Title: Castle Learning Online- Spanish Regents Reading Comprehension Preparation

Title: Castle Learning Online- Spanish Regents Reading Comprehension Preparation

Castle Learning Online Syllabus

Title: Castle Learning Online- Spanish Regents Reading Comprehension Preparation

We are about to begin preparing for the Spanish Regents exam! As you know, reading comprehension comprises 30% of the Spanish Regents Examination. We will be using an online reading program called Castle Learning Online - available to you on my homepage! This program provides reading passages taken from old Spanish Regents exams. This program is excellent because it will familiarize you with the exam format while teaching reading comprehension skills.

Computer Availability

1. Computer labs are available during Academic Intervention Services (AIS) or during study halls. I will provide a pre-signed computer privilege passes to give you computer access during study halls.

2. If you have access to the internet at home, you may complete these assignments outside of class.

3. If you do not have a study hall or access to the internet I will provide you a hard copy, so that you can complete the assignment. This will give everyone an opportunity to complete these assignments!

Log In ID and Information

You may access the school Castle Learning Online from my homepage. Your user ID is your student ID and your password is your locker combination.

Castle Learning Online Assignments

Each week when you log onto Castle Learning Online you will immediately see a memo that indicates which assignments you owe and when they are due. Each week you will owe one set of vocabulary flash cards and one reading comprehension assignment. You will have one week to complete each assignment (vocabulary flash cards & reading passage) and the assignment will close at midnight!

Vocabulary Flash Cards / Reading Passage / Assignment Open Date / Assignment Close Date/ Due Date
Arts / Un fenómeno llamado Fey / 9/24 / 10/1
Arts / Juan Gabriel / 10/8 / 10/15
Arts / Cheito / 10/22 / 10/29
Arts / El Artista, Fernando Botero / 11/5 / 11/12
History / Vícente Fox: el Presidente con Botas / 11/19 / 12/3
Travel / Acapulco / 12/10 / 12/17
Geography / Chile / 1/7 / 1/14
Geography / Ecuador- Un País Lleno de Tesoros / 1/21 / 1/28
Geography / El Golfo de México / 2/4 / 2/11
Friends/School / El Teatro Rodante / 2/25 / 3/4
Media/TV/Movies / Un Padre y Un Hijo del Mundo Cinematográfico / 3/11 / 3/18
Jobs/Money / La Música Mariachi / 3/25 / 4/1
Family / Conozca a Enrique Iglesias / 4/8 / 4/22

(Note: NO assignments due during vacation periods)

Grading Policy

All Castle Learning Online assignments will be worth 2 grades totaling 45 points.

1- (20 Points) Flash Card Assignment Participation

You have completed the flash card assignment FIRST. (No credit will be rewarded unless you complete the flash card assignment BEFORE the reading passage! As soon as you complete the flash cards, a notification is sent to me… YES…I will know what assignment you do first!)

2- (25 Points) Reading Comprehension Passage

I will receive a score report detailing your score and how you answered each question. You will have 2 chances to get each question correct. If you get the question correct on the first try you will be prompted to move on (indicated by a blue check mark). If you get the question incorrect, you will see a red x and then you will be provided with a hint, access to dictionary definitions of vocabulary used in the question, or the paragraph with the answer in it will be highlighted for you to review. If on the second try you still get the answer incorrect, you will be provided with the answer and the reason why it is correct.

You will get full credit if you answer the question correctly on the first or second response. Each reading comprehension passage includes 5 comprehension questions worth 5 points a piece, totaling 25 points.

Full Credit / No Credit
1st Attempt / 2nd Attempt / XX
 / X / 