To Adapt to a New Job

To Adapt to a New Job

To adapt to a new job

Starting a new job can be daunting. No matter how much self-confidence you have, it’s natural to feel stressed, nervous and even intimidated at times as you try to integrate yourself into your new company.

Adjusting to a new job is not as difficult as you think, though it could be overwhelming finding your feet in a new company, give yourself some time to adjust to your new job as it won’t happen overnight. There are some simple things you can do to ensure you settle in as quickly and smoothly as possible. See the tips below:

Research the company and the industry before you start

This may seem simple but it is a step many people overlook once they’ve secured the job. Doing your company and industry research before you walk through the door on your first day means that you’ll feel confident and be able to ask intelligent questions, which will earn the respect of your new colleagues.

You can research your new company by looking at their website and annual report, reading their press releases and any media coverage they’ve received and speaking to anyone you know who has dealt with or worked for the company. You could also speak to your specilist recruitment consultant to find out what they know about the company.

The sooner you can begin building relationships with your new teammates, the more comfortable you’ll be in your new company.

Take notes when in initial training and induction sessions

New starters who come prepared to take notes in training and induction sessions are not only likely to learn more, they are also perceived to be serious and professional. So bring a notepad and pen to your sessions and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Get to know your new teammates

The sooner you can begin building relationships with your new teammates, the more comfortable you’ll be in your new company:

Make a point of meeting people and remembering their names

Maintain eye contact when talking

Be friendly, considerate and respectful and take your cues from your teammates; if they are talking as they work, join in

Try to understand your new colleagues’roles and responsibilities

Be proactive and ask your manager or teammates whether you can help with their projects, particularly if you don’t have much work assigned to you in your first few days

Be patient and keep an open mind

Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions, whether of your immediate manager, your teammates or your stakeholders. People would prefer you to ask questions when you’re unsure about something rather than continue working without knowing or understanding exactly what you’re doing, as it can be far more time-consuming and costly to fix any errors you’ve made later down the track.