will Un-Mute You


Tom Costello: When You Come on the Call, *1 Will Un-Mute You

The Healing Codes07.17.20081

Thursday Night Q&ATom Costello

Tom Costello: When you come on the call, *1 will un-mute you.

This is The Healing Codes Question and Answer Teleconference. My name is Tom Costello and on behalf of Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC and The Healing Codes family I welcome you to the call. Tonight in this hemisphere it is July 17, 2008 and everything on the call is being recorded. The recording is available as a download from our website:

This Q&A call is one of several ways we provide support to our clients. The recording is a second way. I say the most important form of support we provide is with the Custom Coaching, Custom Coding provided by Certified Healing Codes Practitioners. We also have a Clients Only area on our website where you can post questions, see other questions and responses and get responses to your questions. We have a moderator who monitors this support area. It does require a user name and password to get in. I’m going to give you those top secret things right now.

User name: healingcodes Password: 12days

As usual we talk about any questions about doing The Healing Codes or specific situations. We love to deal with those sorts of things. This is a great time to step forward. It is for your benefit, so use it as you will. We like people to tell us of their successes. We like to validate it. Anything related to The Healing Codes is totally okay with us.

Our disclaimer is that The Healing Codes are not intended to diagnose or treat any physical or mental condition or their symptoms. The Healing Codes deal with issues of the heart and it is on those spiritual issues that we focus our attention. In addition the opinions I express are my own opinions. If they serve you I’m pleased. If they don’t just let them go flying by.

Since I am the operator and host, dishwasher, just about everything, I’m going to open this up in a minute. Let me see if I can’t start things afire. In the past I’ve said one of the primary “enemies” or obstacles or barriers or impediments to our success is self-disapproval. There is a lot of marketing, I believe, geo-politically, that tries to convince us that something is wrong with us. Then, guess what, “I have the solution for that.” It turns out the solution is even worse than the original problem.

I just read stuff about the “restless leg syndrome”. When you go through the list of side effects, you go, “give me back my restless leg.” The side effects are unbelievable.

Being tricked into self-disapproval is a problem. I believe we should be on high self-approval diets.

The other point I wanted to make about that is that when we refuse to think for ourselves we are sealing ourselves off from a flow of knowledge that, in my opinion, originates with God. I’m not talking information. I’m talking knowledge. Information you can read in a newspaper, magazine or book or something. You can listen to it or hear it here. I’m talking about knowledge. You’re the one that gets the chance to determine what knowledge is. I think we have an opportunity to get into a quiet place as we do The Healing Codes, express our intention in the prayer/request and open ourselves up to knowledge relative to whatever issue it is we’re dealing with, whatever it is we want. Then we put our attention on that Truth Focus Statement, that ideal scene of how we would have it. Then become quiet and listen.

It would seem to me that you could make a case that All Knowledge is what Source, that is God, has. In order to access it we need to listen. We need to want it and we need to listen to the response. Refusing to think for ourselves, refusing to go to the Source of knowledge, but in fact accepting substitutes – whoever is on TV telling you what you need in terms of a pill or this approach or that approach – I think we do ourselves a great service if we pay attention and literally go to the Source for that, the Source of Knowledge.

I think refusing to think for ourselves is a problematic habit that we’ve been talked out of. “Do it because I said so.” That parental direction. “Do it because I’m older.” That doesn’t make any sense. “Do it because I’m your father, your mother.” “Do it because I’m your teacher.” That doesn’t make any sense. Give me some more understanding so I can use this rule as I operate in life as compared to getting that message “Do it because I say so.” We’re five years old. Is that what I want to learn? That when I’m 10 years old the person who says “Do it because I said so” we respond, “That’s magic. I guess I’ll do that.” Or when we’re 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 or 90 or 100? Chances are we won’t make it to 100 if we follow those kinds of instructions.

Thinking for ourselves, I personally believe, honors our Creator.

Somebody have a situation they want to talk about or have a Custom Code for? Anything, anything, anything about The Healing Codes or your situation? I’d like to hear you.


Okay, usually when I come on these calls I come ….

Participant: (Char) I’m white knuckling it again. I have a tendency to do roller coasters. I don’t know what I’m dealing with here. I guess it’s Trust again. I’ve been doing The Healing Codes. I’ve been listening. I’m literally hanging on by my knuckles right now. I think it’s trust. I think it’s deception. I think I’m a phony. I work hard. I just can’t get it… it’s all falling apart lately. I think it is trust, shame, a lot of things all mixed up.

What happened is I got a second job. I’m one of those type A persons. The person I’m working for is gone for the week. It seems like everything I touched didn’t work. I screwed everything up, not bad, but screwed up. I’m one of these “All A”. I’m trying to keep doing it and I’m getting more into… It’s going bad this week.

I’m hoping you can give me a Code to get me out of this. I’ve been doing my Codes all week and trying everything. I’ll feel a little better and then I’ll go down in again. I think I need a Custom Code from you.

Tom Costello: Okay. Can you take a couple of deep breaths? I have to tell you that I am very fond of you because you are a regular on these calls, Char, and I appreciate that. Your happiness is important to me. I would like to say that when I come on calls I oftentimes have some point that I believe is important for us to deal with. The point I wanted to talk about tonight in the gaps if there were any had to do with overwhelm.

Point number one of overwhelm pertains to this, and it also pertains to what I was saying about knowledge. First of all, you are not alone whenever you do anything if you recognize you are not alone when you do anything. We can try to do stuff on our own which kind of seals us off from creativity, insight, inspiration and so on. I’m going to belabor this a little bit and then I’ll give you a Custom Code. I think this could be relevant.

I happen to be in Virginia. I happen to be sitting in one of two identical chairs that I bought maybe a month ago. I took them out of the box to assemble them. I was really busy and thought I would just assemble them. I looked at the instructions briefly and just assembled them. We’re not talking rocket science here – putting two arms on, putting a base on and then putting the feet into the base. I have to tell you that with these two chairs, I just have set the Guinness Book of World Records for “doing it wrong”. By the time I was done I would challenge anybody on the planet to do it wrong that many times. I’ll bet it’s impossible. That could be a game show!

It dawned on me I tried to do it by myself. I didn’t get centered. I didn’t pay attention. I thought I knew it, which meant I sealed off any kind of “whoa, that’s backwards.” None of those things came through to me. By the time I got done, literally a couple of hours that night and the next day I had one backwards and I had to fix it. I had to laugh at myself for doing it wrong. But I tried to do it alone.

Our fingernails don’t grow alone. We don’t digest sandwiches alone. We don’t get great ideas alone. We don’t stay alive alone. We’re being influenced by Source Energy that we call God. That God-ness is flowing to us. When we recognize that we have a partner in everything and everything that we’re doing, provided we recognize that we have that partner – kind of like a silent partner – will help us if we ask, if we pay attention.

“This is what I want to do. God, feel free to help me. Inspire me. Keep me going. Help me with insights.” I think that makes a huge, huge difference. First of all you’re not alone.

If you did things this week, I’ll say not bad, not wrong, but less effectively than you want to, you’re just like the rest of us on this planet. I say if you draw a horizontal line, put a zero on the left edge and 100 on the right representing percentages, I believe we’re much better off and it’s much easier to self-approve if we look at that horizontal line and go, “That line I’m going to label effectiveness.” If you open your eyes in the morning you’re effective. If you get out of bed and put your feet on the floor, you’re effective. If you get dressed and make it to the office you’re effective. If you say “hello” and remember your name you’re effective. You can see that it’s just a question of becoming more or less effective in these situations. You have an energy flow…. (recording skipped)

“I wore the wrong blouse. I wore the wrong shoes.” That’s old school thinking. That’s done by people who are interested in us disapproving of ourselves because we become more sheep-like. On the other hand if you say, “I was effective. I want to be more effective.” That’s the name of the game. Each one of us wants to be more effective. You go, “Okay, let me review this week and go, ‘I was this effective related to this particular activity at the office. That would be about a 40 on the scale of 100.’” Chances are you’re never going to get to zero and you’re never going to get to 100. You’re going to be somewhere in the mid range.

How could I have become more effective, like a 50% on that? How could I have gotten up to 55% and so on? That’s really what we’re trying to do. You, I’m assuming you’re in charge now, you are trying to help people around you become more effective.

A lot of times you hear people today, Living from the Heart, Larry Napier was using sports analogies and making reference to that. Sometimes women go, “You guys are always talking about sports, but if we’re not really familiar with them it’s a problem.” You’re going to have to bear with me on this one. There are certain players that when they are on the team, this is in business, in families, in social groups, in sporting events, when they are involved, the level of effectiveness of everybody else improves. Everybody else improves.

There is an interesting case in point to me. I’m originally from New York. I’m not a New York Giants fan. I was actually cheering for the Patriots in the previous Super Bowl. There was a New York Giant player who apparently had a very abusive father and he hates his father. Jeremy Shockey. He publicly speaks about he and his brother, how much they hate this man. They hate this man. If they ever saw this man they’d tell him how much they hate this man, they hate this man, they hate this man.

I read about this a couple of years ago. I said, “That guy is poisonous”. That guy is poisonous. He’s a great football player technically, physically, but put him on the team and he’s poisonous. He got injured this season and no longer played. His replacement was very functional, very high vibration. The Giants went to the Super Bowl. That player excelled. I am totally, totally convinced the Giants would not have made it to the Super Bowl if Jeremy Shockey with his vibration energy was still on that team.

Your job when you work in any situation whether it’s a church group – this is true of all of us – is to make things better. The way to make things better is to make, assist or facilitate people becoming more effective. It starts with you. Beating yourself doesn’t serve. It doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t serve your team.

That’s old school. We’ve been taught that. We’ve been trained that. It really doesn’t contain value. Just the opposite, it hinders our light and makes us reduce our own brilliance. Really, it’s the way we’ve been taught to do it. “Beat yourself up. That will get you greater productivity.” Uh-uh!

I was just watering some herbs in the garden outside. I want them to grow faster before my wife gets back from a business trip. I didn’t go out there and kick them. I didn’t kick any of them. I watered them and I talked to them. Why? Because I know better than to kick something in order to make it produce more.

Reevaluate your week. See it in terms of effectiveness and that your goal is to become more effective. Becoming more effective – this is where you said that type A personality and the second job. I recognize economics are what they are and oftentimes we work because we have to multiple jobs.

Someone asked me years ago how I liked the Army when I first got in. I said, “I like it.” They said, “Why?” I said, “This is the first time in my life I only had one job.” I didn’t know what this was like just to have one job. So, doing is less important to our happiness than being. If you can get into the space that you, first of all are not alone, you are magnificent and anything, any other voices you hear from yourself or other people, that say anything different they are repeating nonsense that has been told to them. We say to ourself, “That’s not us. That’s somebody else’s voice playing like a tape recorder.” I’m that way?

We’re not our bodies. We are these unbelievable spiritual beings seeking to be more effective – what does that mean? To become more aware of our connection with this Source Energy that I referred to. We want to know more fully what that relationship with God is. As it becomes clear to us the connection becomes wider. Instead of dial-up it’s broad band. All of a sudden it’s tremendous that amount of energy flowing to us and through us.

I would say you bring wonderful things to your job. Anything to the contrary is old, outdated lies that you have heard before and now they are replaying because of, perhaps, tiredness in working two jobs. Does that make any sense to you?

Participant: Yes, it does, Tom.

Tom Costello: I like this idea that we are children of God. Hello! We are children of our parents from a physical standpoint, but the Creator of Life must have created us because here we are, alive. Now you go, “Okay, if the Creator of All That Is created me I can’t be that terrible. I really can’t be.” You think the Creator of All That Is would be pretty good at creating things at this point. Maybe some of the stuff I believe about me is not true. I guarantee you it is not true.

Let’s go into that. That will be what the Code is for. You’re going to focus on becoming more effective. It’s a game just like football, just like tidily winks, just like tennis, just like a cross-word puzzle. You want to be more effective. It can be fun. It’s not a question of life and death. It ought to be fun because it keeps you lighter. It keeps you higher vibration. Higher vibration is closer to that God Energy that I was speaking of.

Hold the skin on your neck between your Adam’s apple and chin. (Tom tests with response from Char). The focus is good. You can just relax.

If you feel, this is the other point from the overwhelm conversation… If any of us feels overwhelmed by messes in our environment, bills, health, whatever, whatever, it’s another way of saying “I can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t know what to do next. It all feels like a weight. It’s indistinguishable what to do next.” Choose any one action. Choose any action. If it’s bills, put the bills in a pile. If it’s a mess in the house, just put all the magazines in a pile. Put the mail in another pile. Put something else. Just that little bit of action starts things moving.

If you’re going to write checks for bills, get out the stamps. Put the stamps and a pen nearby. Get the checkbook out. Put them in a clear place. You’ve taken action. You’ve started. That energy is now moving. Overwhelm says, “I’m stuck in a spot carrying these weights.” If you can get the energy moving things start to happen.

You’re going to see this in work environments, too. A person doesn’t know what to do. They can’t see the action to take. Someone who wants to help them become effective helps them find that first thing. “Joe, this is the priority. Bill, why don’t you do this first and then this second.” Boom. “"At-a-girl", "at-a-boy" and it starts to happen. (Tom gives Custom Code.) I’d be doing this 6 or better yet 9 minutes. I’d be doing three times a day. In the middle of the day if you need to do a 3 minute or six minute instead of a 9, that’s okay. It just kind of balances you.