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Title of Ideas

TITLE: Energy Generation Shoe


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A. Idea Creation/ Current Situation

(background, current situation, problem analysis)

Do not have enough energy to meet our essential needs. To tackle this problem, we have come up with a creative solution. Our idea is to incorporate conservation of energy into our daily lives in which we have decided on our daily walking needs, the shoes. Through our movement of walking, electrical energy is generated to electrical energy and meets other needs such as charging electrical devices.

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B. Description of Idea/ Proposed Changes

(key features, its originality and usefulness)

Physical Description

EG-shoe (energy generation shoe) is a footwear. By Piezo Effect theory, it converts mechanical energy (tread) to electrical energy. (Generating electricity through walking). The dimensions of our product are 300mm by 100mm by 100mm and it weighs 400g. The smooth texture makes it worn comfortably. The important devices are located in between the bottom and the insole of the shoe. The device has the following constituent parts battery, energy converter, sensor system (prevent battery from over-charge) and plugs.

How “EG-shoe” works

EG-shoe works on a physics principle of conservation of energy by pressure.

Using the theory of conservation of energy, when the sole of shoe lands on the ground, tension force is produced due to gravity and upward resistance of the ground. Equipped with sensor and cushion system, the shoe reduces the impact and the work done of the tension force will be converted to chemical energy for storage in battery. When electricity is needed, the stored chemical energy converts back to electrical energy and transfers through the plug to electrical devices.

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C. Principle(s) underlying the Idea/Potential Benefits

(methodology, approach, benefits)

Piezo-Electricity is the voltage produced by compressing crystals of certain substances. Examples of this type of crystals are Quartz and tourmaline.

The same theory works in the opposite direction where the force applied is reversed, the opposite effect will appear. Piezoelectric Effect is the ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. When crystal is stressed with a vibratory motion, it produces an AC source.

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