This Summer Is Stacking up to Be a Busy One. How Often Have You Been Asked Now That The

This Summer Is Stacking up to Be a Busy One. How Often Have You Been Asked Now That The


This summer is stacking up to be a busy one. How often have you been asked “Now that the students are gone what do you do during the summer?” Or “Do you get take off the summer with all of the students? Each of you is asked some version of this question over and over.

This summer has started with a much anticipated ground breaking for the new Health Science and Human Services building on the North side of the campus. Governor Otter and Lieutenant Governor Risch addressed the gathering saying that CSI was an obvious choice for the new building because of the can do attitude we have at CSI.

We have many summer projects on campus. The maintenance crew has been working hard on the construction of a student lounge in the Mini-Cassia Center. We are replacing 100 of our old lights with new energy efficient walkway lights. We will be building secure college storage and covered bus parking on the Madrona property. The current building used for storage will be renovated to allow additional space for our apprenticeship programs. We will be adding a new road entrance west of the new Evergreen parking lots providing an additional entrance on North College. The Gym floor is being replaced as well as numerous other projects. As you can see this summer will be very busy.

Summer for the Business Office tends to be a time of year that we are very busy. We have budget preparation for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1st 2008 to June 30th 2009); close out of our current fiscal year; working with our Auditors in the preparation of the colleges annual Audit; last minute purchasing of capital equipment and supplies for the upcoming year for many departments; closing out of numerous Grants; working with summer school students on issues ranging from past due accounts to helping students prepare to enter the Dorms in the summer and fall; issuing Summer Financial aid to students starting on June 5th. With June 30th being the last day of our fiscal year we would like to have any final year purchases made as early in June as possible to allow for the invoices to be submitted and payments to be made before June 30th.

CSI has the reputation of being a great educational institution. As a result, CSI has been asked to act as a partner institution to the College of Western Idaho (CWI). Dr. Jerry Gee has been working with CWI on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will outline the relationship and role CSI will have in assisting CWI with gaining accreditation status. All of us at CSI should be honored to have the opportunity in being involved with the creation of a new sister institution in Idaho. We believe that having a strong educational partner in the Treasure Valley will help the status of Community Colleges in Idaho, provide better access to higher education in Idaho, and will help CSI.

Despite the myth that we all take the summer off and have nothing to do, I hope each one of you have a safe and enjoyable summer and take a bit of time to enjoy yourself and spend time with your families.

Jeff Harmon


PACE Rep Meeting

June 11

2-3 PM, Frost/Eccles Library – Herrett Center

TBA – Chair

Robert Milligan – Recorder

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Picks from the Shelf

Picks from Victoria Ward, Financial Aid Office Specialist

Video: The Great Race has some great well known people that played in it like Jack Lemmon who played in Grumpy Old Men, Tony Curtis who played in Some Like it Hot, and Natalie Wood who played in West Side Story. This is a comedy about an early 20th century car race across three continents. It is really funny!

Book: I really can’t pick one book that I like so I am picking an author. Jane Austen wrote stories about some events in her era. She was an author in the late 17 hundreds to the early 18 hundreds. These are the books that she wrote: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. She is great!

Play Aways: The Giver is another great book. If you don’t have time to read, Play Aways is great to have on the go. This book is by Lois Lowry it was published in 1993. The only thing that I can tell you about this book is what is said in the book, The Giver alone holds the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life.

Remember: If you have a favorite book, movie or CD from our very own CSI library you would like to recommend to your co-workers, let me know about it. You don’t need to be a professional critic. All you need is two to four sentences giving info on why you think it is something folks might want to spend their time on. – Ann Keane, PACE newsletter editor, ext. 6530,


Bottom of FormFrom the Training Committee

September 2008 Brown Bag Lunch

How to Use Seasonings

Mike Johnson, Culinary Arts


The Power of Positive Thinking in the Work Place

Christy Bowman and Tina Standlee

The Race

Very inspiring video on the race of life, enjoy.


New Faces on Campus

Becky Ross
Replacing Dayle Ohlau
Course Developer
Blaine County Center
Ext. 6932
Dated April 2008 /
Marcy Hoskins
Replacing Polly Barker
Going PT to FT
Test Proctor
Ext. 6932
Dated April 2008

Cody Murphy
Replacing Shane Ruffing
Grounds Keeper / Farm
Ext. 6600
Dated May 2008


Monthly List

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2008 PACE Reps

Name...... Ext...... Representing

Lauri Watkins...... 6850...... Aspen

Revis Turner...... 6688...... Canyon

Sandy Bosteder...... 6300...... Desert

Caralee Perry / Merry Olson...... 6400 / 6401...... Evergreen

Robert Milligan...... 6600...... Fine Arts

Ann Keane...... 6530...... GRM ADC

Jan Goodman...... 6513...... GRM Library

Scott Rogers...... 6470...... Gym

Kristi Bronson...... 6657...... Herrett Center

Chance Hamilton...... 6600...... Maint

Abby Greenfield...... 736-2122...... Office on Aging

Leslee Treshow...... 6931...... Outreach Centers

Vicki Kulm...... 6801...... Shields

Zetell Nelson / Elena Butler...... 6264 / 6233...... Taylor

Kristen Pugsley / Victoria Ward...... 6273 / 6274...... Taylor


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