Theruss Wambold Fund for Pets

Theruss Wambold Fund for Pets

“TheRuss Wambold Fund for Pets

Who Need His Special Love”

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Technician & Primary Animal Caretaker

at Penn Animal Hospital 1976 to 2015

27 March 2015

Dear Valued Penn Animal Hospital Clients & Friends,

We want to thank Dr. Debbie Beck for giving us the opportunity to send this letter to you. We are Bob and Pam Genello. We created “The Russ Wambold Fund for Pets Who Need His Special Love”. We wanted to tell you why, and encourage any of you who can, to contribute to it.

We think there are many of Penn Animal Hospital’s clients who may not be aware of the special carefrom Russ that your pets receivedif you ever boarded them or left them for hospital care with Debbie. If you did so, then your pet not only received the best and most attentive veterinary care possible because of Debbie, but because of Russ, also love, real love…the kind you give to your pet.

Russ was an extraordinarily loving man.

“The Russ Wambold Fund”

from Bob & Pam Genello

27 March 2015

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We watched him with our own pets, as well as the pets of others, lovingly hold them, tenderly pet them, gently talk to them, hand feed pets whose loneliness dampened their appetites, and often kiss them just the way we did.

During the last three years, we got to be exceptionally close to Russ. During that time, we often boarded our pets for extensive periods of time because of our work on an 1887 Victorian house we purchased in Montana.

He would call us, and we would call him, for reports on how “our kids” were doing.

His reports were beyond extraordinary, with touching, intimate and funny stories about our pets. The level of attention he would give Penn Animal Hospital’s boarders or hospital patients was quite honestly…amazing.

In so many respects, aside from his wonderful wife and children, Penn Animal Hospital pets were his life.

Russ’s love of, and care for, animals goes back many years since he worked for 14 years for Dr. Arnold Studer, the vet who previously owned Penn Animal Hospital. When Debbie took over the practice in 1990, she did so with Russ at her side.

Dr. Debbie Beck noted that, “I pride myself on giving the best veterinary care humanly possible. However, because of Russ, that care went above and beyond veterinary medicine. Russ provided a level of care to pets at Penn Animal Hospital that was truly heartwarming. Russ made Penn Animal Hospital’s care synonymous with love. He really had a vision of care for my clients’ pets thatI didn’t think was possible until I met him. He was so completely selfless about the pets’ needs that he was instrumental in making Penn Animal Hospital what it is today.”

“The Russ Wambold Fund”

from Bob & Pam Genello

27 March 2015

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Despite on-going severe illnesses, Russ never shirked his duties to Penn Animal Hospital’s pets. His big heart, like Debbie Beck’s, was always there for Penn Animal Hospital pets, but especially for pets with special needs.

Those pets with special needs are still there, but Russ isn’t.

Russ’s fund will be very important to help take care of those special needs pets.

Debbie has often taken in strays to save their lives. One of them is currently a full-time resident cat named “Little Man”. Debbie will also sometimes absorb hospital costs herself in order to provide veterinary care to animals when client funds may not be available.

As all of you know who deal with her, she is a very giving person.

Pam and I hope that you will find it in your heart to be generous and support Debbie’s rescue and veterinary care initiatives by honoring Russ by contributing to “The Russ Wambold Fund for Pets Who Need His Special Love”.

Please make your check payable to “The Russ Wambold Fund” and send it to Dr. Debbie Beck, DVM, Penn Animal Hospital, 881 West Baltimore Pike, PO Box 5, West Grove, PA 19390.

Thank you for your support.

Bob & PamGenello