Tips for Technology Use in the Science Classroom

Tips for Technology Use in the Science Classroom



(Virtual multimedia tour of 8 planets, great graphics)

(Tour of Mars Space Station)

(Earth and Moon viewer)

(Hubble Telescope Tours) (Travel Exploration, great images, check out Project Galileo and NASA’s Classroom of the Future Project)

Free open source planetarium free download to negotiate your way around

Check out online webcasts in Live Universe (Space Shuttle tour)

Smithsonian (Smithsonian has a varitety of great online class activities) (Check out the Museum Ocean Tour, activities included)

Weather Hot Lists (Check out the Interactive Weather Project for predicting, tracking and researching global weather trends…enroll the class in World Weather Watch…great links for current weather) (Real time weather links including current satellite maps}


Rainforest Portal, information on preservation

(National Geographic’s virtual rainforest site…loss of biodiversity, effects of deforestation and global warming)


(Hands-on activities, worksheets, puzzles, games and projects) Powerpoints, teaching notes

Interactive Periodic Table

Check out the periodic table of comic books and sample movies

General Science

Check out Brain Pop

Life Science

Interactive Frog Dissection

Virtual Microscope

How Cells Divide

Living Skeleton – Virtual Tour of Human Bones Interactive Heart Animal Lists

Check out Biology in Motion

Virtual Body in English and Spanish…Brain, Skeleton, Heart and Digestive Tract

Earth Science

(image bank, up-to-date information and interactive games)

(Volcanoes and Earthquakes} (Images help students envision biomes through direct imaging, track oil spills and coral reef destruction)

Earth Science Hot Lists

Interactive Earth Science websites…check out the virtual cave

Virtual trip through the Grand Canyon

Digital Library for Earth Science Education, includes audio and video clips

Environmental Science

(Current information/resources for Environmental Issues)

(Deforestation, Ozone, and Human Impact)

(Galapagos Island virtual tour, class activities included) Energy Hot Lists…Check out Wind, Solar, Hyrdo and Renewable Energy Modules)

Conservation, Global Warming and a tour of a solar house in Maine

Biomes and Habitats…check out the video

Physics and Astronomy

(many links for physics and astronomy)

(History of satellites)

(Optics…Light, Lenses and Lasers)


Properties of objects, position and motion, transfer and energy.

Virtual Physics Labs and activities


Resources from NBC news

(collection of science, technology, historical and current videos. Short clips can be searched by topic

Online exhibits, Podcasts and video options (Check out eyeball dissection)

(Education Podcast Network….podcasts from NASA, colleges and Elementary and Middle school science classes)

Powerpoint JEPORADY template (added bonus: tips for new teachers!)

World Language

Virtual Tour of Peru

Smithsonian Latino Educator

Writing Prompts (LOG)

Photo of the Day

Top video of the week

Engagement Activity Ideas


Free membership…create rubrics, puzzles and more

Jason Project

(Variety of project based activities)

Science Educational Hotlists

The Why Files

(Science in the news, up-to-date science information)

Picture File (media clips)

Math Hot Lists

Science Fair hints (Getting started, resources (including virtual libraries)

Easy to get started blogging websites

(need a school code to get in … myaesx )

Create your ownVirtual Field Trips to a Field Museum

(Most complete list of links, check out the selected virtual exhibits section…see handout)

Try the Virtual Aquarium Tour (see handout)