Thursday September 22 Beyond the Forums

Thursday September 22 Beyond the Forums

Thursday September 22 – Beyond the Forums…

Attendance: Ashely Ricci, Heather Quinn Imming, Deb Kinder, Tanis Cowan, Sue Weir, Julie Golding, Melanie Mills, Jane Torrance, Val Martin, Lisa Carroll, Fraser Schantucbury, Kate Hallas, Jerry Flynn, Courtney McCarney, Beth Schilling, Brianne Luckasavitch, Kathy Barry, Lindsay Hunter, Davis Shostal, Joy Noel, Dave, Danka, Christine

DV Court – Stephanie Grey, Lisa Carroll, Brianne Luckasavitch – consult with Sue Weir

Justice Wright – hurdles include schedule and resources

Unified Family Court – pull superior court justice so there is no consistency

Case conferencing be done ahead of court – everyone will be on the same page and aware of what is going on in a case

Steph will meet with Crown & DV Crown

If we are aware of gaps – solutions are welcome

Came about through an inquest

Bail Safety Program –

LC has a DV Crown

Case conferencing – with crown, both lawyers

Legal Issues committee – flagging the files process – kicked off – where has the process gone? VWAP Coordinated program…

The model of Drug Court..

Stephanie to speak with survivors about “holes in system”


Distance & Transportation Strategy – waiting on transportation strategy consultant report –

(Jane Torrence, Melanie Mills, Tanis Cowan, Christine, Val Martin, Danka Brewer)

Consultations were done in the county with hope to move toward a universal model

Gas Tax $$ for the purposes of a transportation system

Report to out by October 2016

Driver training…ISisters model –CHPI application $$$$ (YAK money)
Develop an app? Hybrid of Lanark Transportation & UBER

Community Ride Share Lanark County through the TABLE (disclaimer)


BILL – An act to amend the ministry of corrections services act

Parole Certificate - Required not an option - Electronic monitoring

Sign a certificate or acknowledgement of conditions of parole

Court can have accused come in to review conditions at any time

Compel the government to improve the electronic monitoring – including the GPS system

Having the accused sign a probation order – public consultation – notify the group (Capacity to offer concerns and suggestions as rural community advocate)

Community Safety and Correctional services – Minister Oriazetti

Drafting a letter…don’t use a template and always ask for a response – unique to our experience – answer needs to come from minister (Dave & Stephanie & Lisa & Erin)


OW – training all of the case workers on VAW issues and supports. A protocol needs to be put in place. Open to working on a plan. Increase capacity. Kathy Berry to flag DV training for Social Assistance Staff


As per the action plan, Erin has presented the rural forums model to many tables and there is interest.


Informal hubs operating in our communities – group of services coming together in the same space… trying to use schools that have been closed…call out to the school board.


Idea flushers (Deb, Tanis, Tracy,)

$11,400 = survivor & youth engagement

See It, name it, change it


Campaigns - Billboards – access services

Cavanagh vehicle

Mass mail out – flyers

Hospital – washrooms pamphlets

Local Restaurants – stall doors

Schools – proud to be a girl

Tear offs on the posters